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  1. For gaming, powerline adapters are pretty good, I agree. Yeah the maximum bandwidth isn't fantastic but gaming hardly uses any bandwidth once all the patches are downloaded. It's all about that ping.
  2. It can have an effect on a slower connection, but if you've got a connection over 100mbits or so, it's unlikely to help... So to narrow down the issue, I find PingPlotter to be a pretty good tool. Unfortunately there's often not much you can do about a problem outside of your house but I guess it's good to know who you need to write your complaint emails to! If you can prove that the issue is outside of your house, your ISP will have more pressure to do something about it. They'll try to get rid of you by blaming your internal network setup, so you've gotta be ready with the evidence.
  3. I can't give you specific instructions because I don't have a Vodafone router to hand, so I can't try it myself, but here are the basic steps, might require a little googling to get the specifics: On your XR500, go to the System Information page, you should see WAN IP listed. Write this down. Go to the Vodafone router's configuration interface (in a browser just like DumaOS) Set the XR500's IP as reserved. On some units this is quite easy, you just have to tick Always use this IP on the device. On others, you'll need to choose the XR500 from a list of connected devices and type in the WAN IP from the previous step. Now find the DMZ settings, and type in the reserved IP from the previous step. On some units, you just have to choose the XR500 from a list again. Unfortunately all units vary in terms of how they display this information, so I can't be very specific in my instructions. What you're aiming to do is to make sure that the XR500 always has the same address, and then you're opening all ports for that address so that your games can get open NAT. If you can't figure out how to reserve an IP on the Vodafone side, you COULD set the IP as static on the XR500. I've had experiences in the past where this has caused problems, but if there's no other devices connected directly to the Vodafone, it could work.
  4. No you're not missing anything, I believe this is an issue to do with Geo-Filter compatibility with Sony's Party Chat servers. Basically the Geo-Filter is blocking the party chat servers when they're outside of your radius. We need to whitelist all of them so that they never get blocked. This will be done in the next cloud update, i'll make sure. For now, I would suggest connecting to a party (with no games open) and ALLOW any of the servers you see on the map.
  5. I'm sorry I need to amend my previous post. I said "Connect ISP router LAN port to XR500 LAN port" But I should have said "Connect ISP router LAN port to XR500 WAN port" I hope I didn't cause any confusion! Connecting the LAN port to the LAN port wouldn't work at all, it needs to be LAN to WAN.
  6. Yeah I did get your DM, I had a good weekend thanks, you? This thread is for the OLD beta, as in, not 3.0. That's why I haven't sent you a link yet, because it's not ready yet.
  7. Okay cool, that's good because that shows the R1 is still handing out IP addresses, meaning it's not bricked. But DumaOS might be broken. Allow me to ask a developer if there's a way around this one.
  8. Your existing Vodafone router is a Modem and Router combo. The XR500 is not a modem, so you will need to do one of the following: Configure the Vodafone router into Bridge Mode so that it is essentially a modem Buy a separate modem (I use a Draytek Vigor personally) Use the XR500 underneath the Vodafone router, putting XR500 into DMZ
  9. Welcome to the forum! So yeah bridging your ISP router would be ideal, but it sounds like it doesn't support that feature. The ISP suggests using the XR500 as an access point but they don't realise that will make most of the DumaOS features useless. You might as well just use a wifi extender at that point. If you can't bridge your ISP router, you might need to do the following: Disable Wifi on ISP router Disconnect all LAN devices from ISP router Connect ISP router LAN port to XR500 WAN port Set up XR500 so that it has an internet connection On ISP router, give XR500 a reserved IP address, and put that reserved IP address into DMZ Connect all devices to XR500, check that Xbox/PS4 don't give you Double NAT EDIT: I meant to say connect the LAN port to the WAN port! Oops.
  10. Very good detailed response above. I'll add my own comments. The XR500 will allow you to select the best servers that are available, but you cannot create a server which doesn't exist. If there is no server with a low ping in existence, all we can do is choose the best of a bad lot. All is not lost though, you could still try to improve your base ping. Using our QoS features, you can try to balance the usage of local network devices to make sure that your gaming packets always go first. We usually recommend these steps as a good starting point: Go to QoS, open the Anti-Bufferbloat side menu, put in your maximum speeds (best speeds you ever got during a speedtest on current connection) Set sliders to 70% on both. We can adjust this later if needs be. Click "when high priority traffic detected" Scroll down to Traffic Prioritization, add device, choose your console and choose the Games Console profile. Now your games console traffic should be prioritized above everything else on your network.
