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  1. I asked for the user to be blocked or removed and his posts removed. Looks like they did the whole thing. 😁 I think that XR500 had posted prematurely and NG didn't want that info out just yet. I see they removed my linked posts to that thread as well in some other threads I thought might have been beneficial. Presumptuous on my part. Ya, there's no need for any inflammatory, hate or violence in these forums. Were here to help each other. If users are having a bad time for feeling like there not getting what they paid for and don't want to wait it out, return the unit and find something that does. Stop wasting your time and everyone elses. Move along. There more important things to be not bothered by in the world. 😒
  2. Looks like his post and the entire thread was removed over there. 😏
  3. We wouldn't want to make you feel left out. 😜
  4. What is the Mfr and model# of the ISP modem the NG router is connected too? What channels are you using? Auto? Try setting manual channel 1, 6 or 11 on 2.4Ghz and any unused channel on 5Ghz. Any Wifi Neighbors near by? If so, how many? Try enabling Beamforming as well. You can enable smart connect or disable it. I as well have had no problems with my XR router.
  5. I haven't seen any on 12.3.1 with my XR router. Working well.
  6. Have you troubleshot your system? I haven't see any iOS disconnects with my XR router. Works well, also have a EX7700 connected with it. Seen some iOS version were problematic as well so, its not entirely a router issue.
  7. Ive seen FW updates release in 2 months and others in 9 months. All depends on what Duma and NG are doing and we'll see them when they release them. Please be patient.
  8. Ya still seeing slow WAN To LAN speeds. Starts out at 500Mbps then slows to 300's. This is also causing my test pc to become sluggish when the test is in progress. Never seen this before with other routers. I tested my XR450 yesterday as well again and it doesn't cause this issue on the PC and results are 900Mpbs +-.
  9. I used Opera to set up my XR700 and WiFi was reset on mine. I'll check again though to be sure. Navigation and display of the various menus appeared with out any problems and displayed correctly for me. New beta seems a bit more snappier than before. Seems like that's getting better. WAN to LAN speeds are still no where near 900Mbps though. ☚ī¸
  10. No router Mfr gives this information out. Both for business and legal reasons.
  11. The only Mfr I know that give some EOL info is MS, maybe Apple, on there OSs. Other then those, most MFrs don't give any EOL info. User just have to do diligence and research on when devices go EOL. Usually can tell my historical FW dates and finding information out on line searches. Other then that, follow what you do with cars, use them until parts are no longer available or become non working or become money pits. 😜
  12. If it's anything like NGs R7000 series, that router model is going on 6 years old. NG is still pushing FW updates for it. However anything is possible when it comes to EOL and NG. Again, router Mfrs don't tent to mention when they will be making EOL for there products. It just happens.
  13. You may not realize that when Duma entering into a partner ship with NG, some of the openness and information that came from Duma members before the partnership will not be as forth coming or open as users are familiar with. NG has probably a more close policy as most router Mfrs have in regards on what kind of information is made public. It may not have been Dumas policy for there R1 series, however when working with NG or maybe any other router Mfr as a 3rd party developer, they will mostly fall under what NG puts forth in there policies and Duma has to follow them or maybe a breach of contract. So don't push back too hard on Duma members as there hands are probably tied with being in a partnership with NG. Most any mfrs don't put forth if or when FW updates are forthcoming. Doing this would set a wrong presidence or wrong expectation in users minds and should something fail to come out at a foretold time frame, then would make users even more unhappy. Also there are legal reason probably why Mfrs don't post when FW updates are coming out. This has been like this for a long time and I don't see it changing either. It's all up to the Mfrs on how they do business. Like any router, most have maturity growth pains. It is up to Duma and NG to listen to us users and take our information and help make it better. It's up to NG to fully be responsible and make the product better during this growth period. I'm enjoying my XR450. The XR700 needs some work.
  14. @Donovan What happens if you install a non managed network LAN switch between the XR router and the PS 4 pro? I have heard of others seeing problems with LAN connected devices directly connected to a router, however putting in a LAN switch in between sometimes resolves the issue. Something to try. Switches are inexpensive. I recommend NG GS105/108 series, D-Link DGS-105/108 series or HP Pro Curve 1400 series.
  15. Just walked thru the setup wizard fully, letting it do all the configuration. No problems completing it. Working with Opera and XR700 behind another router.
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