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  1. I'm using HG to xr 500 at mo. I left the the 5 and 2.4 wireless on same name, is it better to split the with different names and turn off smart connect and pick you own wireless channel, Not sure what's best way as I'm finding wireless range poor and my phone 4g signal taking over. The ppoe stuff in xr was easy to do and change the DNS servers. Ping under load showing no improvements with HG to xr over my tp to xr.
  2. @Newfie and netduma guys. I ordered a hg612 modem on its own is there going be any advantages to having a hg612 modern only to xr500 to my tp to xr500. Where do u put the pppoe stuff for connection do they go in hg612 or XR as with before I put that stuff in my tp. Thanks guys
  3. Newfie are u using hg612 with a xr, Are u with bt and and not using HH. What's the difference between Modem/router to Xr router Or modem to xr. Is there any pros and cons. Am I am double natting with modem/router to xr, as was playing cod and racing games and was jerking and big stutters. I've downloaded ping plotter what do I look for?. Cheers guys
  4. However, Cold War does not use P2P for all of its multiplayer content. It reserves the use of dedicated servers for modes like Combined Arms and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.
  5. Ps5 cod cold war uses dedicated servers for 40 player multi team games but the 6v6 multiplayer is peer to peer. I had a moderate NAT in cod and putting a ps5 in a DMZ on the XR made it open. I drawed a polygon around the UK and searched and kept the cod search under 15ms but when it joined the lobby it hovers around 30ms mark. On cod games it search from 15ms, in 20s, 30s, 40s and keeps going until finds a match but with geo filter on or polygon mode it stops that high ping search rooms from happening. But I'm not sure at mo if the games are harder with geo on feels that way with sbmm. My ping underload result's are abnormal to and QoS is set to 70 on up and down. But netduma team are working hard on it.
  6. As I have my tp link W9980 which is modem/router with no bridge mode has only wan bridge or no modem mode with my xr500 connected to it, is there any difference with me buying just a modem on its own and connecting xr500 to it Cheers guys
  7. Thank u so much awesome support as always. Ok glad you guys working on it still, would like the auto qos feature that be handy.. Had look online The LED color indicates the speed: white for Gigabit Ethernet connections and amber for 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps Ethernet connections. Solid white. The router detected a 1 Gbps link with a powered-on device. Blinking white. The port is sending or receiving traffic at 1 Gbps. Solid amber. The router detected a 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps link with a powered-on device. Blinking amber. The port is sending or receiving traffic at 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps. Off. No device is connected to this Ethernet port. Once again thank u to guys netduma and forumers.
  8. I'm not sure tbh if it's faulty. Got that really high under load ping thing and when I connect my sky HD box and turn it on the xr500 any ethernet port the light is red, but ps5 connected to it the lights white. And my smart TV Red light on xr500 connected with ethernet but you the smart TV stuff works.
  9. Should this still be like this guy's. I have qos set to 70 percent on the up and down as there is no auto set up xr500 3.0 beta. Only asked as seeing some players on these forums with it low as 5/6ms. Does it make a difference as XR is connected to tp link modem/router, or do I need just need Modem only or modem/router with bridge mode or modem only mode. Cheers
  10. QoS is set to 70% on both the upload and download and bandwidth allocation on default. Under auto ping the ping Low as 6/7ms jumping 15ms and highest 27ms it's a Europe server. Can't find the auto QoS set up either.
  11. Hello guys. Got the XR showing NAT type 2 on ps5 and call of duty cold war as open using a DMZ. Now I was playing cod and a racing game called wreckfest both online games and both of these games was stuttering, is there anything I could try to solve this issue as didn't have it before with tp link>ps5. I'm using now TP link>XR, I've plugged in my ps5 to xr get white light on Ethernet 1, I plugged my sky HD box into ethernet 2 on xr and get red light but the sky hd box is connected online as all catch up stuff is working. Also I have geo filter set on and the wreckfest game server was outside the geo filter range, I allowed the server but every time it loaded 52 percent server failed. I had turn off the geo filter on app.
  12. Is this normal? Benchmark is still crazy results ping underload is a D every time, Download 110ms, upload 80ms. Can't get dmz to work,.but can with my tp link. Now plugged a sky box in ethernet 2 and showing red light on xr eth2 port. Like to thank everyone who's helping in forum and the guys at netduma hq for there support.
  13. To check u guys know your job. On my tp link at start this convo u said put xr wan IP in dmz on tp link. But when I set up the xr at start the xr changed a IP address due to conflict with my tp link at that start in boxes.
  14. Maybe DMZ does not work on xr500. I set up like my tp link and still moderate nat on cod and trouble party chats. Surely this gaming router would know psn and ps5 and chat party's and games. I've turned off geo filter. Ticked xr box for DMZ server in wan. Put details in PS5 still moderate.
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