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  1. Have you tried going into your R1 and port forward the ports to your PC games and putting them in manually? Hopefully Fraser or Alex might be able to help. I only play and deal with consoles....I'm not going to be much help with PCs. Sorry.
  2. What model duma do you have? R1? Xr500 or Xr700? if R1 and By chance, if youre on console do you have more the one console that plays games in your house? when I had my R1 if my son got online to play COD it would takr their port on UPNP and if i got on with him i would be moderate. if you have one of the XR models...how do you have it set up? DMZ? port forwarding? do you have your nat filtering set to open if you are on the XR model?
  3. I tried putting ipv6 on auto detect just to see since I have noticed lag in every game and I'm on fiber. With it on auto detect...i keep getting booted every 5 minutes DURING the game for it to fine another connectivity...I had to turn it off...made me even more laggy.
  4. Will do!...like I said I just couldn't figure out why only using ports would strict the Xbox one ..but I'll try it without all QOS and let you know..thanks a lot man for all your help and reply backs.
  5. Depends on the game... COD sits around 25-30 using the Geo filter..fortnite servers are in my state so I'm always on that which sits around 15-20 ping. Since I have 1g fiber I haven't been using my qos sliders but I do keep it in qos in always with the sliders at 100% sometimes I play with it and put qos in never but in always @100 it seems better..could just be me. I was told on here when I got the fiber I don't really need to use the sliders since my internet is so high I probably won't have much congestion since I have nothing in wifi ever. I also don't want to cause any conflicts so I took my ports off and just using upnp and rebooted the router but won't get to okay until tonight.
  6. Should I not run upnp with ports? I've got the ports going to my PS4..so when I look on my duma it's showing I'm not using in ports through upnp
  7. Yeah I'm find with upnp..the ports I'm using are what it posted on here from ebrimmer and other guy. As for the lag..I mostly feel it..it's not like rubber banding lag more of like on COD and other fpsg games...the hits just don't seem to register
  8. The Asus is in AP mode...Im not sure why I was thinking the Asus upnp was on..I can't even get into the asus router ..my mistake haha. And yes I'm at home now and the xr500 does pick up on it. Yes, I have it checked open instead of secured. So like right now if I was to go into my xr500 turn off DMZ and upnp and only ran my ports...and rebooted everything..the Xbox would read strict and on his screen it will say the Xbox can't find a upnp available. If I go back to the xr500 and turn the upnp back on..his Xbox goes to open with no problems.
  9. My set up right now is Att fiber modem -> xr500 (PS4 off xr500)-> Asus router (in AP mode with xbox one off Asus) Not sure why it's happening but I have DMZ off and upnp on Nat checked open. I mostly have always used Port forwarding (just like that way better) but I have my son's Xbox on a AP router that as upnp on), if I turn off upnp and trying using just Port forwarding his Xbox one says it can't find a upnp available and gives him a strict. If I use upnp it's find but it feels laggy. Right now I've got upnp on with some ports open for my PS4. Is this set up fine? Or is there a way I can run just ports but have his Xbox go open?
  10. Wait.. haha...its 1 gig..not 1000 gigabytes..sorry...I'm so use to saying 1000u/1000d...its 1 gig... so at 1 gig...would I need to do all that.
  11. I have my ps4 on mine but I have AP router running off of it...I noticed the only thing that truly matters for me is to have UPNP open pr my son's xbox will go moderate because his xbox one won't find a available UPNP (that's the error it says when he tries logging on)
  12. Alex, What would you say is the best setup even with a console?. I thought I read to use Dmz and either UPNP or Dmz with ports for open nat.
  13. Just curious...I have been upgraded to fiber internet. I have 1 gig up and down now, I've read somewhere with the high speeds like this theres really no need to run the sliders and even disable the geo filter. Is this true? I dont have many devices running on my internet at one time which is a AP router in my son's room and he runs a laptop and sometimes his cell phone..that's about it. I'm just looking for some advice as to still adjust sliders on my COD games or with those speeds just open up everything and let it run? Btw I'm on ps4 wired with DMZ and UPNP with a open nat..so I'm good there.
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