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  1. Yes I’ve found a solution for now. I’ve turned pppoe on in the xr500 but turned off vlan tagging in the xr500. I then connected fiber box to port one of the managed switch then from port 2 of the switch to the xr500. Then go into your switch settings and vlan settings and tag port 1 and port 2 with vlan 10, leaving the other ports untagged. The xr500 works flawlessly now that it doesn’t handle vlan tagging.
  2. Tried the hotfix PPPoE with vlan tagging for fibre connections = no upload qos. Still not working
  3. No good. My R1 get's internet but won't pass it on to the xr500. I'm at my wit's end. This vlan/pppoe problem has been going on since dumaos. Most of New Zealand have fiber to the home and require pppoe and vlan 10 to authenticate. Netgear and netduma should let the customer know of this issue before they buy. It's not working as advertised. It should be easier than this. Over it
  4. I'm connected directly to the ont fiber box which works fine with all my routers.
  5. My anti bufferbloat is working on the download but not the upload on my xr500 that I just bought because my R1 with duma OS couldn't give me the full speeds because of hardware limitations. I get 200mb down and 24 mb up with xr500 other than 50 mb down and 24 mb up on r1. So my network is the same just switched the r1 out for the xr500. My isp requires pppoe with vlan 10 for fiber connection. No matter what I do or how I set it up or reset upon reset the upload qos doesn't work. It's like the upload qos doesn't activate at all. I think it is a bug here not how I set it up otherwise the download bufferbloat would'nt work as well. I'm seeing a similar pattern here with other users that have chosen to put the r1 between the xr500 and the internet or just not use it at all. My pings are around 300ms. I'm better off using my toaster for gaming. Not an easy router to setup and yes I have anti bufferbloat set to 'always' on. If i can't get the upload bufferbloat to work which is the main feature to me then I've just bought an expensive paper weight. I've asked for my money back from Netgear as this router has too many issues and doesn't work as advertised.
  6. When you untick shared on both upload and download it spreads the bandwidth evenly over the amount of devices you have on the network. There should be a way that you can allocate what ever bandwidth you like to your gaming console say 2mb upload and 5mb download which gives me smooth game play in bo4 but keeping shared access ticked at the same time for the rest of your devices to use the left over bandwidth as shared. Without using congestion control for this example, say I have 10mb upload and 100mb download. I allocate 2mb upload and 5 mb download for ps4. Leaving 8mb upload and 95mb download with shared ticked for the rest of the network to use.
  7. Would they be using the same ssh port 22 to access there pages? What service does the r1 use to display its pages in the browsers
  8. Hi Fraser. I’ve gained access to the router page again after I switched my Synology NAS drive off. What could the problem be between the router and the nas? I want to be able to use them both at the same time otherwise no point having this router
  9. Here’s and update: The problem isn’t fixed but i’ve found why it’s happening. I have a Diskstation from synology a nas drive that won’t let me access the router pages on dumaOS. When I turn the Diskstation off, I can then access the dumaOS. Upnp is working fine all though it does sound like a port conflict. Maybe they’re trying to use the same protocol at the same time like ssh or telnet. Either way I can’t use my nas drive with your router. I’m about to give up on this router as it’s too much hard work to just getting it to work.
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