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  1. It's not an artificial limitation, our router can't just hijack your existing router to force it to prioritize packets. The Netduma can't control traffic that isn't routed through the Netduma. This is a physical limitation, and could not be solved by any router without replacing your existing ISP router. The solution would be to place the Netduma at the top of your network, and connect it to your PS4 and your Xfinity modem via ethernet, then you can continue to use the Xfinity wifi. This would allow you to specify a chunk of bandwidth just for the PS4. The difficulty is that it would require another modem above the Netduma, as the Netduma is just a router and not a modem.
  2. Ok i've added all of you to the list! We'll email you on your forum email address if you're in. You'll then be added to a private subforum where you can read the rules (non-disclosure and such) and download the beta. The beta won't start for a few weeks and we haven't finalized how many people we will be inviting. We will likely invite people in stages as we verify there are no widespread issues. Good luck!
  3. To set this up, all you need to do is connect one of the LAN ports of the Xfinity modem to the WAN port (port 1) on the Netduma R1. Connect the PS4 to one of the R1 LAN ports, and connect a computer or phone to the R1 via wifi or ethernet. You can then use the computer/phone to manage the geo-filter for the PS4. Bear in mind that there's no point using QoS if your Xfinity modem is going to be handling other devices, so you should stick to just using Geo-Filter.
  4. Hm, not 100% sure what's up with that. Might be that we have a bug in the forum software. I'll look into it. Do you experience issues if you sign in with your forum username instead?
  5. Try prioritizing ports 5795-5847 on both TCP and UDP.
  6. Try using Ping Assist, just in case a nearby server is currently mislocated.
  7. Vous devez les ajouter à la liste d'autorisation / refus sur le géofiltre. Si vous utilisez un géofiltre.
  8. Which hop in PingPlotter shows the most latency?
  9. I imagine what's happened is that Activision has moved all of their servers around. We're frequently updating the Geo-Filter cloud to reflect as many of these changes as we can catch. If you find any mislocated servers, you can submit them here: https://forms.gle/Xd96ssUE496jUXqf9
  10. Just as a test, could you disable QoS by opening the anti-bufferbloat side menu? That will help me to narrow down the problem to QoS.
  11. That does seem to suggest that the preview program is the common issue.
  12. Il n'y a peut-être pas de trafic passant par le routeur à ce moment-là, ce graphique ci-dessous fait-il la même chose si vous lisez une vidéo ou commencez un téléchargement?
  13. Have you tried a factory reset? I know it's a hassle but it sounds like the problem might be on the router rather than on the browser.
  14. I'd like to see the logs. Sounds like maybe an issue between the modem and the router, perhaps a DHCP lease that's much too short.
  15. I've been playing a lot of Death Stranding recently. I already completed it but I can't stop playing. I'M A DELIVERY BOOOOY
  16. You're getting freezes since you updated windows? Are you sure it's related to the router?
  17. Sí, eso suele ser correcto ... ¡Creo que este servidor específico podría estar mal ubicado! ¿Podría agregarlo al formulario aquí? https://forms.gle/XjyP5MNHzLUAs1AX8
  18. We'll probably select them from active Insiders. I'm also writing down anybody that requests access, since enthusiasm goes a long way. Shall I add you to the list? Being on the list isn't a guarantee that you'll get in, it depends on how many people want to participate.
  19. We're going to enter the closed beta phase VERY soon, so I think we'll release the trailer once that's done. That's the plan! 😃
  20. Well done! Inspector Google strikes again... INITIATE DEEP SCREENSHOT ANALYSIS We made that trailer to show off at CES, and I think we will release it publicly in the run up to the 3.0 release. We don't want to show off the trailer until 3.0 is almost ready, because we don't want people to get excited and then have to wait to try out our new features.
  21. To everybody that's talking about bugs in this thread: i've removed your posts. If you want to know the status of specific bugs, i'd appreciate it if you posted in the correct section of the forum, for example the DumaOS on Netgear Nighthawk section. I appreciate that it may feel like we aren't listening, but we have received the message, we read all of your posts, and we are committed to fixing any bugs that come up. Being rude and arguing with people won't get the bugs fixed any faster. 3.0 will contain many bug fixes alongside the new features. It's the culmination of many months of work for us. We want to get it to users ASAP, but we also know that users will be very disappointed if it's full of bugs, which is why we're giving plenty of time to testing.
  22. I'm not allowed to say at this point, and I really want to, but I can't. It won't be long though, I think I can get away with saying that.
  23. If we were to integrate a feature like this, it wouldn't require any extra hardware or configuration. If we were to integrate one, that is. On an unrelated note, keep an eye out on the forums for DumaOS 3.0 announcements!
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