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  1. I would not use DMZ and use the 2nd option. Of course, you should need to configure anything if you left uPnP enabled and removed the switch and put in a non manged non QOS featured switch. Seems that the SX10 switch is the cause of the problems. Seems that the NAT, uPnP and Port handling of the SX10 switch is causing problems when in the mix or maybe casing a double configuration since there is both NAT, uPNP and Port already being handled by the XR router. Putting the SX online is doing something again that really isn't needed beyond the XR router. If you had a different switch with out all these features on the switch, you would only need uPnP, NAT Filter set to OPEN on the XR router and both xboxes would be OPEN, both in networking settings and in game. How my XR450 works with my switches I have in use. Good Luck.
  2. Remove the switch if you can't disable the features on the switch. I believe this switch has it's own QoS. Something to disable if you can. If not, find you a non managed non green ethernet switch. HP ProCurve 1400/1800 series are good switches.
  3. Also check and see if NAT Filter set to OPEN changes anything. For two or more game consoles, NAT Filter should be set to OPEN. However I remember that NAT Filter wasn't working correctly when set to OPEN. Not sure if this was ever fixed or not.
  4. Another test you can try is to disable the wifi radios on the XR router. Then see if the router continues to reboot. If it doesn't then the reboot maybe caused by some wifi interferences.
  5. Should not be rebooting on it's own. Possible wifi interference could cause this: What channels are you using? Auto? Try setting manual channel 1, 6 or 11 on 2.4Ghz and any unused channel on 5Ghz. Any Wifi Neighbors near by? If so, how many? I have seen this when a manual reboot is performed.
  6. This is the default message when the router is in process of rebooting. It's normal. It will go away when there router is back to ready. HTTP is only used on LAN side web page log in. Again, normal operation for LAN side access.
  7. NG keeps the model FW different so there is a reason. Don't attempt to load a different model spec FW on a XR450. Just won't work. Please keep XR450 FW separate and load the 450 FW only on the XR450 router. Even if they are slightly different, you have to use the same model FW. It been like this since the beginning of time.
  8. Desktop doesn't reside under the folder path your currently in.
  9. Reason for two difference OS is that the EX are meant to connect to other wifi routers, not just XR, other NG routers and non Mfr Routers. They are not designed to be just one router specific. The XR OS is specific to the XR router series only. Enjoy,
  10. Try the EX in extender mode. My two EX7700s work well in extender mode with my XR450.
  11. All FW files are located here: https://www.netgear.com/support/
  12. Yes, how do you have the TP Link placed in the configuration? Modem>TPLink>XR router? Preferred would be Modem>XR router>Then TPLink if needed.
  13. Do you need the TP-Link router? You can use the DMZ on the XR router for a down stream router if you want to connect one.
  14. 6 months isn't considered abandoned. You can believe that, however, again you will be false and incorrect in your thinking. Believe what you want too. Complaining about it doesn't make anything go faster or push FW releases either. Not sure why your making such noise anyways. By your statement your router seems to be working for you. My XR has been working fine for me. Zero issues. One of the few NG routers that I can use can get OPEN NAT across the board with two or more game consoles.
  15. Just be patient. When it the FW comes out, it will be out. Nothing you can to or make that happen any sooner. If your router is working. Leave it along. "If it works, don't fix it!" "BeerOnTap Posted November 11, 2019 Yeah sure, I wish updates would be more regular. But I also think some of the rage criticism the NetDuma team receives is a bit unfair. The reality is my router works very well. It’s been running consistently since I bought it about a year and a half ago."
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