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  1. Ouvrez l'invite de commande, tapez "ipconfig", prenez l'adresse IP de la passerelle et mettez-la dans votre navigateur
  2. Make sure that the Geo-Filter is set to where you want it before you start the game up, and restart the game every time you make a change to these settings. If it doesn't work while using the radius option, try using Ping Assist instead.
  3. Désolé pour le retard. Le ping affiché dans le jeu prend en compte le temps de traitement supplémentaire. Le R1 mesurera le ping de votre routeur au serveur, alors que le jeu peut mesurer tout le chemin du jeu au serveur. Cela signifie que le traitement effectué par le jeu est également pris en compte.
  4. Having an in-game location that's the same as your real world location isn't something that will affect gameplay, as far as I know.
  5. They both work. Essentially by setting the device to a console, the Geo-Filter looks for all UDP traffic. This is a good solution if the game profile isn't working or doesn't exist.
  6. That's really interesting, because the bandwidth appears to be similar... Could you try opening the anti-bufferbloat side menu and ticking Disable QoS and see if that stops the problems? That would narrow it down to a QoS problem.
  7. Welcome to the forum! So your problem is that the Plex server is not fast enough to stream HD video? How is your Plex client connected, through wired or wifi? Can you stream video from other sources on this device seamlessly?
  8. This is a known problem, for now you need to use http rather than https.
  9. Yes unfortunately it's currently not possible. In a future update we'll either make it so that devices will be deleted after a period of inactivity (say a week) or we'll make it so that all offline devices can be cleared with a click.
  10. Okay well that's good to know. It'll be easier to test it on the PC version.
  11. Hmm... Could you try running that test again but ping bbc.co.uk instead?
  12. As long as the device and the phone are both on the same band. I think that's what Fraser means.
  13. Hi Darrin, welcome to the forum! You've pretty much figured out the problem. We could add all ports for that device to traffic prio, but then the idle traffic would trigger anti-bufferbloat, meaning you'd be at less-than-optimum bandwidth most of the time. I mean if you were using Traffic Prio to actually give priority to the fire stick, this method would work fine, but using it as a trigger for anti-bufferbloat does present some issues in this case. So basically we have to figure out which ports these video apps are using. It's tricky because they use all different ports. I could try wiresharking netflix from my end and see which ports it consistently uses. -- Another idea would be to add the PS4 to traffic prio, so that it's the PS4 that triggers anti-bufferbloat. Only problem: you'd have to remember to completely turn off the PS4 when you're not using it, instead of leaving it in rest mode. Or you could try out the DumaOS Classified Games filter, which might do a better job of telling the difference between gaming traffic and idle stuff like patch downloads.
  14. I can understand their motivation for doing this... Although I thought this is what skill based matchmaking was for? You shouldn't have to design the maps around unskilled players if those players aren't matched with skilled players in the first place. Plus I reckon that the MW maps could cause paralysis due to overwhelming choice. One of the key things about old Call Of Duty maps is that there are only three or so viable routes, so players are kind of automatically led to certain choke points. The new maps feel more chaotic and random thanks to the abundance of places to bail on your chosen route. I think if anything the maps have the opposite effect of their intention, because at least with a smaller and more focused map, it is easier to pick up on the techniques. Better that then just becoming proficient at finding a nice hiding spot.
  15. So is your R1 connected to a modem or is it connected to an ISP modem/router combo? Because if it's the second one, you won't need to enter PPPoE details into the Netduma.
  16. That's normal if you haven't added your device to the Geo-Filter. Go to Device Manager, choose your current console and give it a unique name. Make sure it's the one currently listed as Online because wifi and ethernet will come up as seperate consoles. Now go to Geo-Filter, remove all devices and add that console.
  17. We were considering making the servers colour coded, would that help? I don't think we have any plans to make it so that you can toggle the display for each device, but maybe we could add it.
  18. If you untick the box, the Netduma will show servers on the Geo-Filter but will not do any filtering.
  19. The two devices need to be on a different subnet, so you should go with the first IP address setup that you listed above. You need to connect one of the LAN ports on the SH3 to the WAN port on the XR500. It won't work if you connect LAN to LAN. Turn off wifi on the SH3, unplug every device from LAN except the XR500. Once that's set up, you might consider putting the XR500 into the DMZ of the SH3.
  20. If you enter an incorrect password enough times, it will ask you to answer your security questions. Hopefully you remember these! If this doesn't work, you can factory reset using the button: https://kb.netgear.com/9665/How-do-I-perform-a-factory-reset-on-my-NETGEAR-router Also, you had a spam link in your post which I have edited out. I don't know if you put that there on purpose, but doing it again will result in a ban.
  21. I would recommend changing your PC's device to PlayStation in Device Manager before adding it to Geo-Filter. Usually we recommend leaving IPv6 turned off.
  22. Yeah sorry we've been having issues getting CoD to work perfectly. I'm going a cloud update today which should fix problems people are having with Discord. Kind of scared to announce it though because people will just get angry that it's not CoD.
  23. Welcome to the forums! Port Forwarding is usually recommended over port triggering. We recommend leaving the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders in 70% to begin with, and adjusting as needed.
  24. Well you could set your IP as static in Internet Setup. I'd start by taking your WAN IP from System Information, then putting that in as Static in Internet Setup. Although your external IP should be pretty consistent anyway unless your ISP changes it all the time.
  25. Not 100% certain. Does the server have a white ring around it? There are some servers that are required for online play that we whitelist from our end. It might be that the server you're talking about it actually an authentication server which has nothing to do with the actual gameplay servers. A screenshot would be helpful.
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