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  1. Mine works gr8, way better then the trash the ISP game me.
  2. Hi Guys, I still have this problem with my VPN not showing any locations for Australia.
  3. I would live to see support for pptp added to dumaOS!
  4. Cheers man, after posting it I found it on another post, looking for a fix but apparently it's only cosmetic.
  5. Click advanced and use an openVPN config? Or use another location.
  6. I think it only supports openvpn configs?
  7. Is this related to the issue? 0.0 undefinedB
  8. Express vpn is another service, if you look on they website you should be able to find a guide for dumaOS if not contact they customer support and ask them for the config to add to advanced VPN setup on your xr500
  9. I think it only has a select amount of countries, not every server pure offers, it would be good if pure offered OPENVPN config for Duma OS
  10. It would be awesome if you could use hybrid VPN by setting it to a dedicated LAN port and everything that connects would be automatically tunneled.
  11. Also is the DNS leak a pureVPN problem? I read a phew things saying they have puss DNS leak protection.
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