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  1. Did you perform a factory reset after updating last time. Just be aware there are security vulnerability’s with .40.
  2. Don’t use a discount code, it’s already discounted.
  3. Newfie


    What issues are you having?
  4. The R7800 has better WiFi and is supported well by third party firmware like Voxels who really is on the ball and knows what he’s doing. It was NGs gaming router on launch and still has a good following. Merlin also does some nice stuff too on the Asus routers.great move by Asus to use him.
  5. It’s hardware, if a channel is not showing and you to attempt several times it’s pointing at hardware. you should never need to go into the debug section to solves problems and 11k is roaming and that’s not your issue. I would think about replacing the router with either the same or moving forward to latest spec.
  6. Double check as I got 2 years but am U.K. log in to your Netgear account and check if it’s got any support still under warranty. Mine was a month from being 2 years old. Worth a double check.
  7. If it’s dropping it’s pointing to a hardware issue. I had this on my 2.4 channel where I monitored the output and saw it drop. I was still in warranty so was solved with a free exchange.
  8. Why did you TFTP the router, was it corrupted before hand? turn off Bufferbloat control and test. You need to check if the connection rates internally are ok as if you have a WiFi fault it will show up. Use WIFi Sweetspots and test the internal rates. also make sure that the 5ghz channels is not dropping as I had that on mine. That will create poor performance. Now if for example you added another firmware using TFTP and then tried to reinstall the Duma you may have accidentally damaged the router. TFTP is last resort on a router you lose control off ie corrupted. a factory reset using the rear pin hole is normally sufficient in most cases.
  9. Best to remove your email or else those pesky bots and the not so nice crowd will be spamming away. Always best to message a mod with those details.
  10. Got 2 and ones unlocked from eBay, seems good. @Killhippie might know more on the Draytek.
  11. I’ve not used the draytek one only the HG612. As long as it’s matched to cabinet ie chipset it should be fine and I’ve never had a modem issue with the HG.
  12. Don’t forget to grab a modem like the HG612 or one from another manufacturer. Makes life so much easier, I’m guessing you have one already though.
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