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  1. At the moment you are at 70%, that’s a good starting point, have you tried altering this and each time saturate your connection and see how it looks on PingPlotter? let’s try 53 down and 14 up. Run the test and see if the latency changes on the bottom graph. We are going to see if we can soften out those spikes. When you say run a speed test that saturates it the bottom graph will show how this effects it. Best to run at least 3 speed test so you get a good view of what’s going on. Feel free to post a pic of PingPlotter so we can see how it changes 👍
  2. That’s great, don’t worry about hop 7, it’s not an issue. we can now see when your line is saturated you have latency so the next question is on the congestion control how is it set up. Please post some pics if it helps. Theres no packet loss showing either, the bottom graph would show a nice red line. Just confirm the test was with a wired connection.
  3. Hi thanks for joining and thanks @Netduma Fraser For helping 👍
  4. There is no way 0.2 packet loose is an issue, however it would be helpful for you to run PingPlotter and saturate your network so we can see if there is an issue. if say you saturate your connection and it shows spikes on the bottom graph we can look at how your QoS is set. Normally if there’s an issue you will see high spikes when other traffic is there. Even the first photo of PingPlotter shows no issue as that small amount of packet loose is not carried through the rest of then hops. Saturate your line and see what happens and post the results please.
  5. Did you have the Beta version of IOS 15 before upgrading to the official one?
  6. Those little logs are normal and I have to agree with Fraser that 0.2% is nothing to worry about. Can you try another target rather than BBC. Close down PingPlotter, open, aim at say Google then run a speed test to saturate your line as much as possible. Also what is your QoS settings?
  7. Hi and welcome Normally you would pick a router that suits your networking needs, so if you have lots of devices and say some are AX and WiFi and coverage is important the XR1000 would be a nice choice. The XR500 is a WiFi 5 wave 2 router and very good at handling a busy network and again has good WiFi coverage but it’s not AX. The R2 is a Netduma router and has the full functions of Duma 3.0. While is can’t compete with the other routers for WiFi it’s fine for a modest household where you don’t have a huge number of clients. This is reflected in the price. A lot depends on your needs. Unfortunately your base ping can’t be lowered as that’s dictated by your line but you can pick a server that offers the best connection which is a great feature.
  8. It really needs to be a wired connection for ping plotter, there is a latency issue as it’s carried from the first hop and continues through all the hops. Wifi has inherent limitations plus you have other devices connected to your isp router. The R2 really needs to handle all devices though and that’s a starting point then you need to connect up wired and see what your results are. Latency from the first hop carried through points to your network.
  9. How are you testing your base ping? Are you using WiFi or are you wired up? Did you test as Fuzy suggested?
  10. Speed tests to servers can be a bit iffy and your location is down to your isp and your address. Sometimes I’m not in my area but that’s not a concern to be honest. If your base ping has risen, there are several ways of getting a rough idea like pinging or using PingPlotter it could indicate an issue with your isp/line. PingPlotter is a handy tool to see what’s going on so well worth a try. Are you able to connect to your isp equipment to check to see if your line has an issue?
  11. Hi and welcome. Unfortunately you cannot connect the router wirelessly to the modem. Some routers do allow this but they are running in WAP mode and at that point you loose all the basic router functions. The R2 really needs to replace the functions of the isp router to see full benefits but if you have a dead spot with WiFi it’s best to use an Access Point to gain the best performance which means wires running from router to AP.
  12. When you reset it does not remove firmware, a reset simply clears the routers memory and put it back to a default state. yes you are on the latest firmware. There’s a support page which is handy if you need firmware, or want documentation. https://www.netgear.com/support/product/xr1000.aspx If auto update is on it may have updated in the background, many turn that feature off so they can update when it’s convenient.
  13. Hi, unfortunately there’s no modem built in so you need a separate modem.
  14. Have you reset your router after any of the updates? there was one recently and it’s best to factory reset if you notice an issue.
  15. Have you tried reinstalling the latest firmware followed by a reset then test. Hopefully Fuzy will pop in to compare his settings with yours but if it were me I would be tempted to do the above. I don’t think there’s been any hardware alterations as the model you have will be the same as Fuzys given the timeline.
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