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  1. Only a dev can answer that and how much time they require if there was a huge call for it. I can’t off the top of my head think of any routers that offer fragments within a config that can be saved.
  2. Have you scanned The neighbouring channels to see if they are interfering and has anything new been added i.e. Bluetooth devices or any electrical equipment? Are you connecting on the 5 GHz channel and you are seeing a drop on this?
  3. 2 different routers with different WiFi standards. Both offer Duma 3.0 with the R2 having the adblocker and is Netdumas own router where as the XR1000 offers better WiFi and hardware. you need to think what you require, what your setup is and which route to take so if WiFi is important and you have devices that support AX then the XR1000 being WiFi 6 offers advantages. Both will happily give you a great gaming experience once setup. If unsure you have return dates on the R2 and if you purchase the XR1000 through Amazon you have a return window there. If you have a router already that can be used in AP mode then you could purchase the R2 and us the router to handle WiFi if you so wish.
  4. It’s a cool idea but as Liam points out it’s what’s included with a config that would create issues so it would need to be separated. Just for info businesses tend to use more complex networks with controllers, they tend to be more for control, security and ability to remote control if need be by administrator. As such Cisco, Ruckus, Juniper, Draytec, Ubiquiti and more offer better control and security where information is held but are either licensed or free from charges depending on the system. So they may include WiFi security detecting rogue AP points to deauth attacks or they may monitor suspicious activity within a network, greater control of APs, secure sockets within the infrastructure, paid services, multiple Vlans and so on. With the R2 it’s really aimed at domestic users but I wonder if you could separate some aspects that can be used as you suggested. As it stands create a document and copy and paste all the address into that then you simply send that and the details can be copied and pasted in to save a bit of time.
  5. Perhaps that might create issues for you both if you did that. The best way is to talk about this with your brother rather than making the situation worse.
  6. Why don’t you use the TP link in AP mode and turn off the R2 WiFi. That way you would have the coverage and advantages of WiFi 6 while using the R2 to control your network. You might be able to move the TP link to a slightly better position in AP mode to have better coverage. The problem is when you are pushing WiFi at its limit your client must be able to talk back and most routers will push further than a client. The end result is retransmissions and devices hogging the airtime as it takes longer due to errors. A simple way of thinking around this is your router kicks out a 25dbm signal but your phone has a 17dbm signal. The router can talk at greater distance than your phone, the phone struggles at distance and you get errors. While this is going on other devices can’t use that channel until that device has completed its task so the result is a slow down in network performance. This is why mesh systems work well if setup correctly as they cover the area and the good ones will have lots of control over power output to allow roaming. You will also see better battery life on a mobile client. normally you will cover any external coverage using a AP placed outside and internal coverage will be covered by what ever is required.
  7. I don’t think that’s going to work so well. To avoid firewall issues you would need the R2 in the TP routers DMZ and I not sure it’s possible through the extender. If it was possible to DMZ the extender your network would be open too but all depends on the router and extenders controls and the way the extender connects back to the router for performance issues all of which I don’t know. You could if possible wire up the R2 from the TP router at a better position to handle coverage or try the TP link router in AP mode if possible to handle the WiFi and you could wire the consoles into the TP link router. Worth noting that unless the R2 is controlling your your network then QoS will not be effective and you need to wire back the AP for best performance. So a lot depends on how it’s all set up and what’s possible through the various components of your network, me I would try to have the R2 as primary router, wire the TP router in a central position and run in AP mode and consoles wired into TP router.
  8. A friendly reminder but let’s all try and keep this thread on track with a friendly approach to all posters. The last thing anyone wants to see is members suspended, banned and threads closed.
  9. hola, apague el modo espejo y cambie el nombre de los canales de 2.4ghz y 5ghz. seleccione 20 mhz para 2,4 y 80 mhz para 5 ghz. conéctese a 5Ghz y pruebe de nuevo.
  10. Never had that issue with BT. I don’t know your isp so I can only go on what I experience. Game on it and see how it feels.
  11. Normally as you know this helps if you want internal connection from remote access, ie you are away but want access to a NAS for example if you are accessing through an IP address. there are security issues depending on what’s set up but I’m guessing you are not using this to access say security cameras or LoT devices. Personally to me it’s not needed as there is a purpose to DDNS which you are not really using. I’ve never had issues with IP addresses changing either. That’s my thoughts anyway 😊
  12. Thanks for posting. I came across it after doing a search and hoped it would help. Am I right in thinking it’s the DMZ that’s causing the issue with a console? I briefly read through but I’m guessing if firewall rules could be created it could block that port fairly easy if needed. It seems Virgin use a third party that looks at your connection and detects potential issues.
  13. I think this was were we chatted what we would like to see and one thing mentioned was the ability to add a different QoS like a piece of cake, FQ CoDel etc. Via a Rapp. I suppose it depends on the depth of the QoS in the system but it’s a nice suggestion but only Fraser or Liam could say if it was possible or could be implemented.
  14. https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Networking-and-WiFi/Network-Attack-email-amp-Multicast-DNS-letter/td-p/4355276 just linked above as this poster has an R2 too. is your fire stick unlocked and have you Kodi installed? https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Security-matters/mDNS-and-SSDP-vulnerabilities-a-suggestion-for-devices-in-the/td-p/3308201/highlight/true/page/3 ive linked the above, lots of talk over the PS4 being in DMZ but there is a solution they use close the port which is on this thread. In basic terms they setup a portwarding rule to an address that’s not used internally on the Virgin router then they put the PS4 in DMZ.
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