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  1. Hi, I'm having an issue at the moment where my HomePod Mini's won't speak to any other HomeKit devices. I can control these fine from my phone. I followed all the steps in this thread with no success. It's been extremely frustrating to debug the issue. There's nothing appearing in the logs when a command fails so it's hard to debug what's causing the issue. Not sure if anyone else has had similar issues and resolved them? Can find countless threads online around HomeKit issues and no troubleshooting steps have worked so far. Been at this for 3 weeks including numerous calls to Apple with no luck still. Any help would be much appreciated. Router: Netgear XR1000 Key Settings: IGMP Proxying (Doesn't work enabled or disabled) NAT (secured) Implicit Beamforming, MU-MIMO, Smart Connect and AX all disabled. IPv6 Disabled. 5Ghz mode set to 2165mbps. 2.5Ghz mode set to 400mbps. 20/40 Mhz Coexistence enabled. UPnP seems to have a bug where it shows as disabled, however, if I turn it on, click apply, it just reloads the page with it disabled rather than applying the setting. I figure it must be enabled as all other devices are connecting and working without issues. I tried resetting the router back to factory and still doesn't work. Not sure why? Edit: Applying UPnP with the box unticked did apply the setting so I reapplied it ticked. It still shows unticked in the setting but assume it's still on. I saw in the thread I linked that changing the Advertisement period or time to live can work. Is this recommended? If so, any recommended settings for that?
  2. So i just bought this router last week, and the only issue im having so far is that every 2 days it just stops working, no internet via wifi, no internet via wired, its very weird, like i was literally using it 20 minutes ago, i go outside come and and boom, no internet, i do the reboot on my phone and it still has no internet, but says i have connected on my phone, then turning the power on and off via the router, it seemed to work. Last time i had to factory reset the router to be able to actually login to the router to change QoS settings due to the password i put in simply not working. I really hope i dont need to go in and reboot my router every 2 days then reset all the passwords etc, im on the newest firmware. cheers
  3. (Just got this router a few days ago) Hi!, a friend gifted me this router because our asus router stopped working correctly but ever since installing the latest firmware wifi and ethernet keeps cutting out When I first hooked it up, I ignored the firmware update and tested it for a day and didn't seem to have any issues but the moment I grabbed the newest firmware the interface because sluggish, repeatedly kicks me off the router page by forcing me to relog back in even while i'm in the middle of mapping devices, very slow loading any information, and just random drops of wifi/ethernet, and slow speeds on download Is there anyway to go back to original firmware it came with? or how do I go about fixing these issues, its driving myself and my roomies mad. Before my asus went out we never had any issues like this ever....
  4. I'm receiving this error code everytime I tried to change something. The router's QOS is not working . I already reeboted the router and the same error comes up.
  5. So, I own a XR1000 and due to the lack of hybrid VPN I decided to purchase a XR500. Now what I would like to do is to connect the two routers together. I've managed to connect the xr500 to the xr1000 but I'm not able to activate the hybrid VPN is just stuck in connecting. Just so you know in advance I'm trying to leave the rest of the house connected to the xr1000 so that they aren't affected by the VPN. Hope that someone will be able to help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I just can't seem to figure out exactly what i'm doing incorrectly in regards to my geofilter on apex legends. My setup: XboxSeriesX->XR1000->CM1000v2 From my PC I'm also hardwired and so you can assume a similar chain. I'm using my hardwired PC with Chrome when i make changes in my router. I've specifically enabled everything in site settings (on chrome) for the router login page. I noticed when i first purchased the geofilter and ran Apex Legends (on my xbox series x) that a the start screen when i would open the "DATA CENTER'S" it would show a -1 Ping to any of the servers I had blocked. I haven't seen that again since. My geofilter map looks kinda lifeless i'm not observing a connection to the server that i'm connected to via the "Auto Ping host" setting. Ping Assist is set to "0" I'm using polygon mode. In device manager my XSX is labled as a "GAMES CONSOLE" under TYPE. I have my IP address reserved for my XSX on DumaOs. I also have my PC address reserved as well.(Not sure if that info is relevant) I have tried the factory reset and guide plenty of times idk what else to try. Thanks in advance! One more thing my router is a XR1000(WAVEBROADBAND) Firmware Version DumaOS Version 3.0.213
  7. I'm on the most recent firmware on my netgear xr100 and have already done a factory reset but no matter what I've done I can't seem to get UPnP to turn on and stay on. I've attached a screenshot as well. Any suggestions would help.
