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  1. Ghost-1-ec, what are your settings like? Only way I can get good hit registration is to choke my upload/down a load down to 3mb each in qos
  2. Haha, I was the one who suggested it....still waiting on that bump up the list for 3.0 btw! thanks
  3. The only way to get quality games in Warzone is to throttle the bandwidth down to your game console....qos >limit the upload and download to 2mb each and uncheck share excess....world of difference playing on my Xbox like this....netduma needs a feature where you can limit bandwidth to devices and not affect your other devices, when you uncheck share excess everything else suffers.
  4. Warzone runs fantastic when I limit bandwidth to Xbox and uncheck “share excess”, but everything else in my house suffers from not sharing excess.....is there a way to just choke down the bandwidth to Xbox and not affect anything else? Thanks!
  5. Do I just click on them and allow? I can only click on them if I disable auto ping...they also disappear pretty quickly, would flushing the cloud do anything to prevent them from blocking me?
  6. How do I do that haha I don’t know why I’d be connecting to that one anyway, it’s way out of my radius and I’m in the United States Another one came up in California too, they disappear pretty quickly after I click on them, but here is the infor on both
  7. I’m not exactly sure what to look for to determine if something is blocked on the geo filter...could you explain thanks! Still curious of why it just started happening randomly
  8. So I just turned power on to Xbox and NAT type was showing “looking for NaT”. Removed Xbox from geo filter, restarted Xbox and it then said nat type “open” Put Xbox back into geofilter and checked network settings again and Says “getting info” again Looking at my logs, I see a ton of duma is lease change/new event, upnp set event:add nat rule/del nat rule and a ton of LAN access from remote from ip addresses to my Xbox when I’m not playing a game...
  9. Yes ONT to the xr500, I ll try it out tonight and see if the geo filter off makes a difference or not, thanks for the support !!
  10. Xr500 is the only thing connected to my network, I have fiber connection coming into my house and an Ethernet cable from that going right to the xr500, I turned instant on to off yesterday (didn’t have this problem before while that was on), yes I’m using geo filter but doesn’t that have to do with the actual game rather than the Xbox itself? If I turn that off what’s the point of having the geo filter?
  11. That’s the only thing I changed, location of my Xbox which required a longer cable...I factory reset it after I was having all of these issues and set it up the exact same as I had before re locating Xbox...I’m accessing the interface through my Mac on chrome and safari, not sure what that has to do with me losing connectivity to my Xbox and wireless devices randomly.
  12. I bought the xr500 router a month or so ago and hasn’t given me any trouble since this past week. Only thing that has changed is the relocation of my Xbox which resulted in me using a longer Ethernet cord, same settings on Xbox and router. I constantly lose connection to the Xbox daily and have to reboot router to get connected. Constant NAT issues before and after reboot, party chat disconnections. Xbox will be on and not be “online” on the devices list. Also wireless devices lose connection randomly throughout the day also. Things I have tried with no result so far: reboot to factory presets and re set up router xbox in dmz to fix NAT port forwarding for BO4 game change Xbox power save settings reserved ip for Xbox last night I unplugged the LAN cable and ran it wireless and it worked fine and was able to connect to party chat, albeit with a moderate NAT still....since having the router I’ve always had an open NAT xbox network settings always says “looking for info” when checking for NAT and when I “test NaT type” it says I have to set up connection, along with “can’t get teredeo IP address” also got a few error messages last night on the router when trying to reboot ”netgear SOAP RPC call failed” and “missing JSON response”???? im at a loss for words on what to do next thanks
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