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  1. Sorry to hear it’s going back. did you manage to get any access in the end as I see you adjusted QoS?
  2. Is Armor on by any chance? While I’m using an AX router it’s not the XR1000 but there’s been a few posts where the GUI is slow.
  3. Hi Did you end up contacting NG support and if so what steps did they have you take?
  4. Update to .66 as you are open to security vulnerabilities on that firmware you are using. after updating perform a factory reset and do not use a saved profile config, set up as new. Test.
  5. Have a look at Fraser PM to see if it helps. I might be inclined to turn mirroring off and split the channels.
  6. @Netduma Fraser could this post be moved to the R2 support page as it might get lost here on the 1 to 1.
  7. There’s going to be some latency involved in WiFi, again as each standard has improved the better WiFi has became. Many believe wired is the only way to game and yes in a way you cut down your risks of issues and in a crowded environment with a R2 I would go wired but if you have very few neighbouring channels around you or if for example your 5 GHz channel is nice and free and you are within a good distance from the Router then gaming should be fine.
  8. Do you have access to the internet via a wired connection when your WiFi drops? what are your settings, is mirrored on for example?
  9. That’s a reboot just so Fraser is aware. A reset is when you use the rear pin hole method or the reset in software but you can try that and setup as new and test. Are you using adblocker?
  10. Are you using the rear pin hole to reset?
  11. No those channels are normally the better choice to use on 2.4 depending on what’s in your area. Saying that many analysers don’t show hidden channels and many routers use auto so when up you check your neighbouring channels using a Wi-Fi analyser an hour later neighbouring channels can move creating interference once again. 5 ghz due to the shorter reach can be useful as the chances are slimmer that neighbouring channels are causing interference. It also offers more throughput so in many cases it’s a lot better for gaming. Wifi can be quite hard to get right at times depending on RFI, placement of Router, The specification of the hardware for the Wi-Fi and so on.
  12. Placement within the property is very important as is checking in for interference from other channels to make the best of the R2 WiFi. to check coverage and internal throughput some of us use an app called WiFi Sweetspots. This can check the throughput on both 2.4 and 5Ghz and you can see where the WiFi is at its weakest or dead spots. Some WiFi analysers show channel utilisation which is also handy along side the above but remember all devices used with these are not accurate as there are variables involved but will help to spot issues.
  13. I’ll tag @Netduma Fraser to see if he knows what the error message means for you but as it’s the evening here you may have to wait till tomorrow for Fraser to respond.
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