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  1. Yes we'll be publishing a cloud update soon. Should also contain some compatibility fixes for some new games.
  2. Perhaps you should put your Geo-Filter radius over Ireland to try and force it to connect there?
  3. Hmm interesting. So there's lots of servers in the same location, all whitelisted? Could you take a screenshot when one of these servers appears? I'd like to see what IDs they have.
  4. The problem with party chat has only occurred since the recent PlayStation update. There's new chat servers that we need to whitelist from our end. We're going to have that update published very soon. For the time being, you should disable auto-ping-host, then as you connect to a party, click on any servers that appear and ALLOW them. This will stop them getting blocked by the Geo-Filter. When this american server appears, can you click on it and press DENY? If you can't do that, it suggests that it's been whitelisted, and it might need to be un-whitelisted. I do know a temporary workaround though.
  5. Forwarding all ports doesn't fix the issue? Hmm... What have you got the R1 connected to upstream? Another router?
  6. Well good news, we're planning to add a DMZ function. For now, you can just forward all ports, TCP and UDP. Also, welcome to the forums!
  7. Welcome to the forums! What game are you trying to play? Did you change your Geo-Filter settings at all when this changed? Has the american server got a white ring around it? Did it have a white ring around it before?
  8. Ooooh he's talking about the hotfix firmware. The hotfix firmware is official but it was never officially released by Netgear. Check out the thread below.
  9. Yeah here's a more official looking link: https://kb.netgear.com/000060464/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-40
  10. Yes they've been reported to us before, and I think you're probably right, there's likely some new servers that we need to whitelist. Going to be doing some testing to figure this out.
  11. The Geo-Filter has a whitelist that we update frequently. This whitelist contains what we refer to as "authentication servers". These are servers that are required for games to run. Usually these servers log you in, check your purchases, that kind of thing. They don't actually host gameplay. The idea behind whitelisting them is that it should stop you from being able to stop your game from functioning. In future we may add a button allowing you to ignore the whitelist, or to just hide the whitelisted servers from the map. I think the whitelist is a good feature but it's unclear and can be confusing to new users. -- Blocked players, or peers, outside of your radius, will be prevented from connecting directly to you. If they connect to a dedicated server that is within your radius, then the Geo-Filter can do nothing about it. Peers would only be blocked from making a direct connection. Most games use dedicated servers so it's largely irrelevant.
  12. It's compatible, but not FULLY compatible. What I mean by that is that you can't control all of the DumaOS features through that app. The DumaOS app is coming soon though.
  13. Well I assume you saw the DumaOS 3.0 announcement? Also I can see you're a DumaOS Insider.
  14. I imagine the packet loss is caused because the speedtest is intentionally trying to flood the connection to it's maximum capacity. In most situations, a server will slow down sending packets when one gets dropped. This technique is used to figure out what video quality your connection you can handle... but for a speedtest I imagine they push lots of data regardless of how many packets get dropped. If the problem only occurs during a speedtest, I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. Thanks! Fraser and I try very hard to keep the community happy. Sometimes it's hard as we're often limited in what we can say, but if the community speaks we let the devs know. Bug reports and suggestions are not falling on deaf ears.
  16. Okay i'll do this today. Give me a couple of hours and i'll get to it! Make sure port 7777 is open cause i'm COMING IN Oh also, welcome to the forums!
  17. We'll be adding more people as we need them. We'll invite people who applied first before people who applied more recently, so you're in a good position!
  18. Oh well is Google's public DNS servers, and is Cloudflare's public DNS. I don't know which is better, they both do the same thing.
  19. Oh i'm sorry I thought you were on DumaOS. It has a different layout which is why my instructions were dodge.
  20. Well the R1 uses by default, whereas the XR500 uses, so that's slightly different But the interface is largely the same. The biggest differences are in the Settings section, which is unique to Netgear routers.
  21. Forse hai bisogno di impostare un server DNS personalizzato per far funzionare la connessione statica? Vorrei utilizzare e
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