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  1. Have you factory reset the XR router and power cycled the ISP Modem OFF for 1 minute then back ON? Then walk thru the setup wizard with the XR. Input 1000Mbps if you manually set the speed or let the wizard check the speed for you, what does the setup wizard report finding for it's test run here? Be sure to use WAN port #1 on the ISP modem for the connection to the XR router. Be sure that ALL devices are disconnected from the XR router accept for 1 wired PC. First run Ooklas installable speed test app on your wired PC soon after the wizards completes. Or disable QoS, reboot the XR router then speed test with the wired PC. Some wifi devices will be limited to 400-500Mpbs over a wireless connection for speed testing. Check your connection rates on your mobile devices with wifisweetspots.
  2. I'd consider getting in to a different DSL modem. Something with more DMZ features or more recommended a stand alone DSL Modem with out a built in router. I would make contact with NG support regarding the XRs handling of PPPoE protocols. Send them your debug logs with the DM modem bridged and the XR router handling PPPoE. They should be able to correct that since the XR and DM are NG products.
  3. Ok, Since you have the modem in router mode, use the modems DMZ for the XR router then. This should help with double NAT.
  4. Review the DMs user manual or contact NG support. There is a modem mode or router mode or NAT mode that you need to find. Enable the modem only mode or disable router or NAT mode on the modem.
  5. The XR450 hasn't been posted yet. If I hear something I'll let you know. I'm still waiting my self. 😴 Your not alone.
  6. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/bd-p/en-home-nighthawk-pro-gaming-routers
  7. Thats fine however NG still controls what goes on with there model routers, NetDuma does not. Even with other NG non XR routers and other non NG mfr routers, router mfrs of today have 3rd party FW developers develop and code for certain features for the end resulting FW. I's not up to these 3rd party developers to push FW updates and releases. People and users do not go bother these developers with complaints of not seeing new FW. It's all up to the core router mfr to finally test and push FW updates. I know this as FW developer and tester over the years, seen many different parties involved in FW development and testing. It all comes down to the main mfr of the FW that has the responsibility for there products. No body else. NG is in charge 100%. I will agree that on some level, hold up of new FW can be impacted by the 3rd party developers and thats something no body and change or do anything about. It all comes down to what main mfr does and wants to do. I had first hand experience with one certain D-Link Gaming router which part was developed by Qualcomm. What a roller coaster ride that was. Ended up being a bad router unfortunately and the main cause was bad FW development on the part of Qualcomm. Again, D-link was responsible for what happened and took the black eye for it. Again, People need to stop badgering NetDuma about NG FW. If you have a NetDuma router, then of course, Netduma is responsible for there router and product and FW udpates for there products. Netgear isn't responsible for NetDuma FW updates as NG doesn't have anything do with NetDuma products. I don't complain to NG for my NetDuma routers not getting FW updates or NetDuma FW not working right. Netgear is solely responsible for what happens for there products. You bought a Neargear product not a NetDuma product. Yes I have a XR450, been happy with my purchase. Haven't had issues with it. Disabled the wifi does on it and installed Orbi AX behind the XR router for better wifi. Even with the XRs wifi running, having two EX700s connected makes a great wifi system and coverage for my home and needs. Been a solid system. I am looking foward to FW 3.0 for it. I can be patient too. All good things comes to those who wait.
  8. Also NG is doing beta 3.0 over on there forums. One could ask the forums moderators there to see if they can get you access. I don't know the criteria of them giving all users access. I presume it maybe limited for now. So don't be too upset if you don't get access.
  9. For those complaining about FW updates and releases, I recommend that you all post over on NG forum site or contact NG directly. Posting here is fine and all but it's not going to make any difference as NetDuma is not responsible for FW releases and pushing FW on NG products. NetDuma is only a 3rd party developer for NG and NetDuma has to follow what NG puts forth in there FW updates and release schedules. Posting here about is really wasting time. Go to the company responsible and post your concerns about it there. Stop placing blame with the wrong company.
  10. Do you get that speed with the Laptop directly connected to your current modem? Did you test thru the XR router with QoS disabled on the router? For 1G speed tiers, the Netgear Cm1000, 1100 or Arris Sb8200 would be good.
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