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Found 7 results

  1. what settings are people having the most success with in multiplayer for bullet hit reg? i see alot of talk around : MTU UPNP/DMZ/PORT FORWARDING QOS BANDWIDTH ALLOCATION VPN GEO FILTER TRAFFIC PRIORITIZATION I am on console and not looking to avoid SBMM just fair gun fights. if anyone else is on console,Please let me know if you have had any success? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am looking for assistance with configuring my XR500 router to get an Open NAT type for CoD Warzone as my NAT type is reporting as Moderate. Here is my current network path: PC > Switch (Netgear GS316 Unmanaged) > Router (XR500 (AC2600)) > Modem (Netgear CM1000). XR500 firmware is V2.3.2.56. If it matters, Cat6 cables connect each device. I have attached screen shots of my current port forwarding rules config for Warzone. And yes, my PC has a static IP address. Currently have QoS turned off as having it on didn't allow WiFi calling for my iPhone X (separately, has this been fixed? I heard that v3 beta might have a fix for this) My Geo-Filter config is completely default, I've never touched it. Nat Filtering in the WAN Settings is set to Secured. I tried setting this to Opened, but it didn't seem to help so I reverted it back to Secured. For reference, here is Activision's documentation for CoD port forwarding: Ports Used for Call of Duty Games (activision.com) I followed this post for port forwarding instrcutions: Ultimate NAT Guide and settings for XR500 - NETGEAR Communities Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  3. I tried to port forward for Minecraft using 25565 but it seems when I apply it and check if its open with a port forwarding checker it always it is closed.
  4. Hi Netduma army, just a quick one… Am I correct in thinking UPnP forwarding is to be used if a router behind the R1 has UPnP enabled, allowing it to “pull” those rules through so to speak? I know it’s best to use a modem and then do all the routing stuff on the R1, and that’s what I always do, but I’m trying to investigate how differently my TP Link modem/router may handle UPnP. For example I often hear people say CoD games and PSN often open ports like 3075/6 and 9305-9307 with the R1, yet mine only opens 9308 and usually (but not always) 3074. I don’t want to use port forwarding because of the GUI lag that pops up when the geofilter is on, and also some experts says that upnp is not good in terms of security because it allows any device to enter into the network and function accordingly. so I thought I’d try this and see if anything different happens. Thanks !
  5. Hi Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC. PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to forward ports 80 and 443, HTTP and HTTPS respectively to an internal webserver. It seems as though this isn't working for me though. I have a suspicion that it is effected by the external access to the router, as I can type in my WAN IP and get a login prompt for the router with my port forwards deleted. However when I put them in I can't get to my webserver nor the router. I can't seem to find any settings regarding this though. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hi i am trying to open a port for a minecraft server. whenever i add the rule on the netduma and use a port checker online the port is not opened. I have my netduma in the dmz with my main modem. how can i get the port i want to open, actually open? any help appreciated.
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