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  1. It's compatible, but not FULLY compatible. What I mean by that is that you can't control all of the DumaOS features through that app. The DumaOS app is coming soon though.
  2. Well I assume you saw the DumaOS 3.0 announcement? Also I can see you're a DumaOS Insider.
  3. I imagine the packet loss is caused because the speedtest is intentionally trying to flood the connection to it's maximum capacity. In most situations, a server will slow down sending packets when one gets dropped. This technique is used to figure out what video quality your connection you can handle... but for a speedtest I imagine they push lots of data regardless of how many packets get dropped. If the problem only occurs during a speedtest, I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Thanks! Fraser and I try very hard to keep the community happy. Sometimes it's hard as we're often limited in what we can say, but if the community speaks we let the devs know. Bug reports and suggestions are not falling on deaf ears.
  5. Okay i'll do this today. Give me a couple of hours and i'll get to it! Make sure port 7777 is open cause i'm COMING IN Oh also, welcome to the forums!
  6. We'll be adding more people as we need them. We'll invite people who applied first before people who applied more recently, so you're in a good position!
  7. Oh well is Google's public DNS servers, and is Cloudflare's public DNS. I don't know which is better, they both do the same thing.
  8. Oh i'm sorry I thought you were on DumaOS. It has a different layout which is why my instructions were dodge.
  9. Well the R1 uses by default, whereas the XR500 uses, so that's slightly different But the interface is largely the same. The biggest differences are in the Settings section, which is unique to Netgear routers.
  10. Forse hai bisogno di impostare un server DNS personalizzato per far funzionare la connessione statica? Vorrei utilizzare e
  11. I'm sure your YouTube community is going to be hyped when they see everything DumaOS 3.0 is going to offer. We've got big plans.
  12. There might be some incompatibility with the Citrix software and the wifi settings. On the XR500, could you go to Settings > Setup > WAN Setup and tick Disable SIP ALG. This sometimes helps with video/voice calling software and may help with Citrix.
  13. Well if you go to Settings > Administration > Firmware Update, you can press a button to check for new updates. You can also choose to Agree or Disagree to receiving new updates automatically. You can also upload a firmware file from here, if for example you want to downgrade to an earlier version, or if you are taking part in a beta.
  14. Okay ... Quindi ora che l'hai inserito nella DMZ, stai riscontrando delle disconnessioni?
  15. One feature we're going to add at some point is the ability to save and load custom profiles in Geo-Filter, so that you don't have to lose your settings for one game when you play another. It's true that currently DumaOS is more like a big toolbox than something plug and play. A lot of people seem to think that simply by connecting an XR500, they'll get less lag, but unfortunately there isn't really a one size fits all solution. That said, in future versions we will be looking to automate as much as possible. I'd like to have an out of the box "easy mode" that sets things up for you. For now we're more focused on the power user demographic.
  16. Well it sounds like you've set everything up pretty well... Could you try the following: Put your radius into the middle of the ocean, reduce it to 0, and then set your ping assist to 50ms.
  17. Sì, è giusto! Ora su R1, vai su Impostazioni> WAN> Rete. Scegli statico. Digita il seguente: IP: Sottorete: Gateway:
  18. That's a very good question. One of the problems with Bandwidth Allocation at the moment, and one we're going to be fixing, is that you can't specify a reserved amount of bandwidth for one device and share the rest among the others. If you disable "share excess", devices will be limited in how much bandwidth they can use. The current issue with the feature is that every new device added to the network divides the amount of bandwidth available to each device. What you might want to do, in order to ensure bandwidth for your plex server, is to give the plex server 100% of the bandwidth allocation but with Share Excess turned on. This will mean the Plex server is given priority when it requires bandwidth. As for how much allocation to give to the extender, i'm not actually sure. I'll have to ask the devs. Maybe for now set the repeater to 50% and the Plex server to 50%.
  19. Apri DumaOS, vai su Informazioni di sistema e annota il tuo IP WAN. Ora vai a - nome utente admin - password admin Aggiungi l'IP WAN che hai scritto in precedenza alla DMZ del modem -- In caso di problemi, potrei provare a collegarmi in remoto per risolverlo tramite TeamViewer
  20. Grazie per aver pubblicato gli screenshot. Ho pensato che potresti aver impostato un indirizzo IP statico e che causasse problemi, ma sembra che non sia così. Qual è il modello del tuo modem?
  21. Quali sono le tue impostazioni WAN su Netduma? Potresti fare uno screenshot?
  22. Yeah basically Netgear provides all updates for the XR500. We send Netgear our DumaOS updates and they integrate them into their next firmware. Sometimes Netgear pushes out an update which doesn't change DumaOS at all, but does contain bug fixes or changes to the Settings section. All of Netgear's updates can be downloaded here: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/XR500.aspx You can't install updates that we release on this forum.
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