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  1. R2 is good But this xr1000 is garbage in qos my upload ping spikes sooo high
  2. Im having issues with qos as well my upload ping skyrocket and is garbage compared to the pings i saw on my netduma R2. Is there any fix?
  3. whats that and if I for example did how and what do i do
  4. COD and Valorent It prolly has something to do with the upload ping since im getting bad bufferbloat in dsl REPORTS
  5. Lan Is smooth but my 2 siblings have extreme ping spikes here and there with Wi-Fi. They play on 2.4ghz What do u suggest 2.4ghz or 5ghz gaming? I fond that 2.4 has less ping spikes but Im not sure.
  6. 940 down 30 up charter spectrum. My R2 handled ping very nice and I would get a A+ rating in connection benchmark. I got a xr1000 due to specs but ping test is very bad.
  7. Uh but dslreports get bad bufferbloat aswell??
  8. There is just one little thing thats left and that is when i run connection benchmark my upload ping skyrockets even though i tried slider at 10% 5%n and 15% but same results. @Newfie @Netduma Fraser
  9. Thank you so much you dont know how much you have helped you can close this thread as my problem is now solved one again Thank you guys for helping me.
  10. Lol ok. And no im diretcly connected to the xr1000 for my gaming but I purchased the extender for other gaming devices
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