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  1. https://kb.netgear.com/000060464/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-40 https://kb.netgear.com/000061157/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-56
  2. Have you had issues with pppoe and are you BT? I'm BT running the same setup as you apart from I’ve a different router going at the moment.
  3. If you look through the BT thread some have had a fix so it’s worth posting on BT form and a mod should hopefully escalate the issue if you think it’s their side. You do seem to have to push them though.
  4. Ive had a good old read of the BT forum, all 75 pages and I’m not convinced it’s all down to BT network as quite a few have solved it via third party router and QoS. There’s one or two who had BT fix issues and there’s one who tried an XR router but it did not help but sometimes I wonder if it’s true as swapping out a modern homehub would require a modem and at times people who post about trying different routers never mention modems so I guess some posts have to be taken with a pinch of salt. the BT homehub has no QoS either as it’s just a basic free router with no modem only option. Others have noted Netflix only and others say YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services create the issue. this leads me back to a question. Could there be maybe a bug in the Bufferbloat and a reset or downgrade and upgrade of firmware be worth trying just in case Buster has an issue?
  5. That’s a shame, thanks for letting me know.
  6. Alex just a thought but would a VPN help with this. If for example you are streaming say prime or one of the various streaming services would a VPN hide the fact that you are streaming ie isp can’t tell what activity you are doing so that this way the way they shape performance is nulled?
  7. Maybe some games are more delicate than others, COD vs World of Warships for example. Reading again some of the threads it’s making gaming almost impossible. I have been ping plotting and thankfully I’m ok on BT. I’ve tried everything from MacBook running prime, bbc iPlayer and YouTube plus my shield running all the various video apps. Only time it goes bananas is once I’ve saturated the connection as I’ve got QoS off on my present router. Why some are caught in this while others seem ok is a strange one. I’ve included a PingPlotter pic on my iPad so it’s not like a wired connection and I’m streaming Amazon prime via my shield.
  8. Reading through both links it’s definitely not linked just to BT but others too. I’m guessing due to the fact that streaming is very popular the ISPs have prioritised this. if this is true then I take it no matter what Router you have nothing will solve this issue.
  9. Reading through the BT forum it seems it’s not just restricted to BT. I thought I would see what happens as I’m on BT even though I’ve got another router up and running while my XR is being exchanged for a fault. a quote there is there are plenty of other posts on this issue, which is affecting other ISPs. last night I was running about in division, I had my shield pro streaming iPad with apple film streaming and MacBook on playing from YouTube and I never noticed an issue. ive not got Netflix though and if you think that’s the reason a shield may be useful in that respect.
  10. I’m pretty sure it’s upload only on the HG if that helps
  11. COD has always had that lovely lag comp, the XR500 made no difference to me what so ever no matter what I tried. Trouble with the PS4 and This type of game you will come across players with titans hooked up to Xims. I know as I’ve a Xim but not the Titan hooked up. While my old hands suffer with white finger through using tools and so I find it more comfortable others use the above to take advantage. My few mates run Asus and they get the good old instant kill WTF moments just as I do and it’s part of the course with COD. Yes you can define the servers but you just can’t beat the way it works.
  12. If you have a Wi-fi monitoring program to look at your channels have it up and running and watch to see if the 5ghz channel comes and goes or when your device fails to connect see if it’s there.
  13. Little update as it may help others that may in future have this issue. 2.4 channels are dead even though they show up on auto. auto selects channel 9 or 12 on my scanners. With smart control on as it decides to allocate the bands it means devices drop connection all the time Looks like the hardware failed on this side of the router. Will RMA the unit today for a replacement.
  14. Just spent an hour with netgear, full reset once again and no channel 11. Was told to leave in auto and I mentioned what happen if it selects it and he agreed I would lose connection on 2.4. ive a rma number if I wish to return it or I live with it. I’m fairly sure it’s going to go belly up at some point as it’s unusual to lose a channel as if there is a hardware fault as I can’t see any ref to this on here.
  15. I’ll put it back to auto, it’s been fine for a year though. ive always had smart control on from day one. No matter what I’ve tried there’s an issue on channel 11. It’s as if it’s lost that channel. what I did this morning like fool was I thought I would enable the ht160 and from there I had no Wi-fi and had to reset which is when it all went belly up. It’s a year old so just in warranty. i normally scan each day and 11 has just mine on it which was nice. ive now got a crap load of unknown devices. I think it’s telling me after a year it’s time to move on.
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