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  1. Hi I try to search for tdm and the geo filter says blocked server and then ps4 says error lobby not joinable anybody no a fix
  2. As I m searching for game to play it’s says error the lobby not joinable
  3. Hi after set up on r2 I get error code not joinable on call of black ops 4
  4. After configuration on router how to save everything so you don’t have to do it over because I had to pull plug on router because it wasn’t responding then I had to go back in once the router has internet and put all the information for the netduma r2 set up all over again how to save all settings when settings up r2 thanks
  5. Hi I should log into netduma from ehthermet port to ps4 or wifi wireless netduma hard wire to ps4 from netduma or wireless from I figured it out thanks y’all
  6. The internet company is saying you need to boost the wifi boost that’s why it’s not getting internet connection
  7. It’s a stand alone modem and doesn’t have a GUI to get to the settings
  8. I just can’t connect to r2 via internet
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