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  1. Same issue for me, Wifi last 1 or 2 days without problems. Once i reboot it, problems gone, its like night and day. I was just thinking on buying a AC adapter with Timer so it turns power off once a day. Actually one simple thing you should have in the software is a schedule reboot option. Using R1 with DumaOS Open Beta i havent yet reseted after dumaos update, i will test increase lease time. Should i factory reset before anything?
  2. I have submit request for Insider, hope i can make it!
  3. Great stuff. Iv resurrected my Netduma R1 before COD MW launch, iv not been using it for more than 1 year. I havent tested DUMAOS iv dropped using netduma before the release. Im backkkk ! Great to see the community is well and bright.
  4. Hello Devs, i wanted to make a suggestion. NetDuma is a Gaming Router, the most important stuff you need to improve are Gaming Options. Period. - Host/Geo Filtering - Needs a big revamp, we should be able easily add/remove from a Friends List. Once you APPROVE a geo location it is supposed to 100% clear filter connection, nowdays that doesnt happen, its a pain to clear a user, the GREE/RED Bar is really bad, its a year 2000 style. The opposite also needs a easy method to have a Block List. - Host/Geo Filtering - Map - Its awfull to navigate and choose the best circle. You should make an easier to zoom with mouse map, with COUNTRY SELECTION, we should be able to pick by country specially for European users, that im betting are the ones that need more Netduma with all close rountings close. - Host/Geo Filtering - Visual - New connected hosts should blink on show details on a list, and others that are connected more than 1 min should not blink for example, so we can understand who is what. - Host/Geo Filtering - Visual - Change every layout aspect, starting the Map, its almost not usefull to navigate, also focus on country lists like i said above. THIS IS THE MAIN FEATURE ONE THIS ROUTER, get a really wonderful to use GUI. - Host/Geo Filtering - Mobile App - We should be able to change filters, countrys or ratius like said before, using an App, easily direct from App not having to use 192.168. browser would be fantastic. This is your main Feature on Netduma, you should focus on this. Netduma is GAMING - VPN - Needs more Options Focus on needed gaming features, get new advanced options, its 2016 there are alot more to do. Things like Memory Info on this Screenshot, are the least we care. Trust me, go big on Gaming, Ram usage etc we dont care, no one buys a Netduma to check for memory ram usage lol Good Things to see:: R-Apps Making features as modules is perfect, i dont want tasks to be running on my router that i dont need i delete them.
  5. PM me for GT Vodafone Fiber ISP: 100Down/10Up Portugal, Europe
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