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  1. Very good idea... We could do this on a per-game basis, or we could allow the user to save several "loadouts" of polygons that they can save and load at will. This sounds like a DumaOS 3.1 feature to me, thanks for the feedback!
  2. I believe that the logs are currently unaffected by your time zone choice. The Time Zone option affects Ping Heatmap, Connection Benchmark, Adblocker and Traffic Controller. The logs are usually meant for developers to look at, so we set them to UTC. This means we know exactly when problems occurred, no matter which time zone they occurred in. Not sure why it took so long to connect to the internet, but it could have been that it spent a lot of time negotiating with whatever you've got upstream. I feel like this might be outside of our control but we will look into it. The Incognito thing is a caching issue, and may be a side effect of the fact you upgraded to hotfix firmware. Unfortunately, at present, I believe that Connection Benchmark tests, Ping Heatmap pings and Adblocker History are all stored in RAM. This means that they are wiped when the router is restarted. We'll probably change how this works in future, but having them stored in RAM makes the router much less likely to crash over long term use. Perhaps a good solution in future would be to allow tests to be saved to a USB stick? Anyway we'll keep this in mind, thanks for the feedback! Have you set your maximum bandwidth correctly? You can do this by opening the Congestion Control side menu and using the AUTO DETECT option. The benchmark should now show your actual speeds (ignoring QoS) next to the speeds that you've set in Congestion Control. Congestion Control WILL be taken into account for the Ping Test (Under Load) graph. You should expect (if it's all set up correctly) that with QoS set to always and the sliders lowered, you will get a much flatter line on the Ping Test (Under Load) graph. You're aiming to get the flattest line possible. I'd suggest trying out the Auto-Setup feature in Congestion Control to get the best results from this feature. I wrote a detailed explanation of the feature here:
  3. Teredo is a Microsoft technology for interfacing between IPv4 and IPv6... Sounds to me like this is specifically an IPv6 issue. DumaOS 3.0 has improved IPv6 support, so if you want I can add you to the beta, and you can see if the new IPv6 features help at all?
  4. Congestion Control on DumaOS is designed to fix the packet queuing problem. I'll explain how it works below. Apologies for the long post but it sounds like you want a more in-depth explanation. The Congestion Control slider will essentially reduce your bandwidth, which on its own would be useless, but when combined with Traffic Prioritization, it becomes a powerful tool. It may seem counter-intuitive to reduce your bandwidth when you're attempting to reduce your ping, but it makes sense when you understand why we're doing it. Somewhere along the line between your router and the server you're trying to connect to, there will be a bottleneck where traffic is having to queue. This means that traffic is being delayed because of a factor outside of your home, and therefore outside of your control. The idea behind Congestion Control is that, by reducing your bandwidth slightly, the bottleneck moves from outside of your home to inside your home. Now that the bottleneck is on your router, you can manipulate the queue of traffic, moving the most important (time-sensitive) traffic to the front. So, in order to have the best QoS setup, you need to use Congestion Control and Traffic Prioritization together. The first step is to add your gaming device to Traffic Prioritization using the correct profile. If you're using a games console, use the Games Console profile. If it's a PC, choose the specific game you're playing. If your game is not present, contact Netduma Support for advice. You have to be careful to prioritize as little as possible, because the more you prioritize, the less effective it will be. For most people, DumaOS Classified Games will cover what they need, but it's always best to be as selective as possible. To be clear: DumaOS Classified Games covers all of the games in the profiles list, and all UDP traffic from Games Consoles. If you want to experiment, you can choose to prioritize specific ports using the Advanced tab. This will not be as accurate as a custom DumaOS games profile, because we use advanced Deep Packet Inspection technology to pick out the exact packets for each game, but if we haven't yet got your game in the list, this is the next best thing. In the Congestion Control side menu, you need to enter your maximum bandwidth values. I would suggest using the AUTO DETECT function when your internet connection is relatively idle, and at a non-peak time of day. You want to enter the best speeds you have ever recorded on your connection. It doesn't matter if it's a few Mb off, so feel free to round up to the nearest 10. Now for the Congestion Control sliders. We have a new Auto Detection function feature in DumaOS 3.0 which will automate the process of finding the "sweet spot" on the sliders. Switch your Congestion Control sliders to Auto-Enable, then click Auto-Detect. You can choose to Prioritize Ping or to Prioritize Bandwidth. This option will adjust how aggressive the test is. I would suggest starting with Prioritize Ping, and if your bandwidth results are unreasonably low, try again with Prioritize Bandwidth. The test will take a few minutes, and when it's done it will make a suggestion for slider placement. Once these values are saved/entered, your bandwidth will be reduced to this level when the rules you have entered in Traffic Prio are triggered. From this point onwards you shouldn't need to touch QoS very much, just make sure that Traffic Prio triggers when you play a game, and make sure that you're not experiencing lag anymore. If you are, try lowering the sliders a little bit more.
