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  1. Hi Guys - just trying to collect feedback about the user guide for the R2. If you want to let us know what you thought of it leave a comment, and please answer the poll above if you want to have your say! R2_User_Manual_14.pdf
  2. We'll be announcing what its purpose is when it's out, likely next week I believe it's largely for issues Modern Warfare players have been reporting. Not just server locations, but also whitelisting servers intended for authentication, NAT, party chat and other necessities. If they aren't whitelisted by us, you could be accidentally blocking them with the Geo-Filter! (That's why we're working on ways to automate this process and eliminate that risk).
  3. We'll be writing guides and blogs again this year - development has really taken on everyone in the team at the moment! So those servers appearing when you're on the lobby are called Matchmaking Servers, or maybe NAT / Authentication servers. Those kinds of things are often whitelisted by us, since without them the game wouldn't work online. I'm not sure why no servers are appearing for you... The Geo-Filter works differently depending on the game being played. Apex is a game where you can select a server on the game menu, so usually the Geo-Filter is a bit more restricted. The game doesn't have as many server locations as, say, Call of Duty, so it's best to try and find the closest one to you and set the radius around that. The cloud update is coming out soon - the error you're getting is likely because there isn't a new version to upgrade to. Whitelisting a server means even if it's outside the radius, it'll never get blocked. (Since in Filtering Mode, everything outside the circle is blocked unless it's whitelisted). That's the functionality there In short, the Geo-Filter works better in some games than others depending on how the Game Developers have set up their game. If they've made the game very restrictive you might find it hard to force a server.
  4. Hi Stephen - currently there isn't I'm afraid, we're planning to add the option to export all settings some day. Is this something a reboot couldn't fix? (Since a reboot will keep your allow and deny list intact.)
  5. This test looks pretty bad - the red bars represent moments where your packet loss was 100%. However, I doubt that was actually the case - it's more likely something is wrong with the test, since 100% packet loss would mean you'd have no Internet access. It's equally possible your Ethernet cable is dodgy - if you look at the 'hops' part, you're getting around 16% packet loss on the last four hops (which I'd probably trust more than those 100% PL readings). 16% packet loss is really bad, probably caused by faulty equipment - but you will only be able to tell by running more tests!
  6. If you want our opinion, we reckon that's placebo having extensively tested the effects of NAT. Having a moderate NAT will almost always limit your matchmaking options - and not in a good way. Still, feel free to experiment
  7. There's a cloud update on its way, likely next week - hopefully that resolves some of the problems you're having. We're investigating but alas, problems with CoD net code are as old as the franchise. We'll keep investigating and let y'all know when the cloud update is out!
  8. Those Geo-Filter profiles just give you the recommended distance / Ping Assist / Strict Mode setting for that game. We've plans to improve profiles in the future for the Geo-Filter
  9. It doesn't necessarily matter if the R1 gets a new address occasionally, though it could mean you need to keep accessing the UI through different IP's. I'd just give it a static one
  10. Hi Micheal - welcome to the forum! A few other people have reported this Xbox chat issue, it was caused by the latest Xbox software update. We're looking into what part of their update isn't agreeing with DumaOS so we can roll out a fix.
  11. Hi - have you tried resetting the router? This one might require a factory reset, but try a standard reboot first. I haven't seen a case on the XR700 where nothing will load; hopefully a reset fixes this issue.
  12. We would go and investigate this usually, but being Christmas it's not the best time. Feel free to just hold off for now until we release DumaOS v.3.0. I've no idea why Xbox released an upgrade that's broken party chat for a bunch of people. If it ain't broke why fix it? Anywho, thank you for raising this issue - we'll investigate when we can!
  13. Hi XR500J, welcome to the forum So with Stadia, we're currently playing around with our own one in the office and trying to figure out what we can do for it. We'd already planned for its release and have a few key features which will help a lot - they're coming in DumaOS 3.0, which will be out soon. You're right in that it's not traditional in any way - Anti-Bufferbloat won't help here, nor will Traffic Prioritization. Since Stadia gobbles up bandwidth, the best you can do for it is give it all the bandwidth it needs with Bandwidth Allocation. We'll be interested to see if there's ways to change which Google server it's connecting to using the Geo-Filter, though only time and testing will tell! For now, give it a load of bandwidth and see how you get on - but keep your eyes open for DumaOS 3.0 (which will be coming to XR500 and other platforms).
  14. Does it say that on the game matchmaking menu? Not sure why it'd be doing that, though it shouldn't impact the performance of the Geo-Filter - with the right settings you should get a server with a lower ping than either of those figures every time.
