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  1. Con solo un servidor para elegir, el juego probablemente tenga que esperar mucho tiempo para que haya un espacio en el servidor. También es posible que el juego esté intentando hacer ping a muchos servidores, fallando y reintentando continuamente. Cuando cambie la configuración, asegúrese de cerrar completamente el juego y volver a abrirlo. No tienes que apagar tu consola, pero el juego debe reiniciarse. -- With only one server to choose from, the game probably has to wait a long time for there to be a space on the server. It is also possible that the game is trying to ping many servers, failing and retrying continuously. When you change the settings, be sure to completely close the game and reopen it. You don't have to turn off your console, but the game must restart.
  2. Thanks for buying a Netduma R1! To get an Open NAT, we probably need to use DMZ, as @BoiDjakoCV said. The DMZ of a router is like punching a hole in the firewall, allowing one device to bypass all of the restrictions. This feature is intended to be used for troubleshooting, but is very useful if you have a router underneath another router. Putting the Netduma R1 into the DMZ of the home hub will make the home hub forward all ports to the Netduma R1, which is what we want. Depending on what BT Home Hub version you have, the instructions can be slightly different, but essentially the steps are: Open DumaOS, go to System Information and write down WAN IP (if you're on the original firmware, the WAN IP is on the Device Manager page) Go to your BT Home Hub configuration (Most BT routers have a default IP address of Go to the advanced section (might need the admin pass from the card on the back of the unit) Find your Netduma R1 on the device list (it will have the WAN IP from before) Tick the box that says "always give this device this IP address" or something similar Go to the Firewall section, DMZ, and put the Netduma R1 into that field
  3. It seems very short sighted of them given that gaming is such a big deal, however it's possible that ISPs are providing their own video-on-demand services which is what motivates them to prioritize video so much. It's also possible that most online gamers don't notice lag... Seems unlikely to me but i'm not most people.
  4. C'est totalement facultatif, mais DumaOS est le système sur lequel nous travaillons actuellement. Le micrologiciel d'origine (avant DumaOS) n'est plus à jour et aucune mise à jour ne sera publiée pour celui-ci. La seule exception à cette règle concerne les mises à jour du géofiltre dans le cloud, qui sont toujours fournies automatiquement pour le micrologiciel d'origine en même temps que pour DumaOS. Vous pouvez continuer à utiliser le firmware d'origine aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez. Il ne cessera pas de fonctionner, mais aucune nouvelle fonctionnalité ne sera ajoutée. DumaOS sera mis à niveau cette année vers DumaOS 3.0 qui aura une suite de fonctionnalités largement étendue, en particulier par rapport au firmware d'origine. Si vous choisissez de mettre à niveau, vous pouvez également rétrograder à nouveau si vous décidez que vous préférez le firmware d'origine. -- Well, it's completely optional, but DumaOS is the system we are currently working on. The original firmware (before DumaOS) is no longer up to date and no update will be published for it. The only exception to this rule is for geofilter updates in the cloud, which are always provided automatically for the original firmware at the same time as for DumaOS. You can continue to use the original firmware for as long as you like. It will not stop working, but no new functionality will be added. DumaOS will be upgraded this year to DumaOS 3.0 which will have a wide range of features, especially compared to the original firmware. If you choose to upgrade, you can also downgrade again if you decide you prefer the original firmware.
  5. Update probably going out today unless we run into any errors. This update will be the first of many more frequent updates. We're using a new system to relocate servers which is muuuch easier to use.
  6. Sounds like ISP's might be running some kind of QoS to make sure that streaming video is prioritized, which on the face of it sounds like a good idea until you realize it's interfering with people's gaming.
  7. I think we'll have stuff to announce soon, nothing right now though.
  8. I don't know how much i'm allowed to say regarding which hardware we'll put DumaOS 3.0 on due to legal mumbo jumbo that i'm restrained by... What I will say is that we're not dropping support for any existing hardware, and we're planning to release DumaOS 3.0 for every current DumaOS device. I can't promise it yet, but that's what we're planning on.
