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  1. Someone with a weak argument always goes after the other person rather than their argument. They broke their promise of end of april release aswell as their few weeks is all it will take lie. This company has 0 good will. Half of the other options in the router are not functioning properly for users, except for mods that is - they have higher iqs so everything works fine for them. A lie is a lie and they should be called out for it. People who visit the forums must know what they are throwing their hands into.
  2. It kicks me out with no blocked server signs showing up. Sometimes I match up with people that do not show up in the geo filter. So 5/6 or 4/6 only show up. It kicked me out from towers/public areas aswell but not everytime. It seems that some players that do not show up on the filter but are outside the radius result in me getting kicked
  3. Record the game kicking me out ? I will have to waste quite a bit of time as it doesn't happen always. However when it does it does it in trials of the nine which extremely frustrating and makes using the geo-filter useless in destiny because it wipes out an hour worth of grind. The net duma is not displaying all peer connections in some games and kicks out of trials games. The problem can be replicated. It happened to multiple people and multiple times to me with duma settings.
  4. Yes I do, whenever I connect to others ingame they do show up on the map, however not everyone does.
  5. cool it works for a mod, i wonder how many users it doesn't work for them no matter how many times we ask for configuration, it always glitches up and stops working.
  6. This is the map after dc, no exclamation marks. This is so frustrating. https://imgur.com/aP0PYhy
  7. https://netduma.com/support/faqs/which-games-is-the-netduma-compatible-with/ You guys claim geo-filter is fully compatible with destiny 2 even though its obviously booting us out. It's kicking me out randomly even though am host and strict is not ticked. Destiny Profile selected. Let's ask this again, how do i check for server ID after getting booted ?
  8. Waiting for this one to be removed too. Apparently its against code of conduct to ask for an update, their insecurity is going too far.
  9. It wasn't on strict, how do I see the server ID after getting booted?
  10. got booted too, just when i thought something was working in this device.
  11. Unfortunately old posts are not their in my profile or I would've. They were wiped for some reason. Also why do you think its okay for someone who mods this forum to belittle our arguments about the broken promises that Netduma made? It's basic phycology, you guys are doing it. It's no different if you are an official employee or not, you function as one. The case in this post is that netduma has been breaking its promise regarding a upgrade for a longtime. The frustration comes from a suggestions sub forum that is completely pointless that is based on the misconception that netduma can adapt to games. The furustration comes from a half working vpn mediator. To me this is not even worth putting in an effort for a full post. Whoever is supposed to represent " Netduma ", review your business model. There is a reason I stopped offering my support after 150 posts. Here is a advice, stop belittling customer frustration,
  12. This is the first forum I've been to where forum mods are allowed to down talk to paying users, its really astonishing. It's also an indicator on how the company itself deals with customers. Really the bare minimum in every aspect. 200$ burned while buying the r1.
  13. This company is messed up in more ways than 1. So pissed that I invested 200$. The way you interact with your customers is depressing.
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