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  1. Mustafa

    order problem

    Thanks again to everyone
  2. Mustafa

    order problem

    admin thank you very much, I really did the order creation, I tried it through opera and it was done. Thank you very much for your help. I'm a member of the netduma family now
  3. Mustafa

    order problem

    Which browser did you do this from now I am in shock and when I re-entered I got the same error again
  4. Mustafa

    order problem

    Of course, I am trying to make it from my laptop, there is nothing that notices the order. I have a friend living in England asked him to look at the problem on your site, he received the error code I received and he was surprised that the error occurred in the order worldpay pc does not listen to mobile. I'm sure you will get the same problem code if you choose Pay with WorldPay as a payment tool in the checkout section of the netduma r2 order page. Try it if you want?
  5. Mustafa

    order problem

    The information posted on the seller's site is invalid or incomplete. Please send the following information to the seller: operation cannot be executed MD5 signature could not be verified server information may 13, 2021 (682085617285404e) It keeps giving me this error. I guess it's an error caused by the worldpay you are working with. Of course, you may need to talk to worldpay. Against the advice about paypal payment, I live in Turkey and paypal has suspended all transactions to my country. Fraser I trust you find me a way out of this problem please because I have to get rid of the world pay mistake before I can pay
  6. Mustafa

    order problem

    So when the product comes to stocks, will the error or problem in this world share disappear and when will the product be in stock because I hope world share will not score me an unexpected goal. I trust you
  7. Mustafa

    order problem

    Please help me paypal is serving in my country and we do not have any other payment method, my only option is that I can enter my credit card information and purchase the product without receiving this MD5 error.
  8. Mustafa

    order problem

    hello admin it's nice to find a person who can help me. When I wanted to shop from your website, I received the error in the picture and I could not go to the payment screen, I sent an e-mail to the support group, but they did not return to me today, I would be glad if you could please help me because I do not want to fall into the hands of malicious people who heard that I wanted to buy this product.
  9. Mustafa

    order problem

    Hello friends I am a player living in Turkey and I want to order Netduma R2 but I get an error on the payment screen and I cannot order the product I don't know if I have encountered such a problem before but worldpay does not allow me to access the payment screen in any way I need your help
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