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  1. Are you wanting to update and put the 3.0 beta on it? If so click up on "NETDuma" heading and it will bring you back to the forum page and scroll down to latest firmwares...look for R1 and click on the link and it will take you to it.as for your ping.....I just either added the server I want or I would move my geo filter circle over the server I want.
  2. Thanks alot Liam! You guys have always been quick to help anytime Ive needed it ever since I owned the R1 til now. AS for chaning the device name...everything is still working for me.
  3. Ive been home for about 45 minutes and I'm randomly trying to turn the geo filter off and on and its working....again all I did was go back into device manager and rename my playstation back to what it was normally and thats it and Im not having any problems.
  4. I am not getting it on the QOS page when I click on anything there...I'm only getting it on the geo filter page when I ture the filter on and off...and its also doing it on the dashboard as well. however I think I have fixed it! I was surfing the pages on here about the same pop up and I saw where someone asked about have thery had changed any device names of our devices. I noticed it had playstation 4 where before it was just playstation. I didnt think that mattered since I factory reset after the download. I ended up changing it back to just playstation without the 4 and so far all day and last night when I turned the geo filter off and on its working normal. When I get home I'll check and mess with it again just to see what it does.
  5. I looked in my extensions on google and I'm not running an adblocker. Yes my PC is running windows 10.
  6. I'm using Google chrome....I'm not sure.... I'm assuming if it's on...turn it off? As for device...it's a benq monitor.
  7. So I put the beta 3.0 on my XR700 Friday and now I'm constantly getting a popup every time I go turn my geo filter on of " RPC error 'ERROR_NOENT': Rule not found in chain" I actually factory reset my 700 then put the beta on it....factory reset it again and then set it up how I wanted it. Ive rebooted a few times and it goes away for like 5 minutes but then comes back. any ideas? factory reset it again? maybe a setting thats causing this? Ive read the bad things of what others are getting...I'm wondering if I should go back to the previous firmware until all the bugs get fixed
  8. We would only need to factory reset the router with the new upgrade if we are having problems right? Or should we factory reset the R2 after the upgrade just to make sure everything is in sync?
  9. I'm not sure which to believe to be honest...I can be cod and look on my router and it says I'm in a 18ms lobby...but it's not playing like a 18ms lobby ..I still shoot 1st....die 1st...I've never been where it feels like the router ping that's showing.
  10. Yeah ...those are the ones I used....somehow Im still getting a MOD nat type in call of duty. I disabled the geo filter and everything....I'm using under TP the source 1-65535 and destination 1600-65535 like some were saying but im having to use UPNP in order to get an open nat.
  11. what ports in port forwarding are you running? Just 1-65535? they dont interfere with the ones in under Traffic priorazitization? What does your set up look like?
  12. I have ATT with 1gig...and doing speed test I always get some drops also....and between 700-900 is normal readings....the closest Ive ever got to 1000 reading was like 995...thats rare but I do and have had drops down in the low 200s before. Also, did you disable the firewall in the BGW210? and Not sure if you play any COD (this wont have anything to do with your speed testing) but did you go under NAT/Gaming and assign Call of duty to your R2? that will help in FPS games.
  13. just wanted to thank you and let you know I appreciate all your help and answering back...I know and see how many people are needing help and you do your very best to help all of us out...thank you for that.
  14. Fraser, When I was doing just my ports like I was telling you about, I didnt realized that that pop up had anything to do with my ports...but I was getting that same error pop up on my screen. So it has to be something going on with the ports since I cant get an open nat either.
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