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  1. When I use geo filter with a pre made fire team it finds a match then returns me to orbit but allows the rest of the fire team to play. Do I need to allow their ips vis geo filter? Or what's the issue and how do I resolve it?
  2. turn off geo filter, turn off ping assist.
  3. adding 'hard' latency or delayed packets.
  4. at what point is this considered network manipulation and cheating?
  5. If you had 8ms in game chances are you were not on a dedicated server. That's what battlenonse says in his video.
  6. Aim for a dedicated that pings you into the mid 40s. Avg player latency is around 60 I get pooped on if I have 30ms But 45 is basically the avg sweet spot. Lemme know your results.
  7. It seems others here are finally realizing this.
  8. Placebo for sure. Chances are they lost/did bad 5 games in a row then got SBMMed into a lower lobby. I gave it a chance and I don't notice a difference. High ping players still break the game and produce visually incorrect situations. My hit reg is the same, fine against everyone except high ping players. They are desyncing their hit boxes from their actual player module. See video for a vague interpretation
  9. This entire game rewards bad latency. Saying "not many instances" is wild. The leader boards never lie and on PC you can tell their values in game. High ping players constantly top the leaderboards and it has been documented and proven in battlenonsense video. I am assuming you are a high ping player?
  10. look up your streamer on CODTRACKER . Check their suicides. Chances are they reverse boosted to a noob lobby and dropped the nukes.
  11. You can change your settings all you want but the fact is you cannot control others latency. THAT is what determines if lag compensation is being used in the play. If a user has double or more your latency they will gain lag compensation. That's why it's worse to play on low ping in this cod. It's easier to have twice the ping of 18. And even twice 32. Most users are between 50 and 80 latency. (I play controller on PC and can view others latency on the scoreboard) Which means if you are low ping you will always be on the shit end of the stick. The target ping is 40-50 to avoid being compensated against and still maintain good hit reg. Honestly I dont even use the geofilter anymore and I've been dropping 60+kills vtols and managed to get my highest kill streak of 17. 357 magnum only. I dont spray, ever. Also when I turn off crossplay and vs mouse and keyboard users their in game latency is much lower than most console matches and I have a solid experience. I cant always find a lobby though so I toggle back and forth.
  12. Thanks, but it still took 3x. So that isnt a theory.
  13. You wont show your in game latency after being asked over 3 times. Enjoy your exploit. Lag compensation warrior.
  14. You are correct, almost. They need to be about double your latency to reap the benefits of lag compensation. That's why playing on servers where you get low ping is a bad idea. It's an extreme in Mw compared to other games. I also have fiber and get 18ms from kansas to Chicago Illinois. I no longer use geo filter as being the low ping player in a lobby is a disadvantage.
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