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  1. Thanks I ll give it a try, could you also answer a question? Should only one of these be turned on? And is there a way to limit background down/up loads? thank you!
  2. Xr500 v2.3.2.104 I’ve rebooted it previously and no change, I ll try it again.
  3. Anyone else have a problem with adjusting bandwidth allocation? I change values of decor up and downloads and they don’t ever save and most of the time I get this message
  4. Does the high number of background upload/downloads affect my prioritization for game consoles? Seems like a lot in the picture
  5. So the one that’s is physically showing in New York on the heat map is actually located in Utah...the one across the world at 9ms is located in New York...plot twist, I just did a new heat map today and that 9ms one on my picture above is gone
  6. I updated the firmware, still have a high ping, it’s the closest server to me and like I said I usually had 9ms now it’s 68
  7. It’s not mislocated, the one in New York (orange colored) used to be 8-9ms as far back as I can remember, now it’s 60+, but that 9ms (green colored) bottom right just showed up...I tried updating and it said no updates were available, I ll try again....thanks Fraser!
  8. How did my ping go from 9ms to the New York area server to 60+??? It’s always been really low Somehow I have a 9ms ping across the world on the bottom right corner of the map!? I flushed cloud, rebooted router, nothing changed
  9. My benchmark testing consistently gets a “D” rating for speed And A+ for other two categories. It shows much lower speeds than when I do a speed test on any other speed test site (speedtest/dsl reports). Is the xr500 not capable of handling my 1000/1000 fiber connection? Also I do not see the auto detect for qos/bufferbloat.
  10. Thanks Fraser, but still experiencing the same result
  11. I got the link, signed in to my netgear community profile and did not have access, so frustrating, I waited so long for the invite and they won’t reply to my issue.
  12. Ghost-1-ec, what are your settings like? Only way I can get good hit registration is to choke my upload/down a load down to 3mb each in qos
  13. Haha, I was the one who suggested it....still waiting on that bump up the list for 3.0 btw! thanks
  14. The only way to get quality games in Warzone is to throttle the bandwidth down to your game console....qos >limit the upload and download to 2mb each and uncheck share excess....world of difference playing on my Xbox like this....netduma needs a feature where you can limit bandwidth to devices and not affect your other devices, when you uncheck share excess everything else suffers.
  15. Warzone runs fantastic when I limit bandwidth to Xbox and uncheck “share excess”, but everything else in my house suffers from not sharing excess.....is there a way to just choke down the bandwidth to Xbox and not affect anything else? Thanks!
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