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  1. Those graphs don't look bad - a little jittery, but considering the jitter is only about 5ms even under load that's not bad at all. You haven't got any major spikes happening Routers will vary, I would've expected the 500 to be a little more stable but there are so many factors at work. It's hard to tell what is causing the differences. Are you sure your test conditions are exactly the same for both routers? Could be settings, could be time of day, could be something else in your house using bandwidth at the time...
  2. This server should be fixed in the next cloud update since you've filled in the form - thank you for reporting this to us The game will connect you to different servers depending on the time of day / capacity of their servers. Sometimes it will try to connect you to high-ping servers, in which case I'd recommend using Ping Assist to make sure that doesn't happen.
  3. That'll just be incorrect classifications - you're likely connecting to dedicated servers that are just displayed as peers. That's something we're working on fixing, but it won't impact your game performance
  4. Alright so DNS is ruled out, as is QoS / Bandwidth issues. Is this just standard YouTube videos you're not able to play? Does it happen to all videos? Also, you say you tried it using your phone data, but have you tried connecting directly to your modem to check if the modem is the problem?
  5. Huh, that's really peculiar. It'll be something to do with how it's been added to the Geo-Filter, or at least it is 99% of the time. Could you delete both PS4's from the Geo-Filter, make 100% sure it's a PlayStation type in the Device Manager, then reboot the router and add them again. Let's see if the issue persists after that.
  6. I don't think it affects your devices per-se, but rather it opens you up to security risks. Now in my opinion those security risks are hardly worth worrying about, since local network hacks are extremely rare and almost always targeted. I'd do some research before you go ahead and do it though - I'm by no means the authority on network security. It shouldn't create any performance issues if you open those ports, if you have UPnP disabled.
  7. Some folks swear by this technique, I think they usually say around 40ms is the sweet spot for CoD. I guess the logic there is that it's a mid-point between the lowest and highest ping players in the lobby. I myself don't really subscribe to that idea, but give it a try!
  8. Yeh that sounds correct. Choopa is a dedicated server I believe. We're actually looking into ways to automate our dedicated server detection, since at the moment we have to manually go through and classify dedicated servers. This should get more streamlined further down the road, but for now I'd ignore that categorisation. I reckon everything in screenshot 1 is a server, they look like they're in the right place for that to be true.
  9. Hm, maybe we can try some other solutions for this. Ultimately weird issues with gameplay are caused by ping or NAT - almost exclusively. - Do you have an open NAT? - What ping are you getting, as shown by the Geo-Filter with Auto-Ping enabled? - Do you find you're able to use the Geo-Filter to block bad hosts?
  10. Big Dog is absolutely right above - the restrictions should be limited to the modem they've provided, so a new modem should bypass their stupid restrictions and allow you to get an open NAT. Let us know if that works out!
  11. Welcome to the forum Big Dog has some great suggestions above. I would first try setting static IP's for the affected devices. If it's still occurring, switch out your LAN cables. You should also make 100% sure the drop-out isn't further upstream by connecting your devices to your Modem and seeing if a drop-out occurs.
  12. I'm inclined to agree with Fraser - I'm not sure why this would be the case other than your Laptop Wi-Fi card being faulty. I've experienced similar issues on my own laptop (not related to DumaOS routers though). Could you screenshot what's happening?
  13. On top of what DAKOTADOCKALL said above, this drop in speeds could be due to peak times. When did you run this speed test? Ultimately it seems like your R1 is reaching its limit in one way or another. How old are both of your R1's? After a time, almost all routers will start to achieve less throughput compared to when you first bought it. The R1 is old hardware, so it's even more the case.
  14. I've had a chat with our lead test engineer - he's confirmed that he's aware of this issue, though there are other pressing bugs he's been working through. All this information will really help our devs in fixing the issue, so I can't thank you enough! I'll raise it internally to make sure it's getting attention.
  15. Did you have Strict Mode on in this case? From your previous screenshot it was working just fine. The triangle icon showed that the Texas server was being blocked, so you should be able to keep searching until you're connected to California.
