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  1. Hahahah, download speed down... No geo filter, shitty connection due by the servers??? Yeah. Maybe the update will work, for now its back to old school.. Thumbs up!! Not on my ISP....Straight ass motherfokking hell...
  2. Yeah, its like a baby shitting his pants, no control. Come on Fraser. And the rest.
  3. Oh and a little update, today i can't choose a different game server on the cloud list. nothing works... it stays on 1 or the number used before.
  4. Yoow guys, Any news about the problems? Did you guys find out what went wrong? Some people want to get informed. Or hear when things will be solved. Its getting very annoying no partychat and workaround to get in games etc. No partychat with the cloud settings (all 4) and with the geo on/off workaround also no chat. And I have an open nat-type and the good ports set. Also still no geo-location on DSL test. Hope to hear from you guys. Grtz Dennis
  5. I am in the Netherlands. The first one (20-14-25) works for me and the second one (20-15-25) works also , the third one (21-14-25) not in the afternoon today and the fourth one (21-15-25) doesn't work for me. Gives me a strict nat-type. Do these numbers change normally? My numbers are always 1,1,1. They never change and those numbers work for me too. I do a cloud refresh every week, sometimes 2 times in a week. Always 1-1-1.. Grtz Dennis
  6. I also have time tonight from 20.30 till ??? for a 1 on 1. Grtz Dennis
  7. I have succes with the numbers 1,1,1. If I choose 21,14,25 it won't work for me. The other numbers i will test later today. Tommorow from 13:00 to 15.30 hours I have time to do a 1on1 Hoping this will allready be of some help. grtz Dennis
  8. It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!! :)

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    2. Macca61


      You should try it more often :)

    3. A7Legit


      Good advice, we can all learn from it.

    4. ColonicBoom


      well said Dennis

  9. Dex is his name and he is born today, without LAG!! :) 4.3 kg. power and blue eyes!

    1. CleanSlate


      Congratulations :)

    2. ColonicBoom


      yeh, congrats

    3. PharmDawgg


      Congrats sir and Happy Birthday Dex.

  10. Ps4- xX-HATE-RATE-Xx K/D-1.88 SPM 450 120 down/ 12 up if i play I play on 30 and 3 I like to try it! The Netherlands
  11. Hardcore Domination and HC Kill Confirmed anyone? I'm from the Netherlands and PSN is: xX-HATE-RATE-Xx. Grtz. Pantalone
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