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  1. Ese servidor específico parece haber sido elegido porque su ping estaba por debajo de 80. Supongo que el ping aumentó después de que Ping Assist ya lo hubiera permitido.
  2. Votre configuration semble plutôt bonne. Le problème peut être que la console essaie de télécharger des correctifs lorsque la bande passante est réduite. Vous pouvez soit suspendre les téléchargements lorsque vous jouez à des jeux, soit télécharger des correctifs avec la qualité de service désactivée, puis réactivez-le lorsque le téléchargement est terminé.
  3. Might be due to lag compensation. If your ping is low, I don't see why this would be happening under normal circumstances. Could be down to jitter I guess?
  4. Lisez-vous ces pings de l'intérieur du jeu? DumaOS vous montrera le ping avant qu'il ne soit traité par le jeu. Cela ajoute généralement environ 10 ms supplémentaires.Are you reading those pings from inside the game? DumaOS will show you the ping before it is processed by the game. This usually adds an extra 10ms or so.
  5. The ping displayed in-game is always going to be a bit higher than the ping that the router reports. This is because the game is able to factor in the time it took to process the packets, as well as the time it took to reach the console. The ping on your console is so much higher that it makes me wonder if you're using a slow wifi connection.
  6. Sorry, must have missed this one on Friday. I'll update our Xbox to the preview program and see if we can recreate the issue.
  7. Unfortunately not. We've got it on our bug tracker, but I don't think a fix for this issue will be ready before the release of DumaOS 3.0. The developers are currently very focused on getting 3.0 out.
  8. How did updating the Ethernet adapter fix the Wi-Fi problem? Oh well I ain't one to argue with a good thing. This solution makes a lot of sense, i'll keep it in mind in case something similar comes up in future. Thanks for reporting back!
  9. Assurez-vous de suspendre les téléchargements sur votre console pendant que vous jouez, et définissez anti-bufferbloat sur "when high priority traffic detected"
  10. There's only one version of DumaOS on the R1 so far. 3.0's coming this year. Let us know if the MTU error is still happening now that you're on DumaOS.
  11. So based on what you're saying here... The R1 isn't even involved when the error doesn't happen? I was imagining you were saying Modem > R1 >Switch > Consoles but you're actually talking Modem > Switch > Consoles with the R1 doing other stuff So the R1 causes an MTU error by the sounds of it... Hmm... What R1 firmware version are you using?
  12. Welcome to the forum! So i've never come across this MTU error before. Does the MTU error still occur even when a switch is between the 360 and the R1?
  13. Ok Xbox party chat still not working. Darn. Looks like PSN party chat might be working now though so that's progress. I'll look into why the Xbox party chat is being problematic. I imagine we just need to whitelist some Microsoft servers.
  14. Currently, on the R1, no. This ability may be added in future firmware updates.
  15. You should put the downstream device into the dmz of the upstream device. So if it goes modem > tp link > xr500 > console, you'd put the xr500 in the dmz of the tp link
  16. It's not a firmware update, it's a cloud update. Cloud updates are downloaded automatically by your router every day. If you want to make sure, you can press the FLUSH CLOUD button on the Geo-Filter. This will produce an "operation took longer than expected" error, but you can ignore this and refresh the page. Your cloud will now be up to date.
  17. If you let us know what problems you're having, we'll be happy to help. Big updates on the way!
  18. In my view, the only security risk is having DMZ going all the way to a computer. Routers have built in protection against port scanning and such, so having DMZ going to a router specifically shouldn't be a problem.
  19. BT Hubs do use PPPoE, you just can't see the settings because it's all done behind the scenes. It's possible that this issue is being caused by something the ISP is doing on their end. Some ISPs prioritize streaming video to the detriment of everything else.
  20. The only result that's inaccurate on DSLreports it their bufferbloat rating, the rest is fine. The tricky element is that one is bound to experience packet loss while doing a download test because they're intentionally flooding your connection to push it to its maximum. The PingPlotter test suggested above avoids this by saturating the connection from seperate devices. The way our anti-bufferbloat works is by balancing the usage of multiple devices, so to test it ideally requires the use of multiple devices. For example, you've got two computers doing huge downloads, and a playstation trying to play online. If you turn on anti-bufferbloat, the two PCs can be prevented from completely saturating the whole network and causing dropped packets. The playstation will get a low latency connection, at the expense of download speed, and the PCs that are downloading will probably experience some packet loss, at least initially while the server sending them packets adjusts to the new setting.
  21. Hello DumaArmy, We have recently improved our internal tools for managing the Geo-Filter Cloud. Now, it will be much quicker for us to adjust the position of game servers on the map when they are incorrect. We have published a cloud update containing all of the mislocated servers that have been reported thus far, but we need more! If you connect to a server that you believe has been misplaced on the map, let us know by filling in the form below. The reports will be checked frequently and uploaded to the cloud database after we've verified that they are correct. We have also added a space on the form for you to add your forum name, if you want. This will enable us to quickly respond to reports from users with a good track record of accurate reporting. With our improved tools, and the help of the community, we'll be able to make new titles compatible much faster than ever before. Loading…
  22. We're going to be teasing the new software as we get closer to launch, a tactical hype building campaign... Keep an eye on the forums!
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