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  1. I took your advice and switched that off
  2. Rebooted and that worked, thank you, guys. I will play a few games and report back. Epic community help, thank you.
  3. All done, light is still off when ingame.
  4. @GHOST-1-EC Not getting the light at all, the game open or closed Anyone in the UK got a list of ports?
  5. Hi All, Thank you very much for all your help, it is really helping Here is a pic of my settings based on what @kinel it saying! @Netduma Fraser Thank you, Username issue resolved
  6. @Netduma Fraser I get: Unable to install because streams overlap. P.S Why do I need to reset my password every time the forum logs me out?
  7. Hi, I will check that and report back I am not seeing red on the High Priority Traffic Detected, should this be red?
  8. @blackfirehawk and @kinel You guys rock, thank you kindly for taking the time to share. I have been messing and thought that was correct, my games have improved massively since messing with the ports. @kinel Vote cast to include
  9. @blackfirehawk Please, could you explain how you enter the ports? what is the process? Also what settings are you using in the Geo Filter? Thank you in advance
  10. @kinel Thank you for taking the time to help others, I have been following Please, could I ask you to do a step by step guide on how to add the ports? even if you show how to add one? Thank you.
  11. @Netduma Fraser Ok that worked for a few minutes then it switched back to the R7000 admin! Any ideas? UPDATE, The XR500 is now randomly restarting itself! and no features are working on the XR500. UPDATE 2, Can't connect to my Xbox. Can I get some help with making sure everything is correctly wired? Where do the cables now go? In the XR500 or the R7000?
  12. @Netduma Fraser Ok all setup, thank you. How do I connect to the XR500? Its logging me into the R7000 so I cant remove the PPPoE from the XR500.
  13. Yes! I have a nighthawk R7000. Would that work? Is there a guide to set it up as you suggested? Would it go like this: BT Open Reach > R7000 > XR500? Thank you for all your help so far.
  14. Sorry, It does not have any setting panel, we do not have a direct line from outside so it just connects from the phone line > BT openreach white box > XR500, if that makes sense!
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