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  1. Thank you guys for your support, that makes total sense. back to tweaking I go
  2. Hi Liam, Thank you for your reply. I am indeed but it is like my PS5 is not receiving the settings as when I run a speed text on PS5 the numbers are nowhere near what I have set. Strange!
  3. Hi, I can't seem to manually set the download and upload speed without it reverting to 0% amd rending the feature useless on the latest BETA version XR500. Video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_oZ0ZRLXMtOdsggkpj9wGcd3RlUUt2S7/view Any ideas on how to fix this, please? Thank you.
  4. I have set it to 1400 miles. It finds a game and then kicks me out right away stating failed to join game. I have also closed the game, waited 2 minutes. This is on PS5 using the Xr500 on the latest beta version. I have been trying to force the spanish servers as I hear they are good.
  5. There seems to be major issues with the Geo Filter and Cold War. I cannot find a game when I set the assist to 0.
  6. Sorry, this looks a little confusing. Do you mean 0.5mb download and 1mb upload?
  7. Does this help? https://portforward.com/portforward-two-xboxes/default.htm#:~:text=To get open NAT when,port to the second console. Worked for me, don't forget to restart the router.
  8. Thank you @Netduma Fraser I will go ahead and order
  9. @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can the R2 be used with normal Broadband? I do not have Fibre. I would like to know before i order the R2. XR500 getting sold, Netgear seem slow and I want OS3
  10. Thank you for your reply, I have a dedicated broadband line for gaming, not fibre. The XR500 does not have a BB connector only a fibre slot for the cable. That is the reason for the first router. @e38BimmerFN Can you explain a little more using DMZ on the XR and not DMZ on the TP-link? I have the TP-link in brighe mode. and the internet settings set on the XR, is that correct?
  11. Hi All, Looking for a little advice - Should I put my TP-Link router into DMZ to the IP of the XR500? Does it make a difference? Thank you in advance.
  12. Both!, Normally changes I make I will have one GOD mode game and then back to normal. Disabling QOS and the other settings highlighted makes a MASSIVE difference to my games and is lasting past the one game. I do have the odd delayed game but even then I am winning gunfights. One game, 2 planes and 2 choppers and.... a few messages HAHA. UK here, I was on late last night playing with USA guys and still winning 8/10 fights. Why does QOS disabled make such a difference!
  13. WOW, disabling QOS has made my games do a complete 360! Thank you. I even managed to turn on a player behind me and win... 😂
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