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  1. Is there any benefit to connecting your PS4, via wire, to your laptop, which is connected to your router via wifi? Better,same or worse gaming? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Hit upgrade. Says, check here. I get Dokuwiki error. Says I don't have permission from directory. Now what? Have never seen this. Chose file for upgrade. What file? Upgrade failed: with exit code 2. Sorry not that savvy. Can anyone help me get upgraded? Thanks
  3. No worries. Will be ready for it when it's ready. Good Job, Guys!
  4. ok thanks. Is Fraser not taking any messages because of the Knighthawk issue?
  5. Bleeding edge cloud, checked. Enable auto cloud, not. Whitelist, 42. Game server, 40. Map, 28. Did a internet diagnose, can up exceptional all down the line. Can I leave this as is?
  6. Ok ND. Due to my setup, I do alot with wifi. Would you suggest the Netgear over the Netduma? I want the best I can get. Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me when the update for Netduma members are going to get the new wifi setup that Netgear has? Or should I sell my Netduma and get the Nighthawk XR500? Thanks
  8. Another thing Fraser, do I have to enter the IPS for Netduma in my Norton security? Or the Playstation IPS to get by the security.Thanks for all your help. Every tip I've gotten from you and your staff and the community have helped on all my issues. Don't have a lot of time and the help gets me a better game every time.
  9. "OOPS THERE WAS A PROBLEM DOWNLOADING EXTERNAL RESOURCES." What the hell does that mean? Get it a lot. Went to Netduma R1 and this is what came up.
  10. Thanks will do. NEVER QUIT NEVER GIVE UP
  11. Yes on the DMZ. If the R1 sits, not being used, it needs to be rebooted before you can use it. As when your playing, when hooked up, game going good. Then you'll notice your not doing so well. You go to the R1 and you have to reboot again, so it will work.
  12. Yes, on Playstation. See response to Iain also. Thanks
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