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  1. When you disable the Geo-Filter (put it on Spectating Mode) are you able to get games?
  2. We'll have to do some testing to figure out if this is a cosmetic problem or if there's actually something different between the two versions which is changing the tick rate.
  3. If you allocate more bandwidth to the PS4, it will take priority over other devices when the bandwidth is in high demand, so I imagine that's what's happened here!
  4. Yeah that's a fair point... I'll ask the developers. We'll have to do some testing to figure out if it's just a visual bug or if something really is different with the tick rate.
  5. Okay that's interesting... If it happens again, could you try disabling QoS before you restart so we can see if that lowers the CPU usage? You can disable QoS by opening the anti-bufferbloat side menu and ticking the Disable QoS box.
  6. Okay well that all looks normal... Does a newly connected device appear in the Device Manager? What IP address is a new device assigned at the time it connects? I wonder if this changes at all when it finally gets internet access?
  7. In theory it shouldn't matter which authentication server you're connected to, you should still get matched only with games within your radius. If the wrong servers are whitelisted from our end, that could cause a problem. We're in the midst of testing FIFA 20 so we might have to issue an update if problems are found.
  8. Parfois, le type de NAT sera signalé comme étant modéré car le jeu ne peut pas se connecter au bon serveur pour le vérifier. Dans cette situation, vous devez désactiver le filtre géographique (passer en mode spectateur) et voir si le type de NAT est fixe. Ce n'est pas parce que le jeu indique que le type de NAT est modéré que c'est correct.
  9. Yes the fix has been pushed out. The problem was that we were whitelisting too many servers around the world, meaning that the game knew exactly where you were, even if the geo-filter was supposed to be blocking those servers. Now it should be possible to trick the game into thinking you're anywhere in the world.
  10. Maybe? Have you been experiencing issues with Xbox Party chat?
  11. What he said! It's about finding the highest slider position that results in a stable ping. Once you've done that, you can set it so that it only activates when it detects that you're gaming.
  12. Looks like your connection is unstable. Are there lots of other people using the internet at the same time? If I remember correctly, you're using a WISP connection right? This kind of instability wouldn't be overly surprising for that kind of connection... We could set up QoS to try and mitigate some of this fluctuation but it might be ineffective...
  13. Well the problem may require a factory reset, although it might be because of the connection between the router and your device... Or it might be to do with your browser. Sometimes using an alternative browser or incognito mode can fix a slow loading issue. If it does, it suggests you might need to clear the cache on your main browser.
  14. No you can't control the tickrate from DumaOS, it's just a readout of what the server is sending.
  15. It sounds like you might not necessarily need anti-bufferbloat if your connection is that good. The idea behind anti-bufferbloat is that if everybody in the house is trying to stream video at once, their bandwidth will be limited so that there's enough for everybody. If there's no bandwidth being used, you might not need anti-bb... Then again, it won't hurt your gameplay to have it turned on. The only thing it might effect is the speed of system updates and patches. Also if you were streaming to Twitch i'd probably turn it off.
  16. With a radius that small I might consider turning ping assist up a little bit, just in case it can't find a game quickly enough in England.
  17. We sent out a cloud update this morning that should fix the PSN party chat problem. Press FLUSH CLOUD on Geo-Filter to update it.
  18. The Games Console preset for Traffic Prio will capture all UDP packets.
  19. Well I mean if devices on your home network are hogging the bandwidth, that will cause packet loss and therefore lag. But if it's not your connection, then as I said the server is probably mislocated... OR it's just a laggy server.
  20. Could you go to QoS, open the side menu and tick Disable QoS and then run the tests again? This will narrow the problem down a bit.
  21. Sorry I should've made that clearer, what I mean by "upstream" is, what is the XR500's yellow WAN port connected to? To do port forwarding, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Port Forwarding and then Add Custom Service. Now you need to enter the required ports, you can usually find this on the website of the game you're playing, or by searching "<game title> port forwarding" on Google. Now select your device from the list, hopefully you'll be able to see it by it's title. If not, you could open Command Prompt on your PC and type "ipconfig", this will show you your IP address.
  22. Yes I believe so. I just sent out the update, so give it a go and let me know if it works.
  23. Won't be uploaded until tomorrow morning now. Made some last minute changes that should improve matters.
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