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  1. I believe their idea of “soon” is nothing less than 6 months.
  2. I have the same issue with denying choopa.net servers. I try to deny and it still keeps connecting me to them. It’s frustrating
  3. Im not really sure. I tried to redo everything after I had to restart my console but I couldn’t get it back. just to be clear, while I was on a higher tick rate, the game still played like garbage but just less garbage-ish if that makes sense haha.
  4. It’s a business account with a given static IP. My bandwidth never changes and there’s zero congestion ever.
  5. Question for the Netduma team if I’m gaming through my Xbox one using the XR500 and want a VPN, would I install the VPN on my Xbox one or on the router? Or would I install on both? and how would I set that up on the router if need be? Is there a step by step?
  6. I have a 500/500 fios business internet account with static IP, and I assure you I’ve noticed NO advantage. So Youtubers, streamers etc have to be doing something or know something we don’t. But I’m sure they get paid off to not share anything as their gameplays theatre consistent are surely to market “great gameplay.” ive throttled my bandwidth and done countless testing with many different combinations and nothing seems to work. however, last night I randomly took my hardwired connection away and connected to the 5g wireless band while the game was booted up, and the game dropped me from 4000000kbps bandwidth to 2900000kbps. The tick rate on the router then read 120hz or more consistently and stayed there. but then when I restarted the game an hour later, everything went back normal and I got the usual fluctuations from 60hz to 120hz or more every single game. I give up on trying to fix the connection for this game
  7. Having a dedicated or lease line makes zero impact. I can confirm this as I have a 500/500 fios business line with static IP and it makes absolutely no difference. I also use IPv6 which makes zero difference as well. not sure how the YTers and streamers get these killer games consistently day in and day out. im beginning to think they know something that we don’t.
  8. Lol yes please sympathize with us haha. there’s no argument that it doesn’t work for past CODds. It’s just a bummer it’s not working for this one. you guys should try to form a partnership with Activision
  9. If it takes a “good” amount of time, then quit telling everyone since launch that the update will be here “soon.”
  10. I’ve enabled it and see ZERO advantage. .....queue the generic forum response
  11. Somehow I’m beginning to think MW counters the Netduma benefits, thus creating crap gameplay. im just tired of seeing the Duma team reply to every question as “well what’s your settings”, “it’s coming soon”, “that in game ping is amazing”, “send a screenshot” etc. to every damn person. clearly our experience is not amazing. I paid $300 for a router that is basically the same as any other dual band router. I don’t wanna see some generic response either because the game counters this OS.
  12. Yeah there’s zero lag compensation in this game.....it’s the net code and the broken camera angles
  13. Can confirm the ping part works. I’m on west coast Southern California. Put my radius to 70 off the coast in ocean and it wouldn’t pick up a server. I expanded and it picks up the Choopa server and Vultr server. Game searches for less than 15ms and remains consistent in game. Tick rate, however, is not consistent....went from 60 to 120 fluctuations all game, every game. I’ve always had issues in CoD with Choopa server though. MW still caters to high ping players and average KD with SBMM. A router can’t defeat a games crappy net code.
  14. Can I just use ping assist for 30ms and lower and keep myself in spectating mode so I’m able to connect to my friends with ease on Call of Duty? or should I put myself in filter mode? and if the geofilter isn’t working with the new call of duty, how should I set it up?
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