  8. I am constantly getting these errors along with a lot of other random errors. I have tried factory formatting restarting anything I can think of. Anyone able to help fix this?
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to now if there was an fix for the qos Upload issue if u're using your xr1000 as the pppoe. I'm just curious.
  10. Hello! First post here. I did some searching around and didn't find this topic yet. If it's been addressed, please point me to the right thread. I am a relatively new owner of the XR1000. I am rural and on cellular-based internet, which recently got cut from unlimited to 300GB cap. Thanks AT&T. So now I am quite interested in the monitoring and warning aspects of the Traffic Meter. I think it's relatively straightforward and the settings are good. What I am missing though, is in the web-interface, the widget I can add to my Dashboard with a visualization. The app has it, which is good, but I'm not seeing how to get this up on the web interface. There are Settings for Metering, but not much of a UI. Is there something which I am missing? Or is this something which is or can be put onto the development roadmap? If so, then the graphic functionality, or even the table-based version, I would need to be able to go back and look an unique history, in order to dispute what AT&T is showing for my usage. if there is a way to do this already, please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  11. Initially, I could not load the geo filtering page because the RAPP just wont load, so I factory reset the router and the problem solved. Now I keep getting this when I stay in the Geo Filtering page. Tried rebooting twice but didn't help. What does it mean? It occur on both Edge and Chrome.
  12. Just got my XR1000 delivered today and decided to set up. Everything went smoothly until after the setup. I can't access DumaOS through routerlogin.net or the I've factory reset 3 times and it'll let me access DumaOS to setup the router but as soon as everything is finished it won't let me get access the router. It'll say that the site can't be reached or that I have to login. I've tried logging in using admin/password but nothing happens. Another thing I noticed as soon as I connected my devices was the significant loss in speed. I have my PS5 connected through ethernet and was getting 800+ down/ 100+up using the same ethernet connection to the nighthawk I'm getting 126 down/ 50 up. I have ATT Fiber 1000. Is there any reason why this is happening or did I go wrong in any part of the setting?
  13. Hi All, I've seen a few folks asking about what I'm doing but they're generally attaching a gaming console under the AP and not a PC, which is where I'm wanting to clarify using the DMZ or not... I have ISP problems, 1000 down / 30 up over coax but with signal noise and weakness in a large condo building (it's a long road getting them to address fixing it), so I'll show packet loss and ping spikes with moderate amounts of line load. For whatever reason, my Warzone hit detection is way happier with FQ-CODEL on a crappy DD-WRT router with bandwidth throttled down than it is on the XR1000. Even with similar Ping Plotter results via the XR1000 QoS, the hit detection and responsiveness are night and day for whatever reason with the DD-WRT's FQ-CODEL... Don't ask me why, but I promise it's not placebo. I'd like to use the XR1000 for wifi and routing for all devices other than my gaming PC, while having access to the geofilter for the (wired) PC but using the R6700v3's QoS setup... I'm going for is this... WAN -> XR1000 -> R6700v3 -> Gaming PC I was able to set this up no issue following this for the R6700v3 (https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Wireless_access_point), except turning off the radios since it's only an AP for the gaming PC. However most of the comments I see for similar setups here say to put the R6300v3 into the XR1000's DMZ to avoid double nat... When I did that initially I was getting flooded with Remote Access attempts to my R6700v3... If this were a game console at the end of that router I wouldn't sweat it, but since it's a PC (albeit just an expensive COD box at this point), that seems a bit scary to see all those IP crawlers poking my AP. So do I not need to worry about this, as there's a second layer of protection at the DD-WRT router and those pings should be going nowhere, or should I never place that in the DMZ of the XR1000 since the end client is a PC? Is there any way to have the R6700v3 in the DMZ without it being broadcast for all those remote access attempts? Appreciate any info!
