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  1. how we looking for the R2 update guys?will it be soon?
  2. its not how powerful it is its thats its inconsistent i can deal with slow speeds if it stays on. As for big places i live in a two bedroom semi so small places spring to mind. And yes im having to use a second router.
  3. should i change DCHP lease time.
  4. Ive been recently loosing connection i system info i found this log. Is this a ddos attack?
  5. By far the biggest issue is the WiFi im having to run two routers just to get WiFi upstairs this is a major problem. I have not had this problem with any other router.
  6. Weird right but im sure its not the router as i found out just now there is a fault on my line awaiting BT.
  7. quick update im following this guide for the ports will let you know how it goes. https://help.bungie.net/hc/en-us/articles/360049496751-Advanced-Troubleshooting-UPnP-Port-Forwarding-and-NAT-Types well i added the ports with no error or issues this morning im stumped lol.
  8. UPNP is active i will work it out in the morning through elimination and let you know. Thank you for helping.
  9. I did each of the ports as the screen shot shows and only ported one xbox. I added them one at a time.
  10. yup same for source and destination.
  11. The ports are the ones selected on the consoles. I followed the screen snipe for the Destiny 2 ports apart from that there are no other rules for any game.
  12. Ok so i have been trying to port forward Destiny 2 today with the following ports. But every time i enter the last port the router disconnects from the net and i have to factory reset via the pin please check screen shots. So me and my boy both on Xbox and we have different ports manually selected. And ips are reserved in DCHP from what i can see no conflict of ports and i have try four times with the same router disconnect. Please advise. Many thanks.
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