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  1. If it takes a “good” amount of time, then quit telling everyone since launch that the update will be here “soon.”
  2. I’ve enabled it and see ZERO advantage. .....queue the generic forum response
  3. Somehow I’m beginning to think MW counters the Netduma benefits, thus creating crap gameplay. im just tired of seeing the Duma team reply to every question as “well what’s your settings”, “it’s coming soon”, “that in game ping is amazing”, “send a screenshot” etc. to every damn person. clearly our experience is not amazing. I paid $300 for a router that is basically the same as any other dual band router. I don’t wanna see some generic response either because the game counters this OS.
  4. Yeah there’s zero lag compensation in this game.....it’s the net code and the broken camera angles
  5. Can confirm the ping part works. I’m on west coast Southern California. Put my radius to 70 off the coast in ocean and it wouldn’t pick up a server. I expanded and it picks up the Choopa server and Vultr server. Game searches for less than 15ms and remains consistent in game. Tick rate, however, is not consistent....went from 60 to 120 fluctuations all game, every game. I’ve always had issues in CoD with Choopa server though. MW still caters to high ping players and average KD with SBMM. A router can’t defeat a games crappy net code.
  6. Can I just use ping assist for 30ms and lower and keep myself in spectating mode so I’m able to connect to my friends with ease on Call of Duty? or should I put myself in filter mode? and if the geofilter isn’t working with the new call of duty, how should I set it up?
  7. Ok because on a previous router I had it was asking me if it was native, pass through, or static IPv6. Which in this case it is static. However, it was asking for WAN IPv6 address and gateway and prefix length. Didn’t know how my static ip would translate into that stuff. I’d run the test from IPv6 websites and it wouldn’t detect yet says my dns supports it. My ISP said it’s supported as well. They’re not much help since I don’t use their supported router
  8. They pretty much gave me my ipv4 static ip and that was it. My dns servers say they support IPv6 as I’m Ethernet to the home
  9. When I want to party up or utilize the cross play in modern warfare what do I need to do so I don’t deny connecting to friends? They all live within 50 miles of me. do I need to be in spectating mode to add all of them and afterwords put it back in filter mode? Confused in what to do exactly.
  10. I get 500/500 Fios business internet to my home and my ISP gave me a static IP. Can a DumaOS person Please DM me on how I input everything since my ISP supports IPv6?
  11. So how would I use ping assist and not geo-filter? Would I just put the radius to a high number and set the ping assist to 30ms and less? Would I still keep it as auto ping host? What’re the steps I should take please
  12. I don’t get it, I’m in Long Beach, California and somehow it’s always showing Vultr and Choopa as what I’m connecting too even though my radius is set to 500 miles
  13. I agree with this. One of the dedicated servers by me in Long Beach, ca is Choopa. I’m getting 50% packet loss somewhere in the middle of my connection to it and I don’t know what the issue is or how to fix it.
  14. Is that cloud update coming soon today?
  15. I consistently have to do a routine when it comes to having a party and inviting people outside of my radius. Then after doing so, it takes forever it seems to find a lobby. Then when I just ignore everything suddenly it becomes easy to find a lobby
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