  14. I think its time across both forums respectfully the partnership between both sides gets put up for all to read and get a better understanding of all the workings and politics that tend to keep things tied up in the fodder. I see all manner of intellect that has come through the doors on both sides. Regardless of degrees and novice experience individual perspectives are to be respected and met on common ground. What seems simple and straight forward for some without knowing the politics within the partnership or "marriage" between both companies is in for what appears to be nothing but wall after wall of headaches and feeling on the consumer side of not being cared for as a top priority. Both sides do address issues but in different order or if hand in hand Netgear has always taken forever to push updates out. Anyone with history from the last 15 years should know this as common place. Personally even though I know this I still bite and purchased the XR500. I have my own list of hiccups that need to be ironed out. I have my game console and my three sons are well into the teenage years of their lives and thats a total of four consoles as well as everything wired and wireless on my local network. I have also seen consumers with 20 plus connections and a knowledge base on networking that is well above everyones pay grade here. It all boils down to understanding where everyone is coming from to get clarity on why things are the way they are. Personally I blame NETGEAR for the pace things are going. BUT if I look at the R1 or R2 routers I would have to imagine they are not partnered to an outside company and all the bells and whistles that are in the woodwork should be well ahead of these available for Netgear hardware, unless there is something in the Netgear "contract" that is stepping on the toes of lets say DumaOS 4.0 for example. I have come and gone back to my ISP provided hardware several times over the YEARS and even with this last firmware round as of this posting believe it or not I'm tempted on getting an R2 just to see if my few personal issues get ironed out. At this point anyone reading this would say I am crazy and I should not continue to support both sides but I have faith things will shape up better moving forward into the future. Netgear is juggling many devices and it took a bite into the gaming world and probably didn't expect so much backlash from consumers on hardware with there badge on it but with the SOUL of gamers within the SOFTWARE. Please feel free to go on over to NETGEAR and see how things are going on over there. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/bd-p/en-home-nighthawk-pro-gaming-routers As you can see the NetDuma Team also tries their best to help out over on that board as well. Take care everyone on both sides of the pond. GG
  15. Hi, I have a seagate 2TB ultra touch portable hard drive that I tried to connect to the XR1000 router to use the readySHARE functionality. However, the router is not detecting the drive connected to the 3.0 usb port. When I try to follow the steps per the usuar manual, the readySHARE link is not detected by the computer either using the Run function in windows. Am I missing a step here or is this not going to work?
  16. I have a speed of 450Mb download and 250Mb upload on the isp router. I did a speed test with the notebook plugged directly into the isp router and everything is ok. However, my netgear XR100 has the wan connected to LAN1 from the ISP. But the speed is just 100Mb. I checked on xr1000 that wan is set to /100. How do I get 450 Mb on my xr1000?
  17. Can anyone help me? I'm getting this error when I try to log in to my XR1000 haserl CGI Error Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version' Also, my 5g band seems to be down. 2.4 is still up though.
  18. I own an XR1000 and was curious if this routers traffic prioritization is SQM (Smart Queue Management) or is that something separate.
  19. Hello, having some issues with my xr1000 today. The webpage was not loading earlier throwing an error message at me so i rebooted the router but it seems to have factory reset itself, when i tried to load my backup it would not do anything just reset itself again making me do it all manually. Once i got it up and running again i noticed upnp was not working correctly and qos was doing its own thing turning on and off when it feels like not sure whats going on Any ideas whats happening? Also any update on a firmware update for the xr1000 as this has happened to me once before but it wasnt this bad. Thanks for the help.
