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  1. @Netduma Fraser Ok that worked for a few minutes then it switched back to the R7000 admin! Any ideas? UPDATE, The XR500 is now randomly restarting itself! and no features are working on the XR500. UPDATE 2, Can't connect to my Xbox. Can I get some help with making sure everything is correctly wired? Where do the cables now go? In the XR500 or the R7000?
  2. @Netduma Fraser Ok all setup, thank you. How do I connect to the XR500? Its logging me into the R7000 so I cant remove the PPPoE from the XR500.
  3. Yes! I have a nighthawk R7000. Would that work? Is there a guide to set it up as you suggested? Would it go like this: BT Open Reach > R7000 > XR500? Thank you for all your help so far.
  4. Sorry, It does not have any setting panel, we do not have a direct line from outside so it just connects from the phone line > BT openreach white box > XR500, if that makes sense!
  5. Hi. As follows: BT Modem > XR500 Using PPPoE, not sure what else you require from me? DO let me know if I am missing anything. The forum password, every login I need to reset the password. Regards, Alex.
  6. Hi, I always have the latest firmware installed! Screenshot attached. P.S. Any reason I need to reset my password every time I log in?
  7. Hi, I see in regards to the share access. Tried everything including always-on mode. I always run wired. Is it worth installing the OS again? If so how do I upgrade with the file from Netgear?
  8. Hi @Netduma Admin Thank you kindly for your reply I have followed all your guides and still, it does not work. Even when settings the flower to 0 on my xbox I can start a game as if there is no effect with it set to 0. Surely that should stop it working with no bandwidth!. What can I do?
  9. Hi there. I am having major issues to the point I don't think QOS is working at all! I have tried everything to stop the lag when my son is streaming YouTube or Netflix. I have applied more bandwidth to the devices in question - LGWEBOSTV AND USERSIPHONE are the devices streaming Netflix and YT. I have applied more bandwidth to my Xbox to see if that reduces the lag. If possible can I please have a little help? Thank you Alex
  10. Hi there. I had a go and it helped a lot. It seems I need to update a few other devices which is taking bandwidth like YouTube. Thank you.
  11. Good Evening. I am having issues trying to get the QOS to work correctly. I know it will be something I am not doing correctly! My son watches Netflix and I then lag quite a bit on the Xbox, I have increased my TV bandwidth to allow more but I seem to lag. See my image attached. Do I have all this set up incorrectly? Thank you.
  12. Indeed but looking over on the NG forums they have taken over a year to release the VPN system allowing users to select their own VPN. Does that mean the same for ping assist!. That worries me, this is a game changer and I really don't fancy waiting a year while they stock up on the $$$ from their XR700. One can hope, I am sorry to be negative but I should not have to wait a long time on a £250 router to get the latest cool features from the DumaOS.
  13. Thank you for your prompt reply I think I am going to return this router, Netgear takes way to long to release updates and pick up an R1. You guys should have selected ASUS as your provider, much better company. Thank you once again.
  14. Hi, I am a user of the XR500, when you release the ping assist will we have to wait a year to get it like the other updates from Netgear? OR Will it be released when you guys (NetDuma) release it? Thank you.
  15. GT:Swifty 13 Ghosts Xbox One 77 Down and 17 Up N Wales, UK
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