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  1. Hi guys i get the same problem as the people above wit hthe high bufferbloat through xr500, i've managed to find a work around by using my sky hub > r1 > xr500 and i manage to get 1ms jitter like that, but i'd much rather take the r1 out the setup (i'm using CC on r1) instead of cc on xr500 since it doesn't seem to work properly, my ping plotter drops packets when it's activate with the upload side of the speedtest having jitter of 200ms+. Not massively sure what the problem is since it isn't my line (tested without any router 20ms jitter) I think QOS is putting stress on the xr500 somehow. Everything else works fine apart from qos.
  2. Have done. Modem is in dmz and router is ticked on netduma support.
  3. Can i grab the update aswell please, or the beta would be nice Since i'm a grinderrrrr.
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/blakeyb1/v/97337412 When the connection goes your way for once.
  5. nice little music video for any anime fans. Great storytelling.

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    2. blakeyb1


      Also R.I.P Marcelous :(.

    3. ColonicBoom


      His blood tests wouldn't have come back clean and been announced only 24 hrs after the accident. It's as much speculation that he wasn't drink-driving.

      But there's no way you can do that kind of damage to a car if you're driving even close to the speed limit of a built up area (building + pavement visible in photo).

      Sad as it is, I expect he was doing 90 where it was 30.

      Them's the breaks.

      Evidently not the brakes.

    4. Macca61


      I don't have a clue who you are talking about!

  7. Finally out of the hospital after 2 weeks in IBD man no joke.

    1. bagsta69


      Ouch dude, hope youre feeling better

    2. ColonicBoom


      glad you're fixed Blakey

  8. Being a pharmacist is not fun and games, I hope my exam goes well.

    1. major masingil

      major masingil

      good luck blakey

    2. blakeyb1


      Thanks bud we have to take them every-year to prove we still retain the knowledge, it's a grind.

    3. MrRelentlessUK


      Good luck mate

  9. "Let's insult someone then act innocent when they explain a point" Internet.

  10. https://www.twitch.tv/blakeyb1 Come watch some good old black ops 3 pubs and other games :P
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/blakeyb1 Give me a watch I kill kinda quick :P
  12. Can you tell me the exact jitter and if it's on the outgoing or incoming packets and what percentage of packets the jitter is on? If I can get these numbers in a direct message I can test this even further at a higher level of players.
  13. Won 2 tournies in 2 days <3

    1. MrRelentlessUK


      Nice, cod tournies?

    2. blakeyb1


      aye a nice handy 300$

    3. MrRelentlessUK


      Sweet! i need to get on that haha

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