  9. So that's the WAN IP from device manager in DumaOS? I wonder why it wouldn't accept it... Have you reserved that IP address on the Arris? Perhaps it doesn't like IP's inside the DHCP pool. You could give the R1 a static IP outside of the DHCP pool and put that in the DMZ.
  10. Although we MIGHT do beta tests with Insiders at some point, maybe. We haven't decided yet!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! We'll include the Wii U profile in the fix as well. Although I doubt it will come up much since, you know, it's the Wii U.
  12. There's no need to bump two times in an hour. The anti-bufferbloat side menu contains an option to disable QoS completely. This would be a good starting point, enabling you to figure out whether or not a QoS feature is what's causing your issues. In theory, Bandwidth allocation shouldn't affect speeds unless you prioritize the device you're testing from. Share excess stops devices being needlessly limited when there is little traffic on the network.
  13. Welcome to the forum! How long did you leave it set to a custom DNS? I wonder if the devices in question needed time to adjust to the new setting. It could also be that your ISP is forcing all of your DNS requests to their servers, although I don't think this would necessarily stop your devices from connecting.
  14. Welcome to the forum! Usually people are port forwarding in order to obtain an Open NAT, but you say you already opened yours? What are you trying to achieve? I would suggest that you use the DMZ function of the router to figure out where the problem is occuring. If you find that the ports are open when you use DMZ, it suggests that the problem is on the XR700. If you find that the ports are closed when you use DMZ, it suggests that the XR700 is not being given all port access by the upstream modem/router, and that device will need to be configured.
  15. Welcome to the forum! I like the idea, although in an ideal world the feature wouldn't be required because the router's performance wouldn't degrade. There are potential future features we have planned which might be adversely affected by an automatic reboot, so this feature may not be viable. I'll suggest it to the developers.
  16. It matters if you set it too low, because then Anti-Bufferbloat at 100% will still be limiting your connection. In fact the whole of the QoS section needs an accurate maximum bandwidth entered in order to function properly. Features that we're adding in future will also be reliant on an accurate maximum bandwidth. However, if you have your Anti-Bufferbloat set to something specific, I suppose you'd get the same results doing 50% of 100Mb or 100% of 50Mb.
  17. Well, your ISP isn't being very helpful here are they. I don't know if it's going to be possible for us to get a totally open NAT here.
  18. Welcome to the forums! We have not tested Red Dead Redemption 2 with Geo-Filter. Many games will work with no additional configuration from our end, some will require more input. Please let us know if Red Dead 2 works for you with Geo-Filter.
  19. I'm not sure off the top of my head what would be causing this. Check that Geo-Filter isn't enabled. I'll investigate and see if I can recreate the issue.
  20. We have had no issues with Teredo in the past... Have Microsoft recently made changes to how they deal with IPv4 addresses? If so, we may need to investigate.
  21. I'm glad it's fixed. I believe the issue is caused by a bug in the process which attempts to automatically identify devices. The developers will be able to fix this now that we know the source of the problem. Thanks for your patience.
  22. I can't think of any known issues that would have caused this. Your CPU usage should not have spiked like that. It might have been to do with traffic prioritization rules, it might have been due to port forwarding and UPnP conflicting with each other. I will have to ask the developers about this specific question because it might be a bug with the firmware which we've yet to crush.
  23. Hello! Your PingPlotter results look quite good to me. If you're happy with the ping results then the amount of packet loss at one of the hops along the line doesn't matter. The response time on your network seems decent. Regarding the blacklist, I did a test myself and found myself listed by the very same blacklist. I wonder if this blacklist is just really oversensisive... Or maybe it's glitched. Either way, I wouldn't be worried about it. One blacklist out of 20 or so is pretty good going.
  24. Are you on an XR500 or an XR700? If you're on an XR700, go to Device Manager try changing your Nintendo switch Device Type to Xbox or PlayStation. If you're on an XR500, let me know and i'll think of another suggestion.
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