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  1. 9 months ago this issue was confirmed and we still have no fix. This product is still being sold on the market with defective software. - The last firmware update for my router was Dec 2019 - (Fixes the WiFi 5 GHz channel GUI display issue for China and Australia). No firmware updates since then. Can admins please give us some transparency on timelines for firmware and stop beating around the bush? Is there a fix for this in DumaOS 3 or not?
  2. I have given up on the router. I could never get it working. High priority detection sticks on and doesn't work, therefore all main features don't work as they rely on HP detect. I have switched routers now. The waiting for a firmware fix is beyond a joke now.
  3. Amen, It is not easy to return a router back to the store you purchased it, months later because of software bugs. Even with a receipt they wont accept it. This is why I am very serious about starting a class action. These products should be taken off the market immediately.
  4. We are several months ahead of when i first reported these issues. Many others have reported the same problem now. The features in this router cannot function properly while these issues are present. All the features this router has are pointless if it cannot detect high priority packets correctly. I have to leave buffer bloat turned off otherwise my bandwidth is throttled while there is no High Priority Traffic happening. We pay a premium on these routers for the advertised features. As a consumer I feel ripped off by this product which has so many bugs. I am very tempted to go to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). These issues have been been reported and documented several times throughout this forum. We still have no dates for these issues to be resolved. @Netduma [email protected] Alex @Netduma Fraser I am deadly serious about this. DumaOS developers and Netgear should be facing a class action for false advertising and lack of remedial firmware. All this talk about DumaOS 3.0. I couldn't care less about new features. I just want the features I paid for to work. I was very patient to begin with, however this is beyond a joke now. We still have no update or time frame on a resolution for the bugs which were acknowledged long ago.
  5. What is the update on this? My high priority traffic still dose not work and there is no sign of DUMA OS 3.0 I payed for a product and the firmware on it does not work as intended? Something needs to be done
  6. You cant edit the default Vlan tag. The default Vlan tag is applied to all port and wireless. It wont allow me to edit the rule
  7. @Netduma Alex what is the fix for this. I cannot disable the vlan tag on the default internet vlan tag?
  8. This appears to be an issue caused by VLAN tagging. The default VLAN tag 2 for internet is applying to LAN ports and wireless by default. The ISP website says that VLAN tags do not need to be applied to wireless but this cannot be changed for the default internet VLAN. See below setting from ISP website for VLAN tagging: The information I have found says that a VLAN bridge may need to be created so Wi-Fi and LAN communications do not need to pass through the router Network Address Translation. FYI we were able to communicate with CCTV device on LAN via Wi-Fi after we did a factory restore and no VLAN tagging enabled.
  9. I took my XR300 and swapped it with his XR500 and we were able to connect to the CCTV on Wi-Fi.
  10. No luck with disabling QOS and Bufferbloat. Anything else we can try before doing a full factory reset?
  11. We disabled smart connect. Same issue on both 2Ghz and 5Ghz. We also just tried disabling the VLAN tagging and trying to connect to the CCTV webpage over Wi-Fi. Both 5Ghz and 2Ghz did not work. Any other suggestions?
  12. My mate recently purchased an XR500 and I recently got the XR300. We both have a CCTV system connected to our LAN using these gaming routers. He has been having issues connecting to the CCTV on Wi-Fi, but he can connect over cellular with no problems at all. We tried many different combinations of wireless settings. No matter what we did, we could not load the config webpage for the CCTV on Wi-Fi with a laptop. However we could ping the CCTV over Wi-Fi. If we connected the laptop into LAN, it loaded config webpage no problem. It was the same for the CCTV software on Wi-Fi the CCTV ( shows as offline. When we connect to LAN shows online immediately. All devices have internet access on Wi-Fi. But for some reason LAN and Wi-Fi aren't communicating properly. It is almost as if access to a LAN device is blocked for a wireless device. The CCTV system uses ports 37777 and 37778. I dont understand why he has this trouble on his network. I have the exact same setup (same CCTV, same IP range), the only thing which is different is the model XR300 and XR500. Also he has VLAN tagging for his NBN connection to work. Could VLAN tagging cause this issue? Anyone got any ideas?
  13. @Netduma Alex, @Netduma Fraser. Have you guys been able to replicate my issue? Some extra information for you guys, my background applications on my PC include: NZXT CAM, Logitech G Hub, Asus GPU Tweak, Glass Wire and Malwarebytes. Windows 10 Xbox services and game bar is disabled. That's pretty much it. I tried to find what ports these programs might be using, but haven't found much info. However it probably wouldn't matter. As when my High Priority Traffic was stuck, closing these applications and a PC shutdown did not resolve it. Also IPV6 was disabled. My PS4 seems to have no issue.
  14. @Zippy thanks for the advice. Appreciate your help. I am just interested to hear from @Netduma Alex, @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Jack about what they find in testing now. Will wait to here back from admins. I want to know: 1) what they find in testing causing the issue. 2) how it can be fixed 3) when it will be patched if the problem is software As requested I will try disable IPV6 and report back. However i would really like to hear from admins about their testing of this issue.
  15. Can we please stay on topic. The more we speculate or discuss unrelated problems the more this information provided for admins starts becoming confusing. @Netduma Alex This doesn't appear to be the case as you can see in a few of my posts and screenshots. There is no high priority packets within 30min to 1 hour and High Priority traffic stays on. It only takes 1 or 2 games on PC before it gets stuck for me every time. I have tried both methods of no added ports using DumaOs classifieds games. Also disabling classifieds games and adding manual ports had the same issue. so if your lead engineer is aware of this problem can you guys explain why this happens so frequently for me?
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