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  1. When setting up the ports this way, are you guys still keeping duma classified games enabled? Or are you unchecking that and just doing the ports?
  2. Sorry for the late post! Mine is completely rebooting...like kicking me off the internet...lights on the netgear going black...in a few 30 secs or so...it all comes back online and my ps4 and pc get back online. I did a factory reboot two days ago and wipe everything clean and didnt use any saved setting and just manually set my router back up. Ive been at work both days and I havent asked my son (whos in between classes around the time of day it shuts down) yet if hes seen it go down yet. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Well I plugged the xr500 into the wall yesterday and it disconnected around 3pm again.. Not sure why it's just started randomly doing this.
  4. yes I DO have it plugged into a power protector...I'll try that and give a few days and let you know! Thanks for all your help Fraser!!
  5. Yes Im very sure (I keep my router on my desk at my PS4.) So I'm see it log off as I'm playing, I'm watching all the lights reboot and after a few minutes it boots all back up. I am running my ps4 with a reserved IP in LAN. Is there anything in the DHCP lease time I should change or check to make sure its on the right setting?
  6. IS there a setting I could look at in my router that might be disconnecting my like once a day? I havent had any trouble with it but its turning into like midday everyday and while I'm playing and it just does a reboot and everything boots back up. It just starting doing it out of the blue. I have changed my cat5 cable going from my ISP modem to my router, my modem never reboots...its just the router that does it.
  7. HAHA...nevermind...I read that comment before that wrong
  8. So if I have my xr500 in DMZ....youre saying dont use any ports or UPNP?
  9. Im using QOS and my geo filter and my ping is showing me in my 30s every game...and I'm getting melted before I even see them...I've tried messing with everything on my router and I feel like I'm 3 seconds behind everyone in this game. I'm having trouble shooting guys that are going 3-15 in games. I normally carry around a 2kd in every COD...so i'm not the best player but I'm not this bad.
  10. Once I went back to .40 firmware I didnt get any boots again so I knew it was the .56
  11. The whole internet...about every 8 minutes I'll get kicked off ...wifi and If im gaming (which is hard wired into my XR500). I never did a factory reboot...but I rebooted the router many times and my modem.
  12. Sorry if I have missed someone asking this but when I did the update and reset I still kept getting booted like every 8 minutes...so the past few weeks I've been using the old firmware to keep from getting booted. Has there been a patch to fix that yet? One of the mods told me that the devs knew about the booting.
  13. I just went to the netgear community through the router (online support) and found the .40 downgrade and put it back....ever since I went back to the .40 I haven't been booted playing COD online and that was yesterday afternoon when I went back.
  14. I won't know until i just home tonight... I'm at work still.
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