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  1. What do I do I can't play it with lagging all the time black ops 4
  2. We need better black ops 4 server
  3. I can't sign in to router dashboard
  4. How to do a factory reset if I can't log in
  5. Hi I can't sign in
  6. Hi I can't sign in to netduma
  7. How do I configure router so that stops but nat type people can still join my lobby and I can join. There's
  8. Because there mad they got there ass kicked
  9. How do I change ports on router so people stop sending spam emails to my IP address because when they send traffic to my IP address if I m playing a game it would throw me off the game
  10. Hi how do I stop people from spamming my IP address but still allow people to Join my lobby
  11. Hi my ping test is coming back a + not a while circle of green and packet loss is 1.00 percent how do I get a + ping test and the whole circle green
  12. Hi do I go according to in game ping or on netduma r2 connection bench mark
  13. Yeah but they don’t have any good black ops servers I only play black ops 4
  14. Hi can I play on Cold War server to play black ops 4 the Cold War server ping has a better heat map ping ms is low . Compared to black ops 4 server is the ping is to high sometimes
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