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  1. I have ATT with 1gig...and doing speed test I always get some drops also....and between 700-900 is normal readings....the closest Ive ever got to 1000 reading was like 995...thats rare but I do and have had drops down in the low 200s before. Also, did you disable the firewall in the BGW210? and Not sure if you play any COD (this wont have anything to do with your speed testing) but did you go under NAT/Gaming and assign Call of duty to your R2? that will help in FPS games.
  2. just wanted to thank you and let you know I appreciate all your help and answering back...I know and see how many people are needing help and you do your very best to help all of us out...thank you for that.
  3. Fraser, When I was doing just my ports like I was telling you about, I didnt realized that that pop up had anything to do with my ports...but I was getting that same error pop up on my screen. So it has to be something going on with the ports since I cant get an open nat either.
  4. with UPNP off....it does not show any port entries however I stay mod in all games....I even signed into warzone under my PC and its mod....for some reason ports just arent working on this R2.....like I said on my R1 xr500 and even XR700 I was always able to use ports or upnp.....I wonder if theres a flaw with port forwarding no one as picked up on?
  5. I only have an open nat IF I included UPNP....if I only use port forwarding it makes me moderate...thats why I cant figure it out....oh most of my routers from you guys I've always been able to either use UNPN....or port forward....if i port forward and then use UPNP WITH it....it opens up...but now I'm thinking its only open because of the UPNP....so port forwarding doesnt work on this router.
  6. my console shows type 2......I really never run my geo filter since I have a gig up and down i usally get pretty good low ping lobbies so I know its not the geo filter.
  7. Here...I even tried this was of putting in ports and then rebooted the router and modem and still getting MOD on call of duty .....this is with UPNP OFF....I was just checking it like this...I'll reboot and try it with these posts on and have UPNP on.....its just strange that the R2 wont allow just ports. I wonder why?
  8. oh ok.....so you can keep UPNP on with port forwarding? I thought I read on here you should either have one or the other so it doesnt confuse it....am I wrong? I hope I am....I will try it with both on then and let you know.
  9. I'll have to send a screen shot later...I'm using my phone right now to message. Yes, I'm turning off UPNP...I'm following the same steps I've used on my RI, XR500 and XR700 ...Ive never had a problem until now. I'l got the rule off the site a while back where you start with 1 and end the ports with 655325 but I'll have to go back in and set it back up because I had to delete it and put UPNP back on.
  10. I use the rule thats been on this site the 1-65535 UDP and static that to my PS4 IP. HAHA I know it doesnt matter and Ive chatted with Jack about this before, but for some reason when I run ports I feel like the hitmarkers are different almost like I'm a little ahead (Jack said it shouldnt and I agree but still feels different) and to be honest sometimes I just like trying different things on these routers. I missed with different things back when I had the R1 and sometimes I found on that the ports helped. I'm sure its placebo but I'm telling it it feels different. I think its strange that it wont accept any ports.
  11. Why on my R2 if I put it in port forwarding with 1-65535 like I have always done on my R1 and xr500 I get a mod nat? I tried everything and COD still shows it. Once I switch it over to UPNP it opens right up and says I'm using 4074.
  12. Also, When youre in warzone have you checked to see if your NAT is open?
  13. Who do you have your gig with? I have a gig through ATT and even on my R2 I actually get better pings then with xr700..I dont know why or how but my numbers are actually lower. I have to use the modem too (they said its because its designed for the gig) On mine I have to go into my att modem and set it my router through the IP Passthrough and then put my MAC address throught the firewall. Have you checked to see if there a IP for your modem to get into it?
  14. Did you reboot the R2 though the software or unplug the power supply from the actual router?
  15. Yes a reboot fixed it....however the same pop up did come back up after the reboot but when I clicked ok it stayed gone. Wonder what made it pop up on mine and others on the same day?
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