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  1. It could be that your old cable was faulty, or perhaps you were using something lower than cat6 or 5e. Either way i'm happy that you've got crispy crispy games, but it's worth bearing in mind that the XR500 and XR700 can't handle more than 1gig on a port, and even if they could, games uses so little bandwidth that it would be unlikely to affect the crispiness.
  2. There's a setting called SIP ALG which could be affecting it, this can be disabled on the router.
  3. Welcome to the forum! What are your current QoS settings? Do you have Share Excess Bandwidth enabled?
  4. Have you made sure that ports are open to the XR500? If you can't get open NAT even when using DMZ on the XR500 then it means the XR500 doesn't have access to those ports. You need to forward them from the upstream router or put the XR500 into DMZ.
  5. Welcome to the forum! I'll assume from the forum you've posted in that you're on DumaOS. Have you got the R1 connected to another router upstream? Are you using reserved or static IP addresses?
  6. Are you using the XR500 underneath your ISP router or in place of it?
  7. Don't know about anti-jitter specifically, but Geo-Fencing should help.
  8. If you're playing on a console and your device type in Device Manager is set to a console, then Modern Warfare and Warzone will be caught by DumaOS Classified Games If you're playing on PC, then it probably won't be caught at present. It will be added in DumaOS 3.0, along with a system for updating DumaOS Classified Games through the cloud so that you don't need to wait for firmware updates.
  9. You'll be notified by email when you've been given access. The beta for the XR500 will be conducted through Netgear's forums. The R1 beta will be conducted here on the Netduma forums.
  10. Yeah possibly... I think that using our advanced device detection, it might be possible to make some educated guesses about merges... But if it's less than 100% accuracy we really wouldn't want to implement it.
  11. I was under the impression that as long as you had one secure router with a firewall between you and the outside world, you'd be okay. Like if you enable port scan protection on the XR500 surely the fact that the initial router is open doesn't matter?
  12. I can confirm that we're adding a REMOVE OFFLINE DEVICES button in DumaOS 3.0! Don't get too excited.
  13. Alright noted, thanks. Cloud update VERY soon. Thanks for your patience.
  14. I don't know for sure but I think it will be a matter of days.
  15. XR500 invites are rolling out as we speak, so I think you'll get yours in the next few days, probably. We haven't decided the first rollout date for the R1 yet, but it's soon. We just need to work out a few more kinks in the firmware.
  16. I think the first few people have been invited to the XR500 beta so I imagine the emails will start rolling out more widely very soon.
  17. Hmm, that could work... Or maybe click and drag? I discussed it with our design guy and he has raised a few issues with it, such as the distinction between groups and merges being unclear... Anyway, we will work on this, thanks for the suggestion.
  18. I know you mentioned TFTP before, but I'm certain that if it's done correctly, TFTP will fix your problem. Take a look at this guide, make sure to follow it step by step and to the letter: https://kb.netgear.com/000059633/How-to-upload-firmware-to-a-NETGEAR-router-using-TFTP-client I am sure that this will fix your problem.
  19. Welcome to the forum! Make sure that you are in Filtering mode, make sure that the correct device has been added to the filter (are icons appearing on the map?) Also, after you make changes to the Geo-Filter radius or Ping Assist, you must close down the game completely and open it again.
  20. I like this idea. We are planning on adding a backup feature at some point, so I think we could work something like this into that feature... Perhaps if data could be exported individually from certain rapps? Perhaps if you had check-boxes so you could choose which information to include, and which information to exclude. Then during an import, you could choose which data to overwrite, which data to append, and which to leave. I like it a lot, i'll put it on the roadmap!
  21. I agree this would be awesome. I will put this onto our internal roadmap. Ideally it would be good if DumaOS could figure out which interfaces belong to the same device, but I don't know if we receive enough information from each device to make those decisions reliably. Perhaps a MERGE button? You choose one device, press MERGE, then choose the second device from the list. Maybe you could then label the interfaces in the side panel, but give the device a master name on top of those interfaces.
  22. No not yet, we will soon though, the 3.0 beta launch is so close I can almost taste it.
  23. I think the first few people are being invited now, so i'm sure it won't be too long.
  24. For gaming, powerline adapters are pretty good, I agree. Yeah the maximum bandwidth isn't fantastic but gaming hardly uses any bandwidth once all the patches are downloaded. It's all about that ping.
  25. It can have an effect on a slower connection, but if you've got a connection over 100mbits or so, it's unlikely to help... So to narrow down the issue, I find PingPlotter to be a pretty good tool. Unfortunately there's often not much you can do about a problem outside of your house but I guess it's good to know who you need to write your complaint emails to! If you can prove that the issue is outside of your house, your ISP will have more pressure to do something about it. They'll try to get rid of you by blaming your internal network setup, so you've gotta be ready with the evidence.
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