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  1. You can download any of the previous XR700 firmwares here: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/xr700.aspx#download
  2. I know for a fact that Netgear haven't given up on this router because we're still in frequent talks with the team who supports the XR500. Unfortunately I can't say when, but there are big updates on the way, I guarantee. In the end, as you say, actions will speak louder than words, and i'm sure you'll be very impressed with the new updates we're working on.
  3. Check the email I just sent you. If you send us the unit yourself we'll repair it for free when we receive it.
  4. Oh i'm sorry I missed that. Perhaps what's needed is a downgrade to original firmware, a factory reset, then an update to the current firmware again
  5. Well let's hope we can kill two birds with one stone. Netgear certainly hasn't moved on from this router.
  6. Well there has to be physical servers somewhere along the line, but it's possible they're running across multiple servers with some kind of virtual machine.
  7. Agreed, that would be very handy. We're looking at ways to improve the backup/restore experience in general but at the very least the allow/deny panel would be useful to back up.
  8. What i'm trying to understand is, was it your installation of the Mikrotik firmware that bricked it or was this error happening before? Unfortunately since you tried to install custom firmware, it voids the warranty. If you want us to repair your router it will incur a charge.
  9. Welcome to the forum! For the time being i'd recommend setting your PC as a console in the Device Manager. Now when you add it to Geo-Filter, with any luck it will work straight away with Halo MCC. If it doesn't, then clearly we've got a little bit of work to do on our end. Let us know!
  10. Did you try to flash the Mikrotik firmware before or after it broke?
  11. Doesn't matter if it fluctuates a bit, as long as it's all within the green.
  12. Well with your current setup, you really don't need to use QoS since your PS4 is the only thing on the network. The idea of Anti-Bufferbloat is that it balances the bandwidth usage of multiple devices on the network. Because of this, you shouldn't need to disable WiFi when you play Call Of Duty. You won't get a better ping by increasing the anti-bufferbloat sliders, the only thing that will improve is your maximum bandwidth. Once again it wouldn't improve your connection with your current setup, but if you have all of your devices connected, it could help. I would suggest enabling Share Excess and giving the PS4 100% of the bandwidth allocation. This should give the PS4 priority over the other devices while still allowing them to operate. I usually don't recommend disabling Share Excess as it will just severely limit the bandwidth on most of your devices. Depends if you've got an Open NAT in game or not. If your NAT isn't open, port forwarding might be a good idea. Your current settings should be fine, it really depends if you can be bothered to disconnect wifi every time you want to play CoD. The router is designed in such a way that leaving all of your devices connected will not be a problem.
  13. Welcome to the forum! I wonder if the modem and the router are communicating correctly... Have you restarted the router since you plugged the modem in? What I would suggest you try quickly is to turn off both the router and the modem, leave them about a minute and then turn them both back on at the same time. Hopefully this time they'll be in sync.
  14. We haven't worked on any compatibility with Mixer although if it's a feature in demand, we certainly could. Would I would suggest for the time being is to start streaming to mixer while you're in a single player game. You should see some servers pop up on the map, and you should click on these servers, call them something like "mixer1", "mixer2" etc... then press ALLOW Hopefully by allowing the Mixer servers, you'll stop the Geo-Filter from blocking them.
  15. Hmm... I've seen issues like this before. Somebody had trouble gaming while his wife was streaming through a fire TV stick. In the end he had to turn his bufferbloat down very low in order to get stable gameplay. Obviously this isn't ideal. It's hard to tell whether this is a bug or not, because I feel like the Netflix traffic must be being prioritized incorrectly. Could you let me know how your devices are connected? Wifi/ethernet etc. Also if your PC is connected via ethernet, could you to to the Table view in Device Manager and see what the maximum link speed is listed as?
  16. I'll be really interested to hear if it's as bad as you say it is.
  17. Well we need to start narrowing down where the problem is occuring. In theory the Netduma R1 should be more than capable of streaming a 4K video consistently. This is why I think your device might be experiencing an issue. Next time a video starts dropping in quality, go to System Information in DumaOS and check the CPU usage. If it's at 100%, that would explain what's happening.
  18. Welcome to the forum! Is this something that you'd be able to achieve using static routes? There's an option on the R1 to allow remote access to support. This opens up port 7777, so perhaps if you enable that option and then attempt to make a remote connecting using port 7777, you'll be able to remotely manage it. The Netgear routers we support have an access point mode, which of course keeps the same subnet (and DHCP pool) as the upstream router, BUT this disables most of DumaOS's unique features. Lots of the features are designed around us having control over the whole subnet.
  19. Okay same result with QoS turned off, that's interesting. Forgot to ask, are you connecting through ethernet or wifi?
  20. Well you should judge the icons in relation to each other. The biggest icon is usually the host, but if there's only one icon, that's the host, even if it's small.
  21. Is Geo-Filter active? If it is, set it to Spectating Mode before you test. As a way to eliminate potential causes, could you go to the QoS menu, open the anti-bufferbloat side menu and tick Disable QoS? Now do the test again and see if there's an improvement. If there's no improvement we'll have to look somewhere else. If QoS is the cause, we'll have to adjust the traffic prio.
  22. Yeah I believe that having the QoS flower and the map on the same screen can cause issues. This is a bug i've come across before and we're aware of it!
  23. IP Modem means Internet Provider Modem, so the kit your ISP gave you when you signed up. EDIT: Oops I was late to the party on that one.
  24. I recall that some of the early units have lights that don't correspond with the correct port. If you go to Device Manager, open the side menu and choose the Table view, you can see what each port is doing. Take a look there and check that the ports are reporting the correct maximum speed. I believe that the colour of the lights on the XR500 represents the link speed of that cable. It sounds to me like, for some reason, the router thinks that the computer has a slow network card.
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