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  1. Hopefully the mods will know and it might shed some light. i don’t know much about that test, I’ve just tried it and I’m fairly sure it’s similar to dslreports. It came up with my connection being poor but I’ve a very good connection and have no issues. I believe it’s something to do with deep packet inspection on the 500 that makes the results off.
  2. I was getting kicked out of Apex and World of Warships and I worked out that under geo filter I simply select spectating mode and that solves the kicks and I live with it. In saying that a few friends have moved away from Virgin and they had problems with constant lag and poor connections. They may have been unlucky though but there is a thread on how to test your line just in case with Ping Plotter.
  3. My MacBook is on the old Yosemite and it runs fine, no issues. Thanks for letting me know it’s not fully compatible with tablets. I use my iPad most of the time but have to flick back to the MacBook if I need to alter anything under the settings.
  4. I too get script errors but only when using my iPad pro. Safari and Chrome pop up with script errors but its only when i attempt to go into settings. I can fiddle with QoS geofilter but as soon as i go to settings a script error shows up once I start to scroll up or down on the setting page. Im running the latest iOS and apps are all up to date.
  5. This might be the Nighthawk app that the op is showing.
  6. Ive always had issues with the ps4 downloading in rest mode. It seems to be very unreliable at best and i normally have to check for updates manually. My friends also mention this. Ive had this problem even on my Apple router and as my friends suffer this too its down to the ps4. Theres an update today on the ps4, reliability one which normally means its an update that will break something.
  7. Hi thanks for your help. Ive double checked the extender and if its off then this mac address is off to and its listed under device on the netduma software but nothing on Netgears software. Im wondering if its maybe something to do with the way the extender works, backhaul channels or something but I'm lost at what it is. I will unblock it and just monitor it, the network monitor shows nothing is going out or coming in which is strange. Love that feature by the way.
  8. Hi I've a strange issue that keeps popping up. I have a mac address 96:2b:ad:c6:b3:e6 and I just can't work out what this is. I have setup up the XR500 from scratch several times and after a short period this mac address appears. I've an EX8000 extender and have attached a photo showing the address under the 8000 and i thought it might be my iPad pro due to an ip address which was the same but I can't find doing a google search anything relating to the mac address. How can I track this down, its blocked but it has me baffled to what this is.
  9. I like the idea of the automation. I use a Xim Apex on my ps4 which allows a mouse and keyboard as i suffer with my old hands. This is very much like you suggested where once i have the settings configured I simply select the game profile and away I go. If the game I play alters i.e. they adjust movement I can flick into to settings and readjust. This is all controlled via an app on my iPad which connects via bluetooth. Profiles would be great as its just a case of selecting it and away you go.
  10. Thank you god just had me in stitches, well done 👍
  11. Newfie


  12. Perhaps as you say the app could be aimed at purely gaming experience so that all the advanced settings like wireless setup, device manager, VPN and others could be done via a PC and settings like geo filter, QoS , network monitor handled via the app for on the fly adjustment. I would be happy with that as some settings I never alter like wireless setup and all it’s related settings under the settings menu.
  13. Hi Thank you for the warm welcome, my apologies for the late reply, work gets in the way 😊 I use my iPad a fair bit and have it setup next to me when I’m playing. I like to see what’s going on and alter it as I play with my friends and we tend to switch games through the evening. I do prefer to control my settings to be honest and have discovered some interesting side affects when in a party on some games. The app would be great as Chrome on my iPad does not always display the information correctly if you need to scroll down or need a setting that’s below the main screen you can’t get to the setting to alter it. I also get a script error if I attempt to change Wi-fi settings so I need to use my MacBook for any Wi-fi settings. Would it be possible for the app to have a basic and advanced setting to allow users to either have a plug and play or full control like the desktop version?
  14. Thank you for your reply and the warm welcome.The numbers had me well baffled 😀 l will keep just the PS4 as console, thanks for the tip. Yes I’m loving the router and the software, it’s made a real difference to my gaming as my old Apple router had no QOS. Must confess I spend as much time looking at the geo filter as I do playing! Thanks again for putting my mind at rest.
  15. Hi I'm a bit new to all this and have recently purchased the XR500 which so far its been plain sailing as I drift through all the settings. When i open device manager and view my network I can click on each client and this opens a window to the right called device settings.Under the name which i altereda I noticed some numbers i.e. 7/35 or 11/35 and was wondering what these represent. My second question is does the device type make a deference as I have an EX8000 extender and I've selected a computer and hue which I've selected laptop. is this just for reference or does this impact how the software treats the connected devices.
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