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  1. OK...I just remembered flush cloud...and then I noticed to resync it...it wont let me...I keep getting this app is taking too long please try again later.
  2. Under Geo filter....click on the 3 lines...mine use to say flush cloud...now its saying resync cloud....Im wanting to know why it changed from flush cloud to resync cloud....which is why I was asking...if its saying im not sync...am I not getting any updated server changes or anything like that.
  3. Ive tried everything...it still shows I need to resync the cloud...When I sign into cold war..it shows servers on the map...what I'm wondering is ...am I getting any updated servers...or because it doesnt sync...I'm getting stuck with nothing but other servers that my router knows about but no new changes.
  4. No every now and then I like to flush the cloud....the actual button is saying resync cloud on it....I click on it and then it times out saying it is taking too long.
  5. I already found the port...all ports work except for 3074....If I put in 3074 port and disable UPNP it makes me COD games moderate everytime. I have no trouble with other ports....we just cant figure out what/where my router is using 3074 at.
  6. Yeah I get that but then why have port forwarding on your router if it doesn't work.
  7. I keep seeing resync cloud under my QOS...but everytime I try and click on it...it just says the app is taking too long....why is it saying to resync cloud and how do I get it to finally sync
  8. Sad to report....I'm still reading moderate when taking UPNP off...with doing everything we talked about....at this point I just want to know why I cant use port forwarding...I know I can "just use UPNP" but I have to be honest...I dont like having something that doesnt work, ya know.
  9. I'm going to send you a picture of the ports they said on sony to use for PS5....then tomorrow...I'll will turn off UPNP and reboot the router and then turn on my ps5...and see what that does...and I'll let you know. As always Fraser...I really do thank you for all the help and help trying to figure out whats going on whenever I have questions.
  10. ok...I just looked up the normal PSN ps5 ports..and put them in for now....again.,...I'm not sure why if i pull upnp off...it reads mod...is there just no why to figure out where the 3074 port is being grabbed behind the scenes somewhere?
  11. heres how I would put them in....
  12. i actually just done 3074 by itself......as for that rule...did I put them in wrong?....I pulled it off of one of the threads on here......should it be 1-65335 then again 1-65335?
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