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Found 13 results

  1. Ok I don't want to take up anyone's valuable time so I'll aim for simplicity. Very long story short, roommates lost interest in using the R2 for our home network. I'm moving out in a little over a month so it's not a battle worth fighting, all good, life's good, their loss. I would still very much like to use as many of the benefits of the R2 as possible, mostly the GeoFilter and Traffic Prioritization, possibly Hybrid VPN occasionally. (if Traffic Prioritization even works with only 1 device?) Our network is now setup like this: -Vyve Broadband (1GB plan, static public IP, consistently get 600-700mbps down and 50-53 up no matter the time of day or night) -ISP Modem/Router combo (Hitron Coda 4582 with everything else in the house connected now) -R2 is plugged into the Hitron, along with their 2 PC's via ethernet, and is set in the Hitron's DMZ -My PC is the only device plugged into the R2 via ethernet, WiFi is disabled, IPv6 disabled, my PC has set static IP I'm aware this is essentially giving up most of the benefits of DumaOS and is now reliant on the bandwidth and congestion of the rest of the network etc however my question really has to do with QoS with only one device connected. Will congestion control, bandwidth allocation and Traffic Prioritization have any benefit only handling traffic to my PC alone? If there are any, what is the simple answer here? If not, any suggestions on other optimization options for me to use for the next month, mabye two months of gaming until I move? I mostly just play the major FPS games with friends all over the east coast (Fortnite, Apex, and my favorite dumpster to dive in, Warzone)
  2. Specs: -NetDuma R2 (3.2.453) latest firmware w/ factory reset -I play Fortnite on PC -My PC is set to 'Computer' in Device Manger -Static IP -'Fortnite' is selected in GeoFilter -All port forwarded etc. My issue is that even if I'm hosting the party with lets say, 3 of my friends, it will mostly put them through into a game but I get kicked back to lobby. Second, nobody in my party, friends, randoms, if I'm hosting or not, ever show up on the GeoFilter map, so I cannot add them to my Allow List. This was happening before I factory reset and updated to the latest firmware (3.2.453) GeoFilter setup: Radius set to the minimum 69 miles, off the East Coast of the US in the ocean (I live in SC), with Ping Assist set to 30-50, Strict Mode 'Off', Auto-Ping Host is 'On', and Fast Search is 'Off'. I've also tried setting my radius to my location etc., Polygon Mode, the other options on and off. Doesnt solve anything. Even with Filtering Mode Off, the server that I'm playing on always shows up 100% of the time, but again I just cant see other players in the lobby or in my party at all. I wish I could give a more accurate timeline but approx. 4-5 weeks ago, I used to see at least SOME players show up that I was in the same game lobby with but now I've nothing. ***extra details: IPv6 is completely turned off, DNS is set to Google's DNS, DHCP and UPnP are on, not using a VPN or anything in that capacity, PC is direct wired to R2 via CAT6 ethernet, and I have also tried setting my PC as an Xbox, Playstation, and Games Console in Device Manager and resetting GeoFilter and so on*** EDIT: Oh and Windows Firewall etc. is completely Disabled
  3. I live in Texas but for whatever reason it’s showing me best servers are European??? Is it actually locked on my side of the pond and it’s still ok to choose them or do I skip them and save only the ones over in the states????
  4. Hey DumaFam! My name is Kirneill from SenseQuality and I optimize Professional Players/Streamers/Influencers. (Some of you You might know me from my old name SweatPapi) I just wanted to show my appreciation to the DUMA family and answer some questions you guys might have 😊 To give you a summary, we Optimize almost everything. PCs, Networks, Streams, even Residential Construction. I got lucky as Call of Duty switched to online + Before we started, A lot of people (outside of us nerds🤓) didn't believe in Optimization. The secret to Optimizations? I'll tell you: I don't know everything & I never assume someone's situation is the same. (It never is) This approach leads to better decisions, research, and results. That's pretty much it😊 Why do we recommend DumaOS? Because even though we work with almost all advanced routers (OpenWRT, PFSense,Etc.) , we recommend DumaOS as it's user friendly and people can use it after we finish optimizing them! (Ex: Geofilter) Duma focuses on delivering a user friendly environment and it saves us a lot of explaining while providing the same value than other routers. (AT A LOWER COST, WUT?)🤣 To me, It's about delivering the best most consistent experience! Here is examples of Optimizations: JOEWOE.mp4 So Ask Me Anything and i'll do my best to answer! I appreciate all of you!