  5. Hello, DumaOS Classified Games is made up of the same list that the Geo-Filter PC list is made up of... So basically, if you add a non-console device to the Geo-Filter, the list of games that comes up as options are the ones in DumaOS Classified Games. Here's the current list: Apex Legends Call of Duty (PC Only) Crossfire Destiny (PC) Division 2 Frostbite Engine (Battlefield, Battlefront, etc.) GeForce Now Guild Wars League of Legends Overwatch Quake Source Engine (CS:GO, DOTA 2, TF2 etc) Starcraft Unreal Engine (Fortnite, PUBG, etc) Valorant World Of Warcraft DumaOS Classified Games also includes all UDP traffic from devices which are classified as consoles. Make sure your consoles have been correctly identified in Device Manager. Setting up your games and devices individually in Traffic Prioritization can be useful if you find that DumaOS Classified Games is prioritizing too much stuff. There would be no point in using both at the same time though.
  6. There's a known issue: restarting the router currently removes your MAC address cloning. This will be fixed in a few days!
  7. Hi, You should be able to enter your PPPoE details during the setup process by choosing WAN SETUP when given the option. If this doesn't work, try skipping the setup process and advancing to DumaOS, then go to Network Settings > WAN and configure from there.
  8. @Stephen A Vaught Here's the firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vklzjkftpdcd01t/DumaOS-R2-RC5-Production-3.0.129-100820.sig?dl=0 To update: Download the file above, open DumaOS, click the three dots in the top right corner, choose update, upload the file you just downloaded, and wait a few minutes while the R2 restarts. Let us know if this hotfix works for you!
  9. We'll be releasing a new firmware in a few days which will expand the number of available wifi channels. Hopefully this will improve your R2's wifi performance!
  10. @Logic As @Netduma Adrian promised, here's a new hotfix firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vklzjkftpdcd01t/DumaOS-R2-RC5-Production-3.0.129-100820.sig?dl=0 After installing this firmware, Auto Congestion Control should be more accurate, and it will not suggest a minimum value below 1%. The fix included in this hotfix firmware will be rolled into the next big update, which will be released in the next few days. To update: Download the file above, open DumaOS, click the three dots in the top right corner, choose update, upload the file you just downloaded, and wait a few minutes while the R2 restarts. Let us know if this hotfix works for you!
  11. Good news, we've managed to fix the problem! After installing this new firmware, you should no longer experience any connection problems when you disable QoS. Please upgrade to this hotfix firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vklzjkftpdcd01t/DumaOS-R2-RC5-Production-3.0.129-100820.sig?dl=0 The fix included in this hotfix firmware will be rolled into the next big update, which will be released in the next few days. To update: Download the file above, open DumaOS, click the three dots in the top right corner, choose update, upload the file you just downloaded, and wait a few minutes while the R2 restarts. Let us know if this hotfix works for you!
  12. I have found the culprit domain name for the live Sky Sports blogs not loading, so that will be included in the next update. I'll test the Sky Sports app next.
