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  1. Yeah I assume they've been miscategorized. I'll try and recreate the problem on my end and get the IP addresses. What were you doing when the screenshot was taken and the error occurred?
  2. I suppose one of those three people that are being blocked must be really important then.
  3. Now that's interesting... Might require some more research to track down why this is happening.
  4. DumaOS fonctionne mieux avec IPv4. Par conséquent, si vous avez la possibilité de désactiver IPv6, cela pourrait valoir la peine. Si la désactivation d'IPv6 interrompt votre connexion, vous devez la laisser activée.
  5. The only time that I would be worried about a spiking receive rate is if there was a massive dip just before it spiked. That would suggest to me that it missed a bunch of data and then had to rush to catch up, but then again it's UDP traffic so that probably wouldn't happen. I think it's possible that it was just an especially busy moment in the game, lots of players nearby or whatever.
  6. I like the idea of having device groups with allocated bandwidth pools. If we were to implement that on DumaOS, it might bypass the need for VLANs. You could even have a visual VLAN map which shows which device groups can see which other device groups... I'll add it to the big list of future plans. We're collecting a lot of great ideas to improve bandwidth allocation. Thanks for posting!
  7. Most of the people on that map are being allowed by Ping Assist, there a a few whitelisted servers, only one or two people actually blocked though, very strange. The person off the coast of Africa is just being caused by a bug, so i'd ignore that. What confuses me is that, with so few players being blocked, why would an error be caused? Do the errors still happen when Geo-Filter is in Spectating mode?
  8. I don't know, it's nothing we've blocked on our end. Have you accidentally added your phone to the Geo-Filter? Have you set anything up under Settings > Content Filtering that could be affecting it?
  9. Okay... Sounds like it's not working right. I will need to do more testing from our end.
  10. There's not meant to be a pop-up window, it should just load for a minute or so, and then the Geo-Filter will come back. People still appear to be experiencing party problems after the update, so clearly there's more servers that will need to be added to the whitelist to get this working perfectly.
  11. Are you actually experiencing issues when attempting to update an Apple device, or did you just see this in the logs randomly?
  12. Yes we're developing an app for iOS and Android. The app is in a functional state but it's not quite ready for release yet.
  13. Are you trying to use a VPN service you've subscribed to, or a custom VPN you've set up yourself?
  14. Potentially a good idea, although these things are hard to estimate. Also we've learned the hard way before that making promises about deadlines and such can lead to disappointment down the line... My best guess based on what i'm seeing in the office right now is maybe 40% complete but that's just my opinion.
  15. Default username and password are admin and password Give those a go in case it's been reset!
  16. Sign up here: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ Then check your emails for a download link. Let me know if the link doesn't arrive.
  17. Sounds like your connecting might be fluctuating. A 41ms ping should be giving you a decent game. Have you tried using PingPlotter to see if your ping changes constantly? If this turns out to be the case, the problem may be with the line rather than with the router. There's a useful guide on how to use PingPlotter here:
  18. I'm happy that you got it sorted! If anybody else has this issue i'll know what to suggest now.
  19. DMZ is a good troubleshooting step but is a bad long term solution due to it's security vulnerabilities, especially if you're using a PC.
  20. Are you talking about the screen that pops up saying that there's an invalid certificate? You can add an exception for the router's IP address to your browser so that it won't constantly ask you about this. The XR300 probably won't get the ability to install Plex. It's one of the unique selling points of the XR700, so I imagine Netgear wouldn't want to devalue the XR700 by moving all of it's features to the lower models which might not even have the power to run them. You say that Plex is simple but I think from a backend point of view it's quite resource intensive.
  21. Well the PC mode is highly reliant on the profiles, which specify port ranges and such Whereas the console mode just works with all UDP traffic from that device
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