  11. So you connect to your Vodafone router from the hole in the wall? That means the router has an internal modem. You have two options at this point: Obtain a standalone modem for your connection type. I personally use a Draytek Vigor. It didn't take any configuration on the modem itself, I just had to enter my PPPoE details on my Netduma router. However, I have BT Infinity, so perhaps your results would vary? Set up your DumaOS router underneath your existing router. In order for this to work, you'll want to disable WiFi on the Vodafone router, and make sure that the only connected LAN device is the DumaOS router. Connect a LAN port on the Vodafone to the WAN port on the XR500. Once you have internet on the XR500, connect all of your devices to it. You may need to configure DMZ on the Vodafone router after this to get rid of Double NAT errors. I can help you to do that.
  12. Not sure if there's much you can do at this point. I would suggest putting your Xbox in DMZ but since it's being tunnelled, that might not have any affect.
  13. Yes that would help, because that would stop the Geo-Filter from affecting servers.
  14. 1. Yes, we work with any router around the world. The main point of differentiation between connections around the world is the type of modem you need. Netduma routers do not contain a modem, so you or your ISP will need to provide your own. Once you've got that, the Netduma router should work with the modem no problem. 2. Well it depends if you have two separate broadband lines coming into the house. Most people don't, which means you'll be setting your R1 up underneath your family's existing router. This won't be ideal because you'll still be subject to all of the same problems you were experiencing under the old router. You're not replacing it, just putting more stuff between you and the internet. That said, Geo-Filter would work correctly in this setup, QoS would not. 3. Sorry but we don't offer phone support. We could potentially do this through a chat service, although if it was out of hours, you wouldn't be much better off than just using the forums. Feel free to contact our Facebook page or Twitter profile, we could chat through DMs if you want. Link to this thread. I also have Discord. 4. That WOULD work, yes, but only for Geo-Filter and Hybrid-VPN, not for QoS.
  15. You will have received a confirmation email if you signed up for the Netduma R1 beta. Once you've got that confirmation, there's not much you can do but wait. We're almost ready to launch.
  16. Does it actually manage to connect to that US server? Looks like the game really wants to connect to that US server, but can't do it because Geo-Filter has blocked it. Make sure that you restart the game after changing any Geo-Filter settings or you might end up with results like this.
  17. 200 is about the limit that the R1 should be able to handle. Maybe it's maxxing out? What's the CPU/RAM usage at?
  18. That's annoying. Okay, plug the router in, connect it to your PC, and then open command prompt and type ipconfig What IP address has your PC been given? (I've just assumed you're using windows, correct me if I'm wrong)
  19. I can see you're signed up so i'll send the link to your DM's.
  20. We'll get this fixed soon with a cloud update. Thanks for your patience.
  21. I won't be alive in 2121 so i'm not gonna worry about it.
  22. Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you may have solved it but i'll respond anyway. We introduced the Strict Mode option because Destiny would throw you out if you attempted to block any dedicated servers. Strict Mode disables the ability for the Geo-Filter to block servers, and instead just allows it to block peers. Destiny has since been updated, and now seems to function correctly with Strict Mode turned on. Your results may vary. Ping Assist does override other settings insofar as your Geo-Filter radius will be ignored, which is why we recommend putting it in the ocean. You could also put the circle around a data centre you particularly like. In the upcoming DumaOS version 3.0 (entering beta this week probably, maybe next) you will have the option to draw your own radius onto the map in the form of polygons. This will give you even more freedom to hone in on the servers you like best.
  23. Hi Leandro, As Bert suggested, there is indeed a bug where upload anti-bufferbloat won't work if you are using a PPPoE connection. It won't be long until the DumaOS 3.0 beta launches so i'd certainly suggest signing up for that.
  24. That setting will certainly work, but you'll need to use it in combination with Anti-Bufferbloat. I'd recommend setting the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders to around 70%.
  25. I think what's happening here is that the PS4 is trying different Party Chat servers until it finds one that works. This is probably because we have an incomplete list of Party Chat servers, but luckily we can expand this list from the cloud and it will update on your router automatically. I will get this done soon.
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