  5. Hi. i have had 1-2% packet loss for like 1 week now in fortnite but i don’t know how to fix it. when i ping google in cmd and flush dns it says that i have 0% packet loss. also i restarted my router and reset my network in my pc. still it had no effect. it seems that it’s just a fortnite problem. how can i fix this?
  6. Hello, I play Fortnite on a gaming PC and I play in NA East. There are two servers in NA east, one is located in Ohio and the other in Virginia. The Ohio server gives me higher ping than the Virginia server. How do i use the geo filter to put me on the Virginia server instead of the Ohio server? I've read many articles and nothing seems to help.
  7. Hi All. It has been a while since i played some online gaming, I decided to jump on fortnite for a change and I can not remember how to get chat working? The ingame chat doesn't work i think its a problem woth the GEO FILTER but im unsure and I can not remember how I used to get it to work but im pretty sure is a problem on the southern not with the ps4 or psn.
  8. I have been reading some forums because I feel with my equipment/ internet speeds and also with location my ping should would be way lower, I’ve tried multiple different set ups and can’t seem to get any better. One of the forums I read mentioned that because Of the way the one user had his set up he would only see the server when he is in game and that’s what happens to me and I only have one server show everytime. If I deny that server I lose connection and get booted from the game, I have my modem > xr500> Xbox one, just was hoping for ideas
  9. After the latest patch of fortnite on pc I'm not able to connect myself to the closest server who gives me the best ping, that server was the one of Paris, now I'm only able to connect to the servers of germany and one in London. This servers give me a ping of 40-50 and the one of Paris was giving me a ping of 30ms. What can I do??? The server of Paris was this:
  10. Hola, me acabo de dar cuenta que al establecer mis ajustes en el Qos ajustando los sliders a 70% cada uno y activando el when high prioritization detected, Fortnite no es detectado al jugar por lo que supongo que es como si los sliders estuvieran al 100% ocasionando pequeños tirones jugando ya que hay miembros de mi familia que estarían viendo Netflix o youtube. Como podría arreglarlo? Gracias por la ayuda.
  11. Hey all a bit of a long post but bare with me got the R1 years ago and loved it worked great and decided to upgrade to the XR 500 in the last month and have had nothing but headaches with it. Been playing black ops 4 with friends and have been kicked from parties/disbands us when searching for a game and when we finally do get a game it is peer connection not dedicated servers and the connection is bad i put my geo-filter to 1500 mi and that covers a lot of europe i know there are 2-3 dedicated servers in the circle have my anti-bufferbloat 70/70 and have it set to always. I also have the same problem with playing Fortnite with friends any help you can give would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Ben
  12. Hi, I cant seem to find the solution for my problem. I tried to set up the geo filter for pc fortnite. It never shows any servers when I am actually looking for a game. When I set my device up in the geo filter page, it does not let me choose fornite, it hasent update, even though I did everything with the cloud options in order to make it work. I tried setting it manually with pc fortnite ports and not even doing this, there still no signs of any servers while searcing for a game. Need help. i have set my fortnite setting to only choose NA-East servers, my main goal with this is sometimes I get shitty servers with lots of lag, I want to be able to identify them and bnlock them, but if they dont show then its impossible. Thanks
  13. Hello all, I've been having this issue for some time now but I never got around to actually trying to fix it till now. I have my geo filter set on strict and I have it on a 500 mile radius aroun where I live. I want to say about 50% of the time I connect to servers on the east coast. Mostly the North East servers. Probelm is I live in Los Angeles, Ca. I've tried all kinds of setting changes that I've read through the forums and I cant figure it out. I'm always getting a ping of 60 to 100. When I do connect to a closer server my ping is still above 40. Yet when I run a speed test i get a ping of 3 to 5. Now I know im not going to get a low ping like that all the time but I see people getting a ping around 5 to 20 all the time and they live within 10 miles of me. What am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
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