  16. Hm, weird. Ports could potentially be the cause - maybe you're sometimes getting a closed / moderate NAT here which is stopping you from finding games. First off, try enabling UPnP and don't manually forward any ports. Secondly, from now on when you want to use the Geo-Filter with Madden, just set the Geo-Filter to Spectating Mode while you're loading up the console / game. Set it to Filtering Mode once you're matchmaking. That should get rid of any potential NAT issues. I agree with Alex - if you're finding games sometimes and not other times when the Geo-Filter is completely disabled, then it's not likely to be the router causing the issue.
  17. Yup, anyone can join just head to netduma.com - you'll see a DumaOS signup page. It'll be in 'beta' for a while, a bit like Minecraft. It's very much an ongoing project until we're confident all the kinks are ironed out.
  18. It's never wasted time, don't worry! Super glad you got to the bottom of it, I'll make sure Alex sees what you did when he gets back in the office. If you need a hand with anything else just holler
  19. The DumaOS Classified Games profile uses UDP for anything labelled as a console in your Device Manager. For PC it'll figure it out per game using our DPI engine, though you may want to switch your PC to a console for both the Geo-Filter and Traffic Prio.
  20. I'm going to see if we can investigate this issue with High Priority getting stuck - we'll test it with Apex and Destiny 2 for good measure. It's possible that the issue is graphical but I can't really speculate until we take a look. Could you guys confirm whether this persists when you hard refresh the page (F5)? Also @Zippy, could you let us know which game this happened to you on? If anyone has experienced this while playing another game let us know. If any of you guys have added your own rules to Traffic Prio, please let us know that as well. The more information we have, the faster we'll be able to get to the bottom of it!
  21. Hi, I've just had a look over what's been going on. My advice to you here is: now that you've reset your router, keep your settings simple. The key to reducing lag won't be forwarding loads of ports - it'll be down to finding a sweet-spot with your QoS settings and figuring out your Geo-Filter settings. With your speeds, remember that games only use <0.5mbps bandwidth. That's nothing compared to 100mbps, so you shouldn't need to type 1000/1000 for your speeds. Try just typing in the speeds you pay for. Then keep Anti-Bufferbloat at 70/70 - don't worry about your speeds if you're trying to get a good ping and reduce lag. Turn on UPnP and leave port forwarding blank. Finally, set up your Geo-Filter. If you're seeing servers appearing on the map, start taking note of where they are. It's different for every game, so for Fifa you'll want to set your Geo-Filter up to get you the closest one. Let us know how these steps go, and we'll work from there!
  22. Hi, welcome to the forum! That's awesome that it's working great on your Xbox, though we may need to have another look at the PC version. We'll see what we can do!
  23. EDIT: The response to to this has been brilliant. Thank you. We are now locking signups - but we will leave the form up in case anyone wishes to register their interest in becoming an insider in the future. ___ Hi guys - we have a big announcement coming tomorrow about our next development milestone, which will be the biggest set of new features ever released for DumaOS. Our number one focus is building new features, and we want them to be the best they can be. This is why we're starting up DumaOS Insiders, where we will be sharing exclusive first-looks at some of our new features and using your feedback to shape them. If you are interested, please sign up to DumaOS Insiders using this form: https://forms.gle/4TptvkBkqBfVeW669 When you sign up you will be entrusted with exclusive Insider information. Please do not share this content outside of the DumaOS Insiders subforum.
  24. Yup Spectator Mode will do it. The reason is that the Geo-Filter can block NAT servers if it's enabled while the console is booting up. This depends on your region really - a lot of people don't have that problem. It also depends on the game you're playing. Now, automating our Geo-Filter cloud database is a process we're working on. If we can find a way to get the cloud to automatically detect NAT servers and changes to them, whitelisting them... Well, that'd mean you don't have to disable your Geo-Filter at all Maybe some day!
  25. To me that sounds like a browser issue. It's graphics related whatever it is - there's no way the router thinks that data is correct. That's why refreshing solves it. This can be caused by leaving DumaOS in the background on a separate tab, then switching back to that tab after a while. (Or at least, that's how it used to be caused on the old software. Are you on DumaOS?)
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