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  1. So I hop after work and try putting the radius in the ocean and putting spectating mode on, first game nothing, connected to Same bad location. The second game it worked and I was connected to that good one but after that game it was back to the bad servers again and I tried everything. The weird thing is if put the radius around the location where the good server is with filtering mode on and a ping assist of 0 it will try to connect to the bad location but not be able to jump into a game because it’s block. Also when I run a speed test on my Xbox it connects to that good location to run the speed test. The other thing I tried was to just keep denying servers from that location to see if it eventually connected me to the good one or even somewhere else and I denied 25 servers and wasted 2 hrs of my time, I’m at a loss.
  2. Thanks for the update and I am using QoS, but I have been debating about have my provider come out to test my lines because it has been awhile just to make sure everything is working as it should there. How many servers could be in the same location cause last night I would join a game check the server, deny it back it out and start another but if there could be 100 servers+ in the same location I’ll be there all night
  3. Okay I will try that tonight and give you an update, and I think you are right about the one server, I think it is just the matchmaking one, if it only wants to connect to that server location with the higher ping, is there anything I could try to do to get a faster ping to that server because sometimes it will drop to a really good ping but only for a few seconds and than it’s right back up to 50-60s so it is compatible of hitting those lower ones which is why I think it was still connecting to it with the ping assist at lower numbers.
  4. so during all my attempts I did end up figuring that part out about the ping assist, my last attempt consist of almost just that where I dropped the radius around only the good server and dropped the ping assist to around 28 because I don’t think I ever got that low with the bad but still the same one connected. The issue is with my location I am at work and by the time I get out I think it is night time for you so here is my plan and also I had some questions for you to help me with them tonight since I won’t be able to get a response till tomorrow. I will drop the radius in the ocean and just keep dropping the ping assist by an interval of 2 to see if that helps. If I do get that good server back is there anything I can do my end to “ lock it in place” essentially. Also what is the best way to reset everything? Restarting the game or Xbox or router? And you mentioned that the server with white ring is one that it is blocked by you guys but there is one super close to me and it will pop up on the map at the start of each game and then go away but when I do get a chance to ping to it, it always is super low and might be the best one so is there a way to unblock that for me so I would be able to use that one or is it not possible? Also thanks for the help it’s just crazy the difference from mid 20s ping to 50-60, almost like a different a game
  5. Wanted to give an update so I log on fortnite to play and it connected to a different server the first few games, this was also the server I used to always connect to, to have 20-30ping which is great for cable modem and not fiber optic, however after 2 games it stopped connecting to this one and started connecting to the other where it was around 50-60, so I moved my location on spectating mode so the good server would be in the circle and the bad outside of it but everytime I go to launch match making now it shows the bad server with a triangle around, so I click on it and hit deny and then and I can’t even get into a match, it backs me out I repeat this a bunch of times because I know from reading multiple forums that it’s not the same server I keep denying just same location, during typing this post I have denied 7 servers ,if I could always stay connected to that one server I would be so happy, any ideas on how to make that happen?
  6. Playing fortnite and and it does have white ring around it. If I try to deny that server during gameplay it will make me lose connection or sometimes I’ll get like a dotted white ring around it. But yesterday after posting the last one I reset everything like my modem and my router, as per another post I saw, I put my location over the ocean and put it in spectating mode, I connected to a different server with a better ping and hit allow and then I moved my location to my actual location ( Buffalo, NY) and swapped to filtering mode and than after that one game it would connect to that good server again. I did try that ping plotter again and I don’t get any packet loss or red lines but it’s almost like in the very start I will get a few high spikes, and than after it’s sort of steady, I tried to give you all the info I could to help you help me
  7. I have been reading some forums because I feel with my equipment/ internet speeds and also with location my ping should would be way lower, I’ve tried multiple different set ups and can’t seem to get any better. One of the forums I read mentioned that because Of the way the one user had his set up he would only see the server when he is in game and that’s what happens to me and I only have one server show everytime. If I deny that server I lose connection and get booted from the game, I have my modem > xr500> Xbox one, just was hoping for ideas
  8. last night I played around with the anti buffer and QoS a little more and it seemed that I was able to get my ping around 28ms -30ms with it every now and then jumping into 40 - 50 range, I will check the pingplotter now that I understand more what you were thinking, there maybe some other things at play to I found out with my modem I might try but I think it’s just what you said, I think fortnite has dedicated servers depending on your region and it’s prob to difficult for the system to pick up and show 100 people on the map nor would I want it to every time lol, I’ll keep you posted if I find anything else out, thanks for the help
  9. Update: So I tried playing another game, I booted up COD WW2 and I believe I saw exactly how it was suppose to work because multiple players and servers showed up on the map, the one server had a steady ping around 28ms, however when I went back to fortnite I only saw what's pictured above and that's all. I did run the ping plotter and that was my first time using every so I think I did it right and when I used those servers as targets it seemed like there were a few spots for packet loss but I'm curious why the system works properly on one game and not another?
  10. So I just got home finally and downloaded ping plotter, I am not sure how this will help. So if I run the ping plotter to the server that the geofilter keeps connecting me to the ping seems to be the same. Should I be using a different target in the ping plotter? Also I started up fortnite in spectating mode, I saw two icons, first the match making one and the second the server that keeps connecting. There was not even any player icons showing on the map. Here is everything I see. my in game ping matches that server but shouldn't I be seeing more and get to choose?
  11. I’ll try this as soon as possible to, I did find out from reading other posts the one server that kept popping up and disappearing was the match making one you guys say to not worry about. I did try shorten my geofilter radius to where that server was not located in and it did block it but then it would not connect to any other server and I would start a game of matchmaking, it would start to load as if I was jumping Into match and then it would kick me out and say I lost connection. And the server that was showing always had the same ID as well. I’ll be at work for the next 8 hours but will try that website and launch the game in spectating mode first to see if anything else shows up
  12. So I play fornite on Xbox one, my Internet is 400 download and 20 upload but my ping is around 40-50, sometimes I can get it lower but it won’t stay, I believe the issue is when I run geo filter it only connects to one server and the same one everytime, even if I block it. Every now and then a server will show but then go away. If with me living in NY I should have multiple servers to choose from but also no other players show on the map either, please help. Here is everything I have done so far, Made my IP address static, added the device on geofilter, picked my location and set radius to multiple different lengths. Everytime I play fortnite there is only one icon, large server, when I play different game types like duos and squads I see different servers show but at no time can I leave from that one particular server. If I move it to outside my radius then it won’t even connect to matchmaking at all. The server that I’m connecting too is in Ohio. I have tried a hard restart on router and when I first loaded everything up it showed a few more icons but after that it was right back to the same, I have also tried to port forward the fortnight servers.
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