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  1. With a radius that small I might consider turning ping assist up a little bit, just in case it can't find a game quickly enough in England.
  2. We sent out a cloud update this morning that should fix the PSN party chat problem. Press FLUSH CLOUD on Geo-Filter to update it.
  3. The Games Console preset for Traffic Prio will capture all UDP packets.
  4. Well I mean if devices on your home network are hogging the bandwidth, that will cause packet loss and therefore lag. But if it's not your connection, then as I said the server is probably mislocated... OR it's just a laggy server.
  5. Could you go to QoS, open the side menu and tick Disable QoS and then run the tests again? This will narrow the problem down a bit.
  6. Sorry I should've made that clearer, what I mean by "upstream" is, what is the XR500's yellow WAN port connected to? To do port forwarding, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Port Forwarding and then Add Custom Service. Now you need to enter the required ports, you can usually find this on the website of the game you're playing, or by searching "<game title> port forwarding" on Google. Now select your device from the list, hopefully you'll be able to see it by it's title. If not, you could open Command Prompt on your PC and type "ipconfig", this will show you your IP address.
  7. Yes I believe so. I just sent out the update, so give it a go and let me know if it works.
  8. What version are you on? Have you tried a factory reset?
  9. Won't be uploaded until tomorrow morning now. Made some last minute changes that should improve matters.
  10. Wait so when you put the radius around the server, it won't connect to the server? That's weird...
  11. Yes there will... Also we've fixed it and it'll be ready this evening. Tomorrow morning you'll be able to flush the cloud and it should work no problem.
  12. The cloud update will be done this evening, so by tomorrow you'll be able to hit FLUSH CLOUD on the Geo-Filter and the PSN Party Chat issue should be fixed.
  13. Yes it's been canceled. We don't send out routers at the weekend, so I just stopped it being sent out today. Should get a refund soon.
  14. When it goes back to moderate, does your ability to get into matches suffer?
  15. We'll be pushing out the fix today.
  16. I have already received your email. I'm just sending it on to the correct people.
  17. It was recently brought to our attention that the Geo-Filter had started blocking party chat after the release of PS4 System Software version 7.0. Luckily we've found the source of the problem and we'll be doing a cloud update later today that should sort it out. I'll post an update to this thread once it's been uploaded. After the upload is done, you can load the changes to your Geo-Filter by pressing FLUSH CLOUD.
  18. We're doing testing on the most recent update to Destiny to make sure it works with the Geo-Filter. It seems that it might no longer be necessary to use Strict Mode.
  19. In the R1 device manager, find your UBNT router and make a note of the IP address. Now go to Network Settings, DHCP, and set that IP address as static for that device. Now go to Port Forwarding and forward ALL ports (1-65535) TCP and UDP to the UBNT router.
  20. Yes it might be a compatibility issue between the router and the modem. There's probably a setting in the modem that needs to be changed. I'll need to look up your specific model to figure out what the problem could be.
  21. It's possible that the server you see on start up is just used for authentication and not for actually playing the game. It could also be possible that the server was just full every time you played. The game should be fully restarted every time you change Geo-Filter settings. This is because the game figures out what servers it can talk to while it starts up. DumaOS doesn't need to be open for it's settings to take effect. Once you've got the settings as you like them, you can close DumaOS and it will keep applying your settings until you turn them off. In Geo-Filter, you can turn them off by switching to Spectating mode.
  22. We're still exploring the USB functionality of the R1, but I can't confirm if it will be in the next milestone. The XR500 has USB storage capabilities.
  23. Make sure that you don't change the Geo-Filter settings during the game, and if you do, shut down and restart the game again.
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