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  1. I checked to see if your forum email address was also registered to the R1 beta, but it wasn't. Please DM me your current email address, the one you used to sign up, and i'll get you your download link.
  2. I think there's clearly been a communication error between Netgear and Netduma here because we're not in control of the XR500 sign up list. When it comes to picking testers we'll be doing it on a first come first served basis. Check your DM's, i've sent you the download link.
  3. Have you ever had an Open NAT on your home connection? The Vigor modem is going to be forwarding all ports to your router because that's just how modem's work, so I wonder if the problem is upstream of the modem? AKA it's your ISP's fault.
  4. Welcome to the forum! When you go to http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm make sure that you're connected to the internet properly in the Setup section. Then go to the Administration > Firmware Update section and check for the latest updates. If you're up to date, go to the Backup section and reset back to factory defaults. Then go to to set up the unit. I can see no reason why the XR300 would produce this error out of the box so I assume it's just a fluke.
  5. I actually don't think this is to do with NAT type. It's very hard to get NAT type 1 on PS4 and that usually involves using DMZ. Before you start experimenting with DMZ/port forwarding, try disabling Geo-Filter and QoS, just in case they're what's causing the problem. Also there's a NAT Filter option somewhere in the XR500's settings which you should set to Open. You might also want to disable SIP ALG as that can mess with voice calls.
  6. Can you get open NAT with DMZ? If you can't, it suggests a bigger problem that port forwarding configuration can't solve.
  7. Probably next week. Make sure you sign up for the beta because we'll be letting people in on a first come first served basis.
  8. Hi all, just to let you know that I have hidden sections of this conversation because we got derailed. If one of your replies got caught in the crossfire, I apologise. I don't like hiding conversation but it was getting out of hand. Thanks a lot!
  9. To clarify: We have had a few dedicated forum users doing some testing on 3.0, but only about 10-15 or so. This is the first time we'll be making available to people more widely. We haven't given it to any YouTubers, Streamers or such, and we won't be prioritizing them for the rollout... Unless they happened to sign up soon after the announcement I guess! The internal testers so far have all been under NDA and unable to speak about it. We expect that more information will leak once we begin rolling it out fully but that's okay, we're hoping to build hype now.
  10. I was pretty sure we were sending out email confirmations? Maybe that didn't work out. Let me see... I can't see you on the list @LegendMask, remember that the Netduma R1 and XR500 signups are separate so i'd recommend signing up to both if you have both routers!
  11. Should be next week, how about I post in this thread when each wave of invites goes out? Thank you very much. Remember that this update is free of charge, I think you'll all be surprised with how many new features are added! I really appreciate your understanding guys.
  12. I agree that some of our communication could've been clearer. Netgear also decided to announce their beta a week before ours, which took the wind out of our sails a little bit. There have been some people doing some very secret testing for DumaOS 3.0, but only about 15 or so. This is the start of our more public beta, we expect the amount of testers to be much higher, until eventually everybody that wants access can have access. Even though it's a beta, we're pretty confident in it's stability. We want pretty much anybody that would like to use 3.0 to be able to use it. Anybody who is excited about the future of DumaOS will be able to get their hands on it and give it a go. People who are happy to wait will recieve the update automatically once it's fully tested and fully stable. I think the rollout will probably begin next week for the Netduma R1. It's first come first served so you've got a good chance of being picked.
  13. Hi all, You should get an email to confirm that your sign-up was successful. If you want me to make sure you're on the list, send me a DM and i'll check for you. Netgear will be handling the beta on their models, so it will be up to them to send out beta firmware for those. I'd like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and also for your patience. As Luke said, we'll start the rollout slowly and pick up the pace if no huge problems occur. We're also not done making announcements yet, there's more features still under wraps!
  14. Yeah as @Bert says, it's more about differentiating different tiers of products. As I said previously, the Plex support on the XR700 is a Netgear feature, we had nothing to do with it. If we added Plex support to DumaOS natively, we'd probably have it as an optional installable add-on, and I imagine we'd limit it based on which hardware was powerful enough to run it. Anyway, any problems with the Plex server on XR700 are Netgear's problem rather than ours. I'm not trying to pass the buck but we literally had nothing to do with that implimentation.
  15. Using the switch you could apply VPN to all 12 devices, although as @Bert says there is currently a limit of 4 devices in Geo-Filter... Another idea might be to connect the PS4's to another router underneath the XR500, or an access point. This would then appear as just one device on the XR500 and could all be Geo-Filtered as one device.
  16. We already do support PC. If you're finding that PC profiles aren't working correctly, try setting your PC as a console in Device Manager before adding it to Geo-Filter.
  17. I assume what this means is that they make you share an IP address with neighbors until you complain to them about it, and then they give you an IP address. I'm glad this is sorted.
  18. Perhaps you unplugged the router in the process of setting up the new PC and that's what caused this to happen? I certainly don't think that this is directly related to the new PC, it seems to be a problem on the router itself. You're sure you held the button on the back for the correct amount of time? http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000094903-how-to-factory-reset-the-netduma-r1-using-the-reset-button
  19. I suppose we could enable the user to lock down the router to certain device certificates or mac addresses only. We could have a long emergency password for recovery.
  20. Nice. We'll have to check Geo-Filter compatibility.
  21. Hi, Could you give me some information on what your current network setup is like? I'm talking about what your R2 is connected to through it's WAN port.
  22. We're still planning on doing the announcement today, it'll be a bit later though... About 8pm UK time? I know it's late but we're rushing here to get everything ready!
  23. Yeah we've made some major improvements to our IPv6 support in DumaOS 3.0
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