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  1. Great stuff, does that mean 3.0 will now be compatible with mobile devices like an iPad for example?
  2. I’ll be on to netgear by now. Their returns are very easy and quick. I sent mine off and 2 days later I received a new router.
  3. Are you resetting then using a saved profile ? if so reset and don’t use a saved config. Setup from new. Make sure all your devices are off too and then turn each device on one at a time. if you are not using a saved profile RMA the unit as Killhippie suggested.
  4. Have you cleared the browsers caches or tried different browsers?
  5. I think it’s not really supported on mobile devices. It’s very hit or miss.
  6. We hope it does not have them!! I had Apple routers before, always found them good, basic but trouble free.
  7. Out of interest are you using IPv6 by any chance?
  8. I’ve not seen Killhippie ask for it to be removed, I think like a few of us we just want to make sure it’s safe and would like to know it’s interaction within the routers software.
  9. Is that result showing 2 issues or are they iffy results?
  10. They tend to get patched quickly though when discovered or new threats appear.
  11. Do you really want to install anything other than trusted software on your router? If it was open source for all to see then at least you would soon see what’s what but it’s your network we are talking about.
  12. Try the guest network out and see if it works. Hopefully your issue can be sorted as security fixes are important.
  13. Do you mean the Philips hue lights? Edit.. I see the bulbs now, do you happen to have smart connect one by any chance? Try also creating a guest Wi-fi point and then connect the bulb to that, I’ve done this in the pass when I had issues with an echo, it would refuse to connect apart from using a guest network. you really need to update the firmware to the latest as it has security patches. Best way is reset your router with the pin hole method, connect to internet, update and reset again and setup fresh. Does not take long.
  14. Hold the reset for one and half mins, that’s what Netgear support had me do lost my 2.4 channels. Never made a difference though. I had also gone through the reinstall the earlier firmware then update to latest, reset, nothing made a difference. im taking it you use a WiFi sniffer like Wi-fi explorer or one of the many to check there’s no Wi-fi being broadcast. if a reset fails and it’s acting up I would contact Netgear Support and start the RMA procedure.
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