  13. Hi, sorry to hear you're having these issues. So just to confirm it's all been plugged in correctly, you should have one of the LAN ports on the modem connected to the blue WAN port on the back of the R2, you should then have one of the yellow LAN ports on the R2 connected to your PC. If your computer is not connected directly to the R2 (or something downstream of the R2) you will not be able to access its interface (not without setting up a static route, anyway)
  14. Hi R2 owners! As our most cutting edge router, the R2 will receive the latest Adblocker lists before other platforms. This means that you may occasionally find that something is blocked which is not supposed to be blocked. For example, you may find that a specific mobile game won't load, or a video streaming site refuses to play. In order to bypass an unwanted block, you have two options: Temporarily pause Adblocker on the device that's experiencing the issue See if you can narrow down exactly which domain is causing the issue, and add it to a manual whitelist If you have problems accessing a useful service, please let us know about it in this thread. I will be able to add domains to the Recommended Whitelist, and fix the problem for all users. Adblocker lists update automatically from the cloud, and we'll be pushing frequent updates to both the Blacklists and the Recommended Whitelist. By reporting in this thread, you'll be helping DumaOS users across all platforms!
  15. Hello, congratulations and thank you to all of the new R2 owners! I'm making this thread because we'd like everybody's honest opinions on the product. The cool thing about the R2 is that it's the same unit that our developers use to develop on, so if you find any bugs or have any issues, we should be able to respond quickly to that feedback in new firmwares. I can report any issues straight to the developers and get an answer very quickly about how feasible an update is. Because DumaOS is developed using Netduma R2's, you should expect cutting edge updates and new features to come to the R2 before other platforms. Keep an eye on this forum for our latest firmwares, because the R2 doesn't currently have an auto-update function for firmwares. However we CAN send out automated updates for the Geo-Filter map, the Ping Heatmap lists, the Device Types, the Traffic Priorization profiles and the Adblocker lists. In future we'll add the ability to update features through the rapp store! Anyway that was a tangent, let us know what you think, and thanks again for supporting Netduma!
  16. The R2's firmware is very lightweight (not in terms of features, but in terms of performance impact) There's basically no bloat on there, it starts up quickly, it updates quickly, it runs quickly
  17. Yeah, they are pretty close. I wonder if the Disable QoS function wasn't working correctly when I tested? I was using cat6 cables between the client and the server.
  18. I agree this is a good idea. We have plans to improve this feature, we've got wireframes about how the next version should look, so keep an eye out for updates.
  19. We renamed them to Rapps a little while ago (instead of R-Apps) because they're meant to be pronounced "rapps" and people were pronouncing them "arr apps" I mean admittedly it does make it sound a little like a hip-hop store but oh well, we could always expand into the rap game.
  20. Short answer: yes. Long answer: The whole idea of DumaOS is for it to be hardware agnostic. Once the rapp store is fully launched, updates for different routers will be a piece of cake. Currently we have no plans to make any hardware exclusive features. When it comes to firmware, the main difference will be the speed of updates. We expect that the R2 will be updated more quickly than the XR500 because there are less verification steps to get an R2 firmware published. That said, both are great routers and both will be updated. The R2 can handle much faster WAN connections than the R1 could, the processor is better so that bottleneck is lifted. I don't have any hard numbers on Hybrid-VPN performance but in my personal testing I've found that it feels very responsive. It largely depends on your VPN provider and chosen server location, of course. The R2 has better hardware in terms of processor, memory, wifi. The R2 supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the R1 only supports 2.4GHz. Once DumaOS 3.0 is released, the two units will have the same software features. In future, we may have to set limits for the R1 that won't be there for other units, but we have no plans to do this yet. We would never artificially limit a unit, but if a feature we develop needs more power than the R1 can provide, we won't have a choice. That's totally fair, the XR500 is still an awesome router and we'll continue to support it with software updates. The R2 is only a router, so you'll need a modem in addition to the R2.
  21. Nope, our relationship with Netgear is still going strong and we'll be supporting all of their Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers going forward. If you're a Nighthawk Pro Gaming user, you won't be missing out on any new DumaOS features.
  22. If you're underneath two routers (possible double NAT) then even if UPnP is enabled on the Netduma, you won't get an open NAT. This is because the ports are not open to the Netduma, hey're closed by the router above. This is why we recommend either putting the upstream router into bridge mode, or putting the Netduma router into the DMZ of the upstream router, then using UPnP on the Netduma.
  23. @quinkun @way2fast900rr I have applied to fix to your routers, you are now able to upgrade to DumaOS without a problem. Sorry about the delay.
  24. I'll add you now, click the orange banner at the top of the page to get started.
  25. Sorry, I will send your details onto Netgear in the priority testers list, but it's up to them in the end to add you. I don't have direct control over it.
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