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  1. I was manually selecting the Servers in-game, and then copying the ID's to a post, even though they were marked as peers, however, when I went back through the 'Auto Pinged' Servers, the ID's were different, so I'm assuming it was picking up the peers I was joining with. I deselected Auto Ping Host and manually selected the servers that were showing up in the EU and US (even though I had selected a Sydney server in-game) and they were showing high pings, so I assume correctly located? Not real sure what's going with it all but will copy all ID's that come up next time I play, see if any consecutively match.
  2. Is there any reason the Auto Ping is picking up peers over dedicated servers? Is that normal?
  3. Ping last night was about 42ms; which is about right for my distance to the server. Will provide ID's for the Sydney servers next chance I get.
  4. I click it prior to every Apex gaming session lately. I play on Xbox; it appears when I'm on the Sydney server, the Geo-filter shows them as in EU or US...
  5. I get the exact same error as TrayDay when initially trying to log with the filtering mode enabled.
  6. Hasn't been working for me on the Aus Sydney servers; I have to set it to spectate to connect even though it's inside my filter.
  7. This was the second error. Unfortunately I neglected to capture the first one, but will do next time it pops up. When I hit ok, the pages loads up, but come comes up with NA in most fields, will take a screenshot of that next time too.
  8. Will be back on tonight (Aussie here), will screenshot when it happens again.
  9. Chrome saves the username / password, but sometime when open it back up, the fields are blank. Other times when I log back it it comes up with errors and won't load up properly and I need to close the browser down and open again.
  10. Got to be about the only thing I hate about upgrading to the XR500/DumaOS. Since I use my laptop, every time it goes to sleep I need to re-sign in, rather annoying.
  11. Just thought I'd note that I've had no issues with the Geo-Filter (Filtered to cover all of Aus) playing any mode in Forsaken, has been flawless for me. On XBX with XR500 (FTTN).
  12. I used Chrome. Will do, just a PITA re-identifying some certain devices again. Update has be working fine for me, UPnP and all. Cheers
  13. I tried this also, but couldn't recall the exact name I used, lol. Will leave as is now to avoid any future issues though. Good to know that's a workaround though.
  14. All my Device name changes reverted back to their original names after the update. Caused the 'Device not found' and 'Uncaught Unmatched device' errors also. Looks like it will require a factory reset as Geo-filter devices and Priority devices under the QoS won't load up to enable updating the device.
  15. Yeah, I've been trying to get clarification on that too as there are some on the forums saying the XR500 won't be getting the anti-spike and anti-jitter feature, but here in Ian's post it reads as thought it might just take longer to implement the feature pending NG's approval. I did see what it would cost to get the XR500 to Aus using a forwarding service; AustPost came at around $45-$50 to my door if you willing to pay the additional shipping. Decided I'm happy to wait for the software to release for the R1.
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