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27 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

At the top of the Geo-Filter in the Devices panel is your console added with the console service (it will say console under the device name)?

That was. Didn't notice it.
Thank you very much!

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On 11/13/2019 at 11:42 PM, Kostas83 said:

I had the same experience... not so bad but the same. I did a complete reset on the router 3 times to be sure! Then I set it up from the beginning. I have the follow settings:

geofilter active on the suggest range of the profile. 

QoS active, 75% anti Bufferbloat download and upload, I gave the highest priority on the PS4. For example I have 11 devices connected on the router so I give 89% on PS4 and 1% on each other device. I noticed when a new device is connected then the QoS start to work not properly and I have to go again on this settings and do it again. Also please check on the WAN or LAN settings and choose the NAT filtered open. I don’t know why but the default choice is secured. Also go on the media settings and deactivate all media share options if you don’t need them. I playing some days now and I thing that I am ok. Of course some players you can’t catch them. The are closer to servers or just they are better players. Also depends if you play with monitor or tv. If you have wired controllers. 

So I unplugged everything and reset everything and now my in game Nat type is open and I’m just running through people and destroying the enemy teams. This game is a actually fun now. I was so hating life up to a couple days ago. Check out some of the videos that was just uploaded to my teams Twitter account 



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dont know what happen, my xbox one x had a system update 2 days ago and after the update my nat type changed from open to unavailable. but in game it says open. seems like everything works fine but party chat. as soon as i join a party it says disconnected and to go to network settings

i have spected internet and i have the netduma r1 connected behind the spectrum router

i have reset both the spectrum and the r1 

i have tried upnp and port forwarding

i cant seem to figure this one out. kinda thinking maybe the xbox software updated screwed me?

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