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  1. This is the kind of tech support I like. The thread was solved before I even got here. Thanks killhippie!
  2. Ah yeah unfortunately the Netduma R1 doesn't have WPA. Could you try accessing the printer's IP address from a browser and see if it has a web interface? You might be able to edit the wifi settings from there.
  3. The fact that it can't even detect the cable is mildly concerning. I'd say try another cable just to make sure.
  4. People in the past have experienced issues getting smart devices (such as lightbulbs) to talk to each other. This is something we're aware of, and Netgear is aware of, but unfortunately I think it's something that can only be fixed with a future software update.
  5. Regarding the r-app not loaded issue, some people have been able to fix this by doing the following: Go to device manager Find any Nintendo Switches that are or have been connected to the router Change their device type to Xbox This, weirdly enough, should fix it.
  6. Make sure that "all sites on the internet and home network" is selected on the VPN page.
  7. That's right, all features are installed and turned on right now, but the concept with R-Apps is that they will be modular, and you'll be able to install and uninstall them at will. Keep an eye on future version updates!
  8. Hi mike tango, welcome to the forums! Are you on the latest firmware version? It's If you are on the latest, i'd suggest using a private/incognito window to load up DumaOS. If this fixes the issue, you need to clear your browser cache. If none of that works, try doing a factory reset.
  9. It's my job to keep the firmware updates section of the forum up to date, so it's possible this is actually my mistake and I forgot to update it. I'll look into this, thanks for bringing it to our attention. FYI: All of our firmware goes through extensive QA testing at Netduma and also at Netgear. Sometimes Netgear publishes an update which doesn't involve our sections of the software, and in this situation it's possible we wouldn't be involved in the testing.
  10. I've never heard of that before, I'll ask the devs to look into it.
  11. Hmm is there a settings backup option on the ISP router? If the sticker says not to do it, i'd be pretty nervous about doing it to be honest.
  12. Is this required in order for it to work with your broadband provider? Maybe. We might be able to do this in future, but it would be a major overhaul to Hybrid-VPN. It won't be in DumaOS 3.0.
  13. We haven't tested the Geo-Filter with this game yet. It's possible that it will work straight away.
  14. Instead of adding the PS4 to the Traffic Prioritization menu using the Games Console profile, could you try going to Advanced and specifying ports 1-65535?
  15. IPv6 will not be required on LAN but may be needed on WAN. If Geo-Filter isn't doing anything then i'm at a bit of a loss as to why party chat wouldn't be working as normal. Is UPnP enabled?
  16. And I assume that the NAS is quite close to Router 2? Because 5GHz has a much shorter range than 2.4GHz.
  17. Oh right. Well it will be much easier with auto ping disabled. You can just click on the server you want to allow/block.
  18. Hm okay... If you to to Settings > Setup > WAN Setup and tick Disable SIP ALG, does that help?
  19. Well those speeds sound about right for 2.4GHz, not for 5GHz. Are you using the mode where 2.4 and 5GHz are linked together?
  20. Make sure that you haven't artificially lowered your connection speeds in Congestion Control.
  21. After typing @name you have to click on one of the people that appears in the drop down. This might be tricky on mobile.
  22. As a test, could you to go QoS, open the anti-bufferbloat side menu and tick Disable QoS. Maybe this will help.
  23. That's odd. The Don't Show This Again boxes should definitely be working. Are all of your settings being reset when your router restarts?
  24. Now that we're back from holidays i'll look into this further. Could you please email us at [email protected] and include a link to this thread? Thanks.
  25. Well there was a minor firmware update last year, but yeah it has been a while. The big update will be out this year.
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