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Unnecessary charges asking by the courier partner dhl express even after i paid shipment during check out

vinu hunter

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Custom charges are very high 


around 92 usd i am really sad ablut this as it was not mentioned on the website 


I paid around 36USD at the checkout also 


now 92 more 


for 200 dollar product i paid 128 dollar which is not fair you can see 


i am literally frustrated as it was not mentioned.


if it was not mentioned obviously i would have not ordered.

this product costed me around 328 usd. 
pls mention this during checkout as it is created negative impact on me and will impact to new customers also .


i need some compensation on this if possible.


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I’m fairly sure custom duty would be required. We do here in U.K. from say US for  a router or power amp as example. We can look up duty fees on the government site.
Now some companies offer and it’s shown others don’t and it would be common knowledge that your country would slap a duty on top. 

I’ve purchased gear from allover the world and it’s not the company who you are purchasing from that will or have to tell you a custom duty is required. It’s your responsibility to check when importing goods. 


even Amazon have guides to help where they ask you as the buyer to check for any additional custom duties.

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3 minutes ago, Fuzy said:

(Personal Aside)

Cursed Brexit...

Having to show my passport when I go from St Malo to Jersey.... Looking forward to the return of the UK to Europe... 😅

I’m off to the Philippines for 3 weeks to see my other half then back to sell up and move out of the U.K. to be with her. I hope they like my passport hahaha 

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Sorry to hear you got hit with customs fees, whenever you are importing a product from another country it is always possible you will pay customs/import fees. This is something we did mention on this site:


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Thanks for the revert atleast 

if it fulfills my requirements then 400 dollar is also less for the product as i was switching hometown to different city near server just because of the bad static routes by the isp .


Router is still in shipment i will definitely share the feedback cant wait to test netdumar3

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