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  1. i used a different browser to access the router and it worked, so looks like your suggestion was the key. Thanks
  2. The advanced section is now missing. @Netduma Fraser I have already rebooted the router.
  3. the last update removed the advanced features from the Hybrid VPN... How am i going to use my VPN now?
  4. You are lucky you lag. 50 60 ms right in the avg to gain lag comp. I get 17ms to my closest servers but my region central usa gets to baby sit the spanish speaking countries below us, so my 17 ms doesnt mean Jack shit. Low ping is a disadvantage and anyone with twice your latency will annihilate you due to sbmm. Connection is king But the lagger gets to wear the crown. The only way this router helps you is by enabling you to be the lagger.
  5. I added my PC, and didnt add a service. it seems to work when I add my Phone but not my desktop. I am going to attempt to change my PC to a console in device manager and see if that works. everythings working now I can VPN my ps5 and PC but the PS5 cant connect to any game servers, the built in browser does access the internet though. ANy ideas?
  6. Can you elaborate more on did not work for you? How far did you get? Did you play on a foreign server?
  7. I used the below config file in the advanced section of the hybrid vpn and get a "connected" status but my WAN IP does NOT change. The VPN service im using is ghostpath any help would be great. # host/port of vpn server remote mci3.gpvpn.com 443 udp # prompt for authentication auth-user-pass # equivalent to pull, tls-client client # redirect all outgoing traffic to the vpn gateway redirect-gateway # verify the server certificate for authenticity remote-cert-tls server cipher AES-256-CBC proto udp dev tun keepalive 10 120 nobind persist-key persist-tun # ssl certificate / key used for tls #ca certs/ca.crt <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIDQDCCAqmgAwIBAgIJAM8Brk2pUr0KMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBBQUAMHQxCzAJBgNV BAYTAlVTMQswCQYDVQQIEwJDQTEMMAoGA1UEBxMDVlBOMQwwCgYDVQQKEwNWUE4x DDAKBgNVBAsTA1ZQTjEMMAoGA1UEAxMDVlBOMQwwCgYDVQQpEwNWUE4xEjAQBgkq hkiG9w0BCQEWA1ZQTjAeFw0xMjAzMDMwMjExNDJaFw0yMjAzMDEwMjExNDJaMHQx CzAJBgNVBAYTAlVTMQswCQYDVQQIEwJDQTEMMAoGA1UEBxMDVlBOMQwwCgYDVQQK EwNWUE4xDDAKBgNVBAsTA1ZQTjEMMAoGA1UEAxMDVlBOMQwwCgYDVQQpEwNWUE4x EjAQBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWA1ZQTjCBnzANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOBjQAwgYkCgYEA wY2K08N7or1Br/EsD9XBon7gs7dKflWYuymgMLJfeMFWuJloNdsn+3GARIhYBbN6 zhvFGFE214qKPqAydW1WmIIK7KoC0sgndr+Vk/au9gssFzVmmvr6+WN/nfo2L9Kv vBMoYLrMAiyw/D4cRapZi2pXJLcMDfC+p1VWAX8TYWkCAwEAAaOB2TCB1jAdBgNV HQ4EFgQUmyvO4rTnu5/ABnp0FngU+SdR8WAwgaYGA1UdIwSBnjCBm4AUmyvO4rTn u5/ABnp0FngU+SdR8WCheKR2MHQxCzAJBgNVBAYTAlVTMQswCQYDVQQIEwJDQTEM MAoGA1UEBxMDVlBOMQwwCgYDVQQKEwNWUE4xDDAKBgNVBAsTA1ZQTjEMMAoGA1UE AxMDVlBOMQwwCgYDVQQpEwNWUE4xEjAQBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWA1ZQToIJAM8Brk2p Ur0KMAwGA1UdEwQFMAMBAf8wDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEFBQADgYEAoB0kOuGvrzPBTIRX IDHCCxBMdny+3sKAOllmH4+51j2aWhAJ4Pyc/yBTYyQGNoriABjmNzp+R05oiaxA D3vTgR80juKDPtQb8LoGLBF18gL7Vtc3+hJXcJasXZaDSSoyh5f+TtGvytIT+ece JWIrKnFXzlHOvKlyLkcZn15gwKQ= -----END CERTIFICATE----- </ca>
  8. The router manipulates lag compensation via means of managing server ping to specific servers. To obtain lag compensation simply force a server with around 100ms non fluctuating ping. ( alloawancs for 1 2 ms variable) In the new era he who lags , wins.
  9. Stumbled across this today for an interesting read. https://modernwarzone.com/modern-warfare-update/top-warzone-players-use-netduma-routers-for-a-competitive-advantage-in-tournaments/
  10. In game experience, I was almost unkillable on nuketown 24 8 with 120ms ping to Europe. I have a topic open on it.
  11. Lowping is disadvantageous. You want lag compensation on your side. No packetloss and 100ms connection will enable lag comp for you over the vast majority of players you encounter. I'd say the avg is 60 to 76 ms, thus why anything lower puts you at a disadvantage. Remember no packet loss though
  12. I think that with the addition of crossplay coming to destiny 2 we will see new servers and have a chance at reasserting control over the servers we connect to. If i were them i'd wait till that was added before having a look and attempting a fix.
  13. USA Servers seem to be working again T_T
  14. Games like this become possible. Happens so often now i stopped screenshotting it.
  15. Hello I was having a blast with cold war till a day after Thanksgiving and then the servers seemed to go to crap here in North America. The problem seems to be packetloss related and just over all lag without the benefits of being lag compensated which comes with the additional high ping. My fix was simply to use geo filter to force European servers where I get 100+ latency and am on the positive side of lag compensation. Its literally back to how it was b4 thanksgiving except with high ping. My in game ping on NA servers says 32 typically which Is actually around 18 router side. I hope this fix helps others out also I'd like to mention I'll be toggling back to USA servers every so often to see if they have been fixed. As I come from the battlefield community and realize playing out of region is aggravating to players with low ping and playing in region. So apologies ahead of time If you encounter StarCraftGhost
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