  15. Judging by those Pingplotter results you've got the best base ping and line stability you can. I doubt you'll be able to improve it further than that - your line looks fantastic. The problem now is between you and the server, and how well supported your region is. If I recall you live in South America, and Activision have provided very little support for South America in general. I think the only decent servers are in Sao Paulo in your case. We're soon going to be releasing a bunch of new DumaOS tools for you to play with which could help, though the problem here will always be the lack of game server support in South America.
  16. Hi AzeRu - let's sort out some settings for you. First off, with those speeds you shouldn't encounter congestion often if at all, so I'd recommend setting Anti-Bufferbloat to 100/100 to maximise throughput. Each of those games will use somewhat different Geo-Filter settings. CoD MW is the easiest in this case; whenever you play MW, have a Geo-Filter radius of around 1000 - 1500km around your home. I'd set Ping Assist to 30ms as well, though if you live in the middle of nowhere or in a badly supported country, you should use 60ms Ping Assist. In Fifa, Apex and Fortnite it's less simple. If you play Seasons in Fifa, it's standard matchmaking, so your CoD MW settings will work fine. If you play FUT though, you should look for the closest EA servers while you're playing and set your Geo-Filter radius around that area with Strict Mode on. Same goes for Apex and Fortnite - your objective in those games is to stop the game from connecting you to servers that are really far away, but there's way less to choose from compared to CoD. (Since they're using Dedicated Servers only, rather than P2P). I hope this makes sense, give it a shot!
  17. I'm not certain what's happened here - what version are you on? Factory reset will likely fix this, it's probably just something that's got the router in a bad state.
  18. Ah okay, no problem. We've been trying to improve our cloud support for Discord recently, and a new cloud update was put out a few weeks ago which added a ton of Discord servers. There's probably a few that've slipped through the cracks. Could you fill out this form: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28284-geo-filter-server-location-improvements/#comments When you use the Geo-Filter and notice Discord not working, you'll see a blocked server or two on the map. It could be a different server each time you attempt this. Please report as many blocked Discord servers as you can (and make sure you aren't doing anything else at the time, i.e playing games, so you're certain they are Discord servers!) That'll help a lot, though we're also running tests and updating the cloud in-house all the time so it should be up and running again soon.
  19. I can't disclose too much, but DumaOS 3.0 is going to make you both veeeeery happy on that front. QoS is getting something special next year.
  20. Currently it's under wraps. All I can really disclose is that it's the biggest update in Netduma history, and bigger than DumaOS itself. If you've got any feedback for us or there's something specific you'd like to see, I'd recommend posting it in the 'Feedback & Suggestions' section. We keep track of anything requested in there, and we're looking to make it happen
  21. This is actually something we want to happen - there are a ton of new features on the way and I know one of them (I can't announce) will give you more Geo-Filter control. I'd like to see separate filters for each device become a thing in the near future, it's great to know you'd find this useful! When you set the Geo-Filter radius / home location currently, it'll work for all devices you've added to the Geo-Filter. So if you want your son's PC to get a high ping with you, he will if the PC is added to the Geo-Filter. (For PC's, currently it's advisable to change its device type to a console in the Device Manager, then re-add it to the Geo-Filter to get it working properly).
  22. This usually happens with in-game NAT - it can be caused by the Geo-Filter but we've found it to be a false reading most of the time. If you're able to connect easily to lobbies in MW, it's likely that your NAT is actually open but the NAT servers haven't been able to properly identify that fact. Let me know if you're experiencing issues with joining games. NAT doesn't cause lag, it just severely limits your choice of server / restricts your ability to connect.
  23. First off it's worth proving whether the R1 / network is causing this or not. - Have you tried another headset? - Have you tried your headset on another console / chat service like Discord? - Sometimes the simplest things happen to be the problem - is the microphone broken or on mute?
  24. If you're being DOS attacked you'd know about it - your whole network would go down. I believe it's possible for cheats in online games to kick you from games depending on which game it is, though I'm unsure about whether it's possible in TF2. For this kind of thing and other game hacks, it's up to the game developers to protect you. The hackers are manipulating the game itself, so it won't affect your local network in any way (meaning that you can't prevent it using your local router). If you were legitimately getting DDoS'd though, a VPN would spoof your IP address and prevent the attacker from knowing your true address. I don't think you need it though (and those DoS Attack labels in the log file are standard network events being blocked by the router firewall - NOT DoS attacks!)
  25. This issue was cloud related, not firmware. You'll be able to use the latest version without this issue happening again; we know what caused it so we've already solved it permanently
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