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  1. Killhippie first response was to point out that just maybe it should have had better airflow. I’m sure the team at Netduma took notice and if any revisions are required they will go ahead if issues point to problems associated with heat/air movement. Are you having any issues so far?
  2. Hi Does sound like a cable issue, do you have another spare cable to check in case the new cable has an issue.
  3. When you open a browser and log in that’s all it’s doing, you just have an interface open to the GUI. Same with all routers. is this COD you are playing?
  4. Yes you don’t have to have it open, it’s all held in memory. Can you give some more info on how it’s all set up as that’s unusual. Thanks.
  5. Netgear handle all security updates and as such will patch when required. Some times we never know what security is patched. If one is needed it will be added.
  6. The XR1000 has the ability to give you great gaming performance and options to really insure you don’t suffer while others use the network. It’s good hardware, it’s based on the RAX50 which you don’t often see complaints about on NG or other well known sites. Honestly I would just game away knowing you’ve done all you can on your side.
  7. Mu mimo has nothing to do lan, wan or any type cabled connection and will make zero difference. Mu Mimo requires beamforming, at least 2 supported client wireless devices to operate at the same time and at a range of close to medium. There is zero you can do to process the information any quicker apart from moving to another router with more power and even then you will never notice the difference as we are mortals.
  8. The router will work fine as it is, it’s a 64 bit triple core and you can’t improve the wan connection apart from the QoS control. how many people are using the router?
  9. Hi Jay Why don’t you don’t you give one a go. Netduma offer a 14 day return which is plenty of time for their R2 or if you give the XR routers a go I would purchase from Amazon as they have a good return policy.
  10. It’s not available yet for the XR300 are you still using the WiFi on the home hub? If this using BT fon?
  11. If you have an iPhone or iPad there’s an app called WiFi Sweetspots, it’s free and will confirm the throughput of both your 2.4 and 5Ghz. if you install that and test on both channels could you post the results please. Test about 8ft from the router. make sure you have nothing on your clipboard before running the app.
  12. So your upload is still low, do you have a phone or iPad to test the throughput?
  13. That’s a great throughput, what about the upload speed?
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