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  1. I’ve not seen option 61 like the xr500, can’t find anything on open wrt it connects but just doesn’t get access to internet says failed
  2. I have a router with open wrt which I would like to get it connected to internet with sky fibre, I’ve got a modem plugged in hg612 which gets connection, but I’m struggling to get it to work with open wrt router which I then want to plug in to my duma for the use of geo, I don’t suppose anybody on here knows the settings for sky fibre on open wrt latest firmware, any help guys would be much appreciated thanks
  3. Personally from my experience in what has worked best for me with bo4, I’m using the xr500, is to download ping plotter, connect it wired to computer, run it for ten minutes under load, ie, whilst in game playing online, streaming etc, then play around with anti ti buffer bloat percentages until you get the least or no lag spikes, click always once happy, disable geo filter or use spectating mode, see how it goes, this works better for me and I connect to 20ms less servers / peers hope this helps
  4. Got my router setup today thanks for you kind support muffintastic works a treat on sky fibre 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  5. This is brilliant thanks for reply will order when you say offline what do you mean by that?? Just connected from laptop to router (not connected to modem)
  6. I am thinking of replacing my netduma r1 with the xr500 as I beleive it supports dhcp option 61 for sky fibre users, can anyone from admin confirm this? If yes I have an hg612 Bt open reach modem that I will want to use in bridge/modem mode, will this setup be ok?
  7. Mine does it with or without geo on or off , have reset it then worked then went back to moderate, I reverted back to r1 software with no problems. regards Jay
  8. Has either of you know much about zen the broadband provider??
  9. Thanks for feedback guys
  10. Ok maybe TT have improved I just wasnt getting no where near speeds expected of 68mb, what setup do you have if don’t mind me asking? I’m looking to go modem then r1, atm got router/modem in dmz into r1 can’t use bridge mode as r1 not got a feature for dhcp option 61
  11. I’m currently with sky but i can’t use a decent modem due to there authentication, had a bad experience with talk talk years ago, is isp using there own equipment good to go with ?
  12. Thanks for feedback, I will give Bt a miss then, was thinking ee or Plusnet
  13. Hello I’m currently with sky at the moment but contract up in new year, can anybody recommend a decent provider that they use for gaming I mainly play COD and fifa, not staying with sky as I can’t use a decent modem with the duma so looking different provider (fibre) any feedback would be great thanks
  14. i have downgraded from duma os to the R1 old firmware and i think it maybe bricked, when i click to login into router it asks for my username and password and looks like its trying to login to duma os, when i put admin then password it just doesnet log in just goes blank, anybody could help would be great, yhis is the second time this router has done this!!!!!! ,
  15. Tonight it was open 😕 beginning to think might be the game, spawns seem slightly better since update, thanks for support tho
  16. No seems fine games play smooth, open at on network settings Xbox, just moderate in game, can connect with other players and shows port 3075 on table, didn't know wether it maybe blocking a server with geo
  17. Nice one for the reply it says it's opened 3074 and 3075 in port table then in game shows moderate and also bandwidth numbers aren't correct, thanks for reply tho will try this hopefully it works cheers jay.
  18. Any body else having problem with upnp or port forward on Duma os, I have upnp enabled and it doesn't show up on table and it gives me moderate nat on bo4 xbox 1, I've reverted back to r1 firmware and have no problem at all with nat??
  19. DHCP client option 61 for us sky users so we can use a decent modem only setup then R1
  20. Black ops 4 played smooth for me last night on Duma os, geo set around U.K., was pinging 10ms to dedi in the south of England, my nat type in game was showing moderate, but was showing it opened the 3075 port on the upnp table in the settings of the duma, Xbox its self was open, no connectivity problems managed to find games quickly.
  21. Will Be trying bo4 xbox1 on Duma os R1 tonight, wil give you guys some feedback. I will say one thing tho if people aren't aware, servers on new realeased cod games are always up and down first few weeks
  22. Either put modem in bridge mode or place IP address assigned to your netduma r1, into the DMZ, disable upnp, reboot then make sure upnp is enabled on the R1 reboot both r1 and your isp modem, also assign a static IP address to r1 so it doesn't change, this is how i achieve a open nat and never have any problems, as far as I'm aware i don't think the r1 has dmz
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