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  1. Is there a reason you can't upgrade? Did I forget to push the bug fix update out to you?
  2. Could you set up the PPPoE credentials on the BrightBox so that DumaOS doesn't need those details?
  3. Welcome to the forums! How much packet loss are you getting? Is the PS4 doing any background downloads while this happens? How do you know there's packet loss, is the game telling you that?
  4. If you're on a windows PC, open command prompt and type ipconfig
  5. I imagine (although i'm not sure) that the listed version number is reflective of a certain file in the system, and perhaps that file is mistakenly not being updated. In fact, I reckon the reason for that is because it's a hotfix firmware. Perhaps this file was not correctly matched with the internal software version. Either way, as I said, it appears to just be a cosmetic issue.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the listed firmware version is just a cosmetic element, perhaps it's not being updated correctly... If you were to downgrade to the earliest available version, and then back up to .40, I wonder if that would force the name to change?
  7. Could you go to Settings > Setup > WAN Setup and tick Disable SIP ALG? Sometimes SIP ALG causes problems with voice chat.
  8. Do you get connected to the east coast servers even if you put them outside of your radius?
  9. Is that in the same location as the others? (northwest USA)
  10. I think Fraser thought that the "too long" message was coming from within DumaOS. What IP address has your computer been given?
  11. Interestingly, one of those IDs has already been whitelisted. It surprises me that it wouldn't come up as whitelisted on your Geo-Filter. Anyway i'll verify and add the other two. Thanks!
  12. Yeah I think the factory reset option in the software is the same as holding the button on the back. Unplugging for 15 minutes is more like a restart. It doesn't erase any settings but it does make sure that everything is clear, for example the RAM.
  13. Yeah I'm not sure I understand either... I wonder if the problem finding games isn't related to the Geo-Filter at all, considering the fact that you're fluctuating between being able to find a game and not being able to find a game, and the Geo-Filter was off the whole time.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it's frustrating to have to wait so long for an update, but I assure you that this upcoming version update is totally real, and totally on track. Regarding the XR500, why would we want to leave this update off our most popular product? We are planning on releasing this update to every DumaOS router. We can't promise that it will be a simultaneous release, but any delay would only be caused by time constraints. We would not use a delayed release as a marketing ploy. Bear in mind that the XR500 is by far our most popular product so it's going to be a priority for us. Regarding lack of updates so far, I will say that the vast majority of routers only get bug fixes and security updates. We are bringing a massive update that will add many new features and will represent a huge leap forward for DumaOS, and it will be provided to all existing customers free of charge. How many routers have you had that received an update that overhauled the entire experience and made your router feel like a brand new product all over again? That's what 3.0 is doing to do. Anyway, i'm sorry that you won't support us any longer, but I hope that you'll take another look at us once 3.0 is released.
  15. You can also do a reset from the interface by going to Settings > Administration > Backup Settings > Factory Reset.
  16. Une des choses que je suggérerais est de désactiver Smart Connect, puis de vous connecter spécifiquement au réseau sans fil 2,4 GHz. Alors que 5GHz est plus rapide, il ne s'étend pas sur une longue distance, vous pouvez donc avoir une connexion wifi intermittente.
  17. Yes if your friends are outside of your radius you'll probably need to whitelist them.
  18. I guess I could. I don't think it will take me very long to get them all from my end.
  19. You don't have to whitelist the friends individually if they're in your radius. However if you want to talk to friends outside of your radius, you will have to whitelist them. We have whitelisted the authentication servers from our end so that shouldn't cause a problem, but I think you'll still need to whitelist those peer connections.
  20. I think there are multiple servers in that location which facilitate voice chat. If that chat doesn't work instantly, I think the PS4 keeps trying different servers until it finds one that works. I've whitelisted most if not all of them.
  21. The number 1 slot is only for WAN, so only ever connect the device that will be providing internet access to the R1 to the first slot. Slots 2, 3 ,4 and 5 are for LAN devices.
  22. Well hopefully once the new version comes out you'll change your mind. It's not just one feature, it going to be a whole suite of features, some of which users have been requesting for a long time. It's also a statement of intent to keep expanding DumaOS to be as feature packed and versatile as it can be.
  23. Well in order to manually downgrade you'll need to be able to download and upload files, as you'll have to upload the firmware to the router. If you're on Android this should be easy, if you're on iOS then it might be a problem... Anyway, you can download all of the old firmware versions here: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/XR500.aspx#download Once they're downloaded, open DumaOS and go to Settings > Administration > Firmware Update. Choose "I disagree" in order to disable automatic updates, then press Apply. Now press Browse and choose the firmware file that you just downloaded from Netgear, then press Upload.
  24. Well the idea is that you'll limit the speed of all of your devices somewhat, which will keep them from overflowing your connection when the bandwidth drops.
  25. Fair. Should have specified a reboot from the interface.
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