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  1. I changed it to 1 min....logged completely ps4...I think I have it working...but I'm having to manually refresh after a min before logging in...so we will see...I'll let you know tomorrow..thank you for all your help man!!
  2. ok ill give that a try....and im not leaving it in standby...im shutting it down completely
  3. so I put in the numbers on my upnp...played on ps4 for a bit...went back about an hour later and switched over to the pc to see...it didn't work...pc was in mod nat. Rebooted the router ...when I to pc and not was open...switched over to ps4...not was mod...so they are both still grabbing 3074 and holding on to it in the upnp list. Tried to dmz the pc...and left everything normal...rebooted everything...signed i to ps4...open...logged off there...signed i to cod on pc...had a mod nat...haha...so I'm lost of why these two are working together.
  4. I won't be home for like another 2 hours but I'll change it out when I get home and then let you guys know. Do you think putting the PC in dmz would keep it open? I know a lot of people don't like using dmz. I'm just trying to figure out something so I don't have to reboot my router twice a day since I play on PC and PS4 a lot
  5. ok so I tried leaving everything under UPNP and I port forwards 3075..didnt work it was mod and the PC still showed up on the upnp chart showing it was using 3074 and 3195.....so I changed the port forward to 3074 hoping that my ps4 wouldnt pick up on it since the PC would be running under port forward...that didnt work...not sure why my devices are showing up on upnp list when Im running ports...its never done that with other devices. anyways, can you think of anything else? I'm not understanding why PC and a console cant work under the same ports when one of them arent online.
  6. yes I have had mod come up before when I left the geofilter on and signed back in...but Ihave used the geo filter in months...its been off
  7. ok i tried disabling upnp and ran nothing but ports and actually assigned 3075 to the PC...and went in and still got MOD....so I'll change it back top upnp and then just use one port to the PC and see what that does.
  8. do you think it would be better if I disabled upnp and just opened ports and see if it would still grab it?
  9. yeah when it use to be two consoles I didnt have a problem....mostly because xbox used a different port then ps4. not sure what you mean when you say a "backend server"? but I havent really started playing in parties on my PC but I do on ps4.
  10. I have the nat set to open under WAN....I think the problem is when I look under UPNP....once the console takes 3074....then when I sign on to the PC...that too takes the port 3074 which is whats making my have it mod.
  11. I recently bought a PC to start gaming on but I also still play on my PS4...I'm running a XR700 with both. So my question is....is there a way I can play on either of them and not get a mod nat when I try and play COD? my router picks up 3074 on my ps4 and sometimes later in the day or the next morning I'll jump on my PC (learning how to play MnK) and 3074 gets pick up on by the PC and so the game runs mod. IF I jump back on PS4(when i get annoyed with MnK) now my ps4 is reading mod nat. I know why because of the ports..I didnt realize PC uses 3074...I thought PC would have different ports....So I'm guessing to anyone that plays on both...whats the way without me having to reboot my router each time I wanna play both in one day. Thanks
  12. Thanks a lot Bert!... appreciate all the info
  13. ok I have none of that...is it ok to still use it as a ian port and plug my ps4 or PC that I game on to the 2 ports...or is it better to go to the next ports? Does it even matter?
  14. I was moving some of my wiring around today and I noticed on the back of my XR700 the lan ports 1 and 2 saying port aggregation. Does pluging my ps4 into these ports help it? Since I'm not that familiar with this, I'm assuming PS4 doesnt support it? IF it doesnt support this is it ok to still plug my ps4 into port 1? Does it do anything to the ps4? should I plug the ps4 into ports 3 or 4 or 5...kinda like the "normal" ports? Just curious it it matters. Port Aggregation
  15. Fraser, Since you guys helped me so much on trying to figure out what was going on with my xr500, thought I would let you guys know...it was something to do with my ATT fiber and putting it in AP mode. I called and got another company that I use to use to turn on a high speed line for me and I connect all my sons stuff to that line and used my own modem and the xr500 and then kept all my stuff on ATT....so 2 completely different lines coming into my house and both routers have been working fine all day. So I was able to narrow it down to ATT must have done some kind of modem upgrade/update or something to make it all of a sudden kick offline. Thought I would let you guys know...everything is back and up and running with no problems! Side note....do you guys know about how long netgear is taking to put out the 3.0? I know you said you had Alex tell them to put me on the priority list but I havent heard anything from them. I use my [email protected] on here...and when I signed up for the beta I used [email protected] sure if they take forever. Again...thank you guys so much for your fast replies back trying to help me!
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