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  1. Don’t worry I do silly things too and I call it a senior moment at my age. Glad you got it sorted.
  2. When it drops again look at the modem and check all the lights a still showing, should be 3 showing if you check now.
  3. 8k is around 200mbps and lower as it stands where as in VR you need 200 to 5000mbps for 6 Dof and very low latency which is why OFCOM is pushing 6E but we will not see these speeds until WiFi 7 appears and the clients match it. Simply put most routers hit 200mbps for just tv use but it’s completely different for VR. the good news for consumers is Mediatek should have been showing a WiFi 7 network at this years CES and they are pushing for a possible 2023 launch date and while it’s not confirmed it’s now a race.
  4. No it’s fine, it holds the firmware but clears memory so you are all good.
  5. That’s great. Use the rear pinhole to reset. Hold it in for 20 seconds, release and then allow it to fully boot up before setting up.
  6. If the update went to plan you need to reset and do a fresh set up. once you have done that and it’s up and running then do a test to double check your lan speeds are working as intended.
  7. Were you updating over WiFi? Is so double check the firmware version installed as the client doing the upgrade loses connection. If it’s not updating its best for Fraser or Liam to pop in as they’ve already started the procedure to get you up-to-date and I will just confuse the issue.
  8. It’s under settings, you will see the WiFi tab. Take your time to explore the features so you get to know the layout if it’s now running ok. The chances are both 2.4 and 5Ghz are already on the correct settings but you can double check.
  9. Set the 2.4ghz to 20Mhz and use this channel for IoT devices. Set the 5ghz to 80Mhz. if you are using both your isp and R2 WiFi at the same time insure they are not on the same channel to help with interference. Positioning is very important to obtain the best performance, you may get a tad more out of the R2’s WiFi. The best I’ve achieved on average is 450Mbps.
  10. If it’s just gaming the XR1000 is fine and more so if you have WiFi 6 clients.
  11. I believe the top figure is 160Mhz and most clients don’t support that so it creates issues. Given most clients are also 2x2 you will never achieve the theoretical throughputs so 2400 is fine.
  12. Newfie

    Good or bad?

    Hi, you might be better off using PingPlotter on a wired connection if you are trying to see what’s going on.
  13. Hi are you using the software reset or the rear pin hole? The rear pinhole needs to be pressed in for around 20 seconds to reset the router and is the best method to use.
  14. Are you using Private Relay? This is found under the iCloud settings. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT212614
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