  20. After following this video on port forwarding and following each step as mentioned, my NAT type is still Strict. May someone please help me out, I'll actively be checking back on this post to see your replies. I'll try to provide as much information I can, thanks in advance. Modem: Ubee DVW32CB Router: Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 Download: 250mbps Upload: 25mbps Settings that I changed in the Netduma 3.0 OS, anything not on the list below was not changed from default. WAN Setup: NAT Filtering-Open LAN Setup: Reserved IP Address for Computer Wireless Setup: Enabled OFDMA for 2.4GHZ & 5GHZ Wireless Settings: Enabled MU-HIMO IPV6: Automatic UPnP: Advertisement Period- 15minutes QoS: Traffic Prioritization- Turned off "DumaOS Classified Games" Other Time Zone: PST Discord: Kyūsuke#5267
  21. Hey guys, I need help finding the best settings for my XR1000. I have now payed 2 separate “Internet Optimization Experts” to help me configure the settings in my router… The 2 Guys I payed to optimize my router have both told me QoS is absolutely pointless and that “it has a mind of its own” and “It does whatever the _ _ _ _ it wants”. We used Anydesk and they tuned off my QoS and tweaked a few other settings. After they were done I have to say I’m not sure that what they did actually made a difference… My friend who told me to get the router says QoS is absolutely necessary and he has no idea why someone would turn it off. My friend has the XR500 and he helped me set up my router when I first got it however he reminded me that he’s no pro when it come to router configuration. So right now I’m stuck. I was hoping someone here can send me the best possible configuration/settings for my XR1000 to PS5 for Cold War. It would be amazing if someone could hop into anydesk or teamviewer with me and show me what I can actually do with my router. My ISP - Spectrum Gig -940down/40up Router- Xr1000 Modem- Cm1200 Console- PlayStation 5 Thank you❤️ Twitter @SleazySlays
  22. OK so I’ve had the XR1000 for some time now and it’s been great, solved all of my poor WiFi issues, but CC and QoS have been flaky. My setup is a Netgear DM200 modem -> XR1000. 40Mb/10Mb. Latest firmware I’ve tried using congestion control mainly due to having several consoles and people streaming in the house, and if one of my consoles decides it’s gonna update a game while I’m mid game on Siege, my ping goes crazy. so I tried CC and let it do the Auto configure, though every single time I make a change in the QoS menu, it tells me that the Rapp is taking longer than expected and to wait a while. This happens every time, and I don’t believe it’s actually managing to make the changes or apply the settings. The auto config found a 56% download and 60% upload was ideal, and I set it to always, but I started a download, Speedtest etc, and please correct me if I’m wrong but I assumed that if this was set to always, then the max speed any device can use is the 56% which translates to 22Mb in my case? Even QoS doesn’t really work, since my Xbox can hog the entire connection, and when I start a YouTube video it buffers like crazy? Most other features seem to work ok in every other Rapp menu, but QoS just tells me it’s taking too long and I don’t trust that it’s doing what’s it’s supposed to.
  23. I just got the xr1000 set it up just like I had my xr500. I get on to play and have a pretty average ping of 53 with a smooth connection, then suddenly it jumps all over the place going to a ping of 320. I will be posting images. I took multiple shots when it happened. Also my set up is 400 down internet with xr1000 and ex8000 extender. Please help
  24. Nvm after the 10 billionth times of put in my info it worked
  25. Hi duma I have just got my hands on the XR1000 today, Setup it up and tried to CC my Upload to 70% and speed test says im getting maximum speeds i have tried at 1% and still the same speeds are 80D and 20U/ I have factory reset it 3 times and all the same results, i am on the latest firmware XR1000 Any Ideas?
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