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  1. I believe this is caused by a bug that we're aware of.
  2. Oh right... Well if two devices are fighting over traffic and they're both connecting to the R1, then traffic prio will help. If one device is connected to the tp link and another is connected to the R1, then I would assume the TP Link device would get priority as it has less steps to go through. It's hard to say. What you could do is to use the TP-Link's traffic prio to prioritize all traffic to the R1, then use the R1's traffic prio from there.
  3. It isn't working perfectly yet. The main issue right now is that there are some mislocated servers, which can cause issues with matchmaking. Right now we recommend you just use Ping Assist as a temporary solution to this problem
  4. If you do TP-Link then R1, the QoS might not work perfectly. Depends if you connect anything else to the TP-Link or not. If the amount of bandwidth that the R1 gets isn't constant, the QoS features will mess up. For example, if you connected your computer straight to the TP-Link, and that computer started a download, the bandwidth available to the R1 would decrease. This would mean that the bandwidth balancing measures the R1 was performing would be inaccurate. If you're just using the Geo-Filter though, you can plug the R1 in any order you like.
  5. You're marrying christmas? Congratulations!
  6. Sorry to hear it's not working. Can I get some more details? In what way isn't it working?
  7. I can't see your forum email address in the sign up list. Could you send me a private forum message containing the email address you used to sign up to the beta? Thanks!
  8. No not really. It's up to Netgear. I know when we can expect DumaOS 3.0 to be done (can't tell you) but I don't know if Netgear will have any bug fixes in the mean time.
  9. You can disable automatic updates from the Settings menu... Oh I see, but you're saying that it updates by itself when resetting? Maybe unplug the WAN cable from the router, reset it, set it up, disable automatic updates, then plug it back in.
  10. What might be happening is that the DumaOS Classified Games Traffic Prioritization setting might be delaying your stream. I'd suggest disabling this option, and instead prioritising TCP port 1935 on the device you're streaming from. Apparently this is the port that OBS uses for network communication.
  11. Do you mean moderate in Call Of Duty or Type 2 in the PS4's Network Settings?
  12. Okay i'll start from the top and work my way down! It's possible that your friends IPs have been mislocated by the Geo-Filter. I would suggest joining a lobby with your friends, clicking on all servers/peers that appear on the map while idling in the lobby, and ALLOW all of them. Another idea would be to set a ping assist level which will allow your friends through the Geo-Filter. I wonder if it's accidentally routing them through the server instead of peer to peer, causing lag... The other option is that there's a mislocated server inside your radius which is closer to your friends than you, and this puts you on a further away server. The server in Ireland is what we call an Authentication Server. These are servers that are required for the game to work properly. For example, they might deal with logging you into your account, checking your purchases, changing your loadouts, tallying your EXP and such. Your connection to this server won't affect the quality of your gameplay, but without that server, the game wouldn't allow you to play at all. This is why we whitelist these servers from our end. The white ring around the server means it's whitelisted. This server can be ignored. This is a known bug, but it's only cosmetic. Sometimes the cloud update takes longer than 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, DumaOS pops up saying "action took longer than usual" but the cloud update is still happening in the background. All you have to do is refresh the page and the update should have completed in the background. I really don't know why that happened. Obviously the authentication server was blocked temporarily which is why the game didn't work... But I don't know why it randomly stopped and started blocking it. It might just be that the game needed to be restarted after the cloud was flushed. Regarding the laggy games, I assume that skill based matchmaking is putting you on a non-ideal server. Perhaps one that's inside your radius but mislocated. I'd certainly suggest setting Ping Assist to a reasonable level (such as 50ms) until we can release a cloud update which corrects all of the locations.
  13. Welcome to the forum! With the Geo-Filter, you have to specify in advance what areas of the map you want to block. It would be great if we could give you the choice between opponents but unfortunately this would require us to have control over the game's code. As it is, what you can do is to make the radius very small and put it directly over the peer/server you want to connect to. This will block everything except that peer/server. It won't however drop a connection which is already established. The settings usually won't take effect until you close and restart the game. --- Another option would be to individually allow the peer/server you want. Turn off Auto Ping Host, then click on the peer/server you're interested in when it appears on the map. Give it a name and click ALLOW. Now put your radius in the middle of the ocean and everything except that peer/server will be blocked. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  14. Probably! If it's a security vulnerability it might be better not to make it public.
  15. Sounds like it's possibly broken... What I can't figure out is weather DumaOS is even running behind that login screen. Are you being given an IP address? Do you have internet access through the router?
  16. This is an issue which we're working through with Netgear to get to the bottom of. Thanks for your patience!
  17. Try using a different browser, or an incognito/private session in your current browser.
  18. Welcome to the forums! It seems very strange that this would only affect wifi and not the wired devices. This makes me wonder if it might be hardware related. Can I ask how long you've had your R1 for? This affects the likelyhood of hardware failure. Perhaps if the issue was fixed by downgrading to the original firmware, that would confirm that it's a software problem. Basically i'd like to narrow down what's causing it. You could also try ticking Disable QoS in DumaOS and see if that changes matters at all.
  19. Well I don't tend to trust what DSLreports says as their anti-bufferbloat test doesn't seem to like the way we do it... That said, the fact that you get great results with the XR500 and worse results with the XR700 confuses me. It's possible that it's defective, as you say. It's also possible that restarting the modem and router at the same time will fix these issues.
  20. We're getting much better at that kind of thing now. We have strict internal deadlines and we have a whole team working to meet them. We haven't shared these deadlines with the public because, as ever, unexpected roadblocks could always occur. For example, a fatal bug.
  21. Yup, they'll probably be part of DumaOS 3.0
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