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  1. I just went to the netgear community through the router (online support) and found the .40 downgrade and put it back....ever since I went back to the .40 I haven't been booted playing COD online and that was yesterday afternoon when I went back.
  2. I won't know until i just home tonight... I'm at work still.
  3. Thanks for the reply zippy!.. I did not do a factory reset after i did the .56 update. I didn't think shit doing that...i don't remember ever having to do that with a firmware update... But if that's the solution I'll try that then.
  4. Alex, As for me..yes . I've not had a boot offline in the weeks ive had my xr500... Once i did the .56 update it's like every 5 to 8 mins i get "lan not connected" and then I'm booted...it comes right back on... But in about about 5 to 8 it does it again.... Once i downgraded back to .40 firmware i haven't got kicked once.
  5. Ive had this router for a couple of weeks now and have had zero problems...I did the .56 firmware update yesterday afternoon and kept getting booted offline like every 5 minutes nonstop. I couldnt even get into a game of blackout. I resorted back to the .40 firmware and never got booted. I'm not sure why its acting up.
  6. So I did the update today about an hour ago and for some reason after the update I'm getting booted offline about every 5 minutes. AS of right now I'm back to the old firmware .40 and I havent been booted yet. Is there something I did wrong or was it a strange download and should try it again?
  7. Thanks alot guys! I ended up taking DMZ off...turning UPNP back on and leaving my ports forward and leaving my address reservation static and reset everything and got a open nat and I can tell the hitmarks are alot better and the game in general is playing better. Thanks again for the help!
  8. So I upgraded from having the R1 to this XR500...my problem is when If I run the XR500 in DMZ and upnp...for some reason I'm getting moderate nat type in the COD (yes I know the game is garbage haha). So I tried port forwarding ports with DMZ and UPNP on and I got an open but it feels pretty laggy (way more then usual). Finally I tried using DCHP with address reservation like how the R1 was and I turned off UPNP but left DMZ on and got an open. My question is....does this sound normal? on any of my netgears routers Ive always been able to just DMZ/UPNP it and open. Can anyone think of what would cause this? Also, It is ok to just run DMZ with DHCP with ports open? IT wont cause any conflict will it?
  9. I tried that and put my static ip thats going to my ps4 and when I rebooted everything I had no internet...so I wasnt sure what I was doing wrong. Any ideas why it would not give me internet? Should I uncheck my ps4 in the dhcp though?
  10. Ok so I have the original netduma with the new dumaOS, my question is can I static ip my ps4 to the router or is it having it set under the dhcp and reserved id addy to my ps4 the samething? If I can static IP my ps4 to my router do I need to turn off the dhcp? I left the dhcp reserved ip on and still tried the static but it wouldnt let me have the internt back so I changed it back.
  11. well I thought I would let you guys know I'm going to have to try the plugging my router and maybe the modem into the wall outlets to see...it took about the normal two or three days and my router went offline again.
  12. Now sharing it and the modem....that wouldnt cause enough low voltage that it would mess with playing online would it?...You think I should plug the modem and the router into the wall or wold that not effect game play with the voltage to the devices?...it would just knock it offline?
  13. I just did the DCHP lease to 168 hours which will be a week from now...SO I will see...I actually do have my R1 connected to a surge protector....is that the same thing? I'll see if the DCHP lease will fix it 1st....if not then I will try it plugged straight to the wall. As always...thanks so much for the help Fraser...and you too Jack!!
  14. Ive never had it reboot/kick offline while I'm home...Its always when I get home from work...the lights on the duma are still blinking as if its on..but I notice my PC as no internet to it and the interface isn't loading on my monitor as well as my PS4 is telling me im not coonection. That's when I have to actually pull the power supply to reboot it because I cant access the PC at all.
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