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  1. Ya the XR700 has a 10Gb LAN. WAN is still only 1000Mb. Other router mfrs have a 2.5Gb WAN port.
  2. Keep in mind that most current home class routers only support 1000Mbps RJ45 connection rates on their WAN and LAN ports. There are only a few routers that are just now supporting 2.5Gb on the WAN port. Though still not supporting anything over 1000Mbps on the LAN ports. To get full 10Gb support, you need 10Gb support on the WAN, LAN, cabling and PC Network adapter. Most enterprise class routers, switches and NIC adapters are still spendy and mostly not available or tuned at the consumer level. Remember when 100Mbps was the norm 10+ years ago and the consumer finally got access to 1Gb support on modems, routers, switches and NICs? Same thing needs to happen again, if the consumer will get access to full on 10Gb networking speed support. When and IF all the Networking Mfrs decide to do this. We're just beginning to see some 2.5Gb support on some home class routers. I know that there are some networking Mfrs that have 10Gb switches that are becoming a bit more inexpensive. We need NICs as well. This would begin some migration to 10Gb on the LAN side. Also need to factor in PC CPU speed support as 10Gb speeds would be very CPU processing intensive for any single/dual core or lower PC. Most would not be able to support these speeds. I've got a dual core CPU PC that can't do anything near 900Mbps on the WAN side. While my quad core PC can with out question. Lastly is cabling. CAT6A is minimum for 10Gb performance. So there are a few things to remember when thinking about anything over 1Gb speeds. 10Gb will be interesting to see when and IF it appears at the consumer level.
  3. Ok so I just got off playing 2 back to back Quick Match games in H5. Both played smoothly. I can't say the same for my game play. Man am I out of touch in that game. LOL Saw no slow down or lag in the 2nd game. I backed out of the 1st lobby then re-entered another. Game was smooth as silk. Man I love this router. πŸ’˜ Here's my TPI after I was done playing H5: What is your NAT Filter set for?
  4. Is this the packets your looking for? The up seems to keep at zero while the down seems to go up ever so often by 1.
  5. Ok so possible issue with XR router if it wasn't seen on the ASUS. Still would need to rule out the game console or XR. Doing the gaming directly to the ISP modem with out any router and see if same thing happens. The 6183 is a solid modem. I have this one for back up. Whats your speeds UP and Down that you pay for? I have 200/10. Have used OPEN for NAT Filter for years now since learning of the problems Port Address Restricted NAT has on multiplayer online games that deal with NAT status. Have had zero issues. I have H5 and MCC as well. So what is the sequence and games used when you notice the next game seems to be slowing down on the console? Order of games please...I'll give this a go if I can this evening. I'll check what I have on the router for packets.
  6. So this was seen when you were using the ASUS router as well? If so, I would make an early presumption that it may not be a router issue. What is your ISP service? Cable, Fiber or DSL? What is the Mfr and model if your ISP Modem or ONT? You'll only see FULL CONE NAT if you set the XR NAT Filter to OPEN. Port Address Restricted will be seen when set to SECURE. The XR450 is the same as the 500 HW wise, just the 2.4ghz radio is different. So code wise, they share or should share same code in regards to uPnP. Only item I use is Detect High Priority Traffic only. Everything else is default. What are the games you play when you notice this?
  7. Thanks for letting us know. Possible that the extender could be faulty or bad FW. I don't recommend using extenders for high bandwidth needed transfers. There's too much process going on between the extender and router. Wired is best for these configurations and needs. Good Luck.
  8. Do you have NAT Filter set for Open or Secure. Your xbox is the only console online? I would expect the status to read Restricted NAT if NAT Filter is set to Secure. We never know what MS does with there updates as well. This maybe a MS issue as well. Something in there OS or cached memory that's slowing down. When this happen, I would remove the 1st game disk. Power OFF the console. Then power it back ON. Put in the 2nd game disk and observe for the behavior... Another way to isolate this would be to replace the XR router temporarily with a different router and check the behavior...if you have a spare router handy. I'll give this a try and see if I notice anything with two games I play...
  9. Interesting...haven't seen that kind of behavior before. Though I mostly play one game then I'm done for the night and turn off my console. So what happens after you play the first game, then turn OFF the xbox, then back ON then play the next game? Wired console? IP address reservation for the xbox? What are you settings on your router? QoS is enabled on my XR450 and sliders set for 70/70 with detect high priority traffic only. Upnp enabled and that's it. No Port Forwarding configurations. NAT FIlter set to OPEN since I have two consoles that play online at the same time.
  10. Yes kinda of behind the times a bit. I'll get it updated. 😏
  11. So far the XR450 and 500 support Full Cone NAT. I can't say that for the XR700 as it failed this test. The RAX120 does. I presume all the RAX's since they have the NAT Filter option. I need to update this list: http://badmodems.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=21&start=30
  12. I would try this, factory reset the XR and X6 and setup from scratch. Don't use any QoS or VLAN configurations. Smart Connect you'll need to try both enabled and disabled to see if there is any speed changes. Also Beamforming will be a factor. Test enable and disabled. WMM should always be enabled. What is the distance between the XR and EX? Should be 30 feet to start. Testing with a extender is not ideal as there maybe some processing overhead when it comes to extenders and repeaters. They are known for some slow down behaviors. The X6 supports the following: Band 1: 400Mbps @2.4GHz - 256QAM β€” Band 2: 866Mbps @5GHz - 256QAM β€” Band 3: 1733Mbps @5GHz - 256QAM So you need to be sure what speeds are being tested thru which pipe... Be sure you are getting max or near 900Mbps on a wired test. I know my XR450 achieves 900Mbps via wired. 😁It's too bad the XR700 doesn't. πŸ€”
  13. The XR is only about two years old. I wouldn't consider it getting to the scrap yards just yet. Ya theirs better performing and new chip sets out there. I presume and hope that NG will bring WPA3 to the XRs, however not sure if that required new chipsets or just a FW update. I've played with WPA3. Still need work in it's own realm. Also wifi devices need to support that as well and wifi routers. I only have one device that supports WPA3 currently. The XRs wifi works well, at least for me. When AX becomes more prominent, users can still use the XR routers if they want too, just turn of the wifi radios and connect up a AX wifi AP. Boom, there you go. What I did with my XR450 and a ASUS GT-AX11000. 😁
  14. Ah ok. Well I suppose we can live with it. One thing I try to do a make a habit of rebooting any EX right before or after the XR if it's in the process of rebooting. This helps to make sure the EX is connected to the XR wifi. I presume if your not at home and the XR fails then the EX would need to be manually booted. 😝
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