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  1. Starting last week, my Netduma R2 router started randomly dropping it's internet connection from my modem. I verified my modem was still receiving internet from my ISP when this problem occurred but since the downtime on the Netduma router was only a couple minutes and then started working normally again, I figured it wasn't a big deal. However, fast forward to a couple days ago, this issue happened again but this time my Netduma router never fully reconnected to the internet. What's strange is that the Netduma router connects to the internet for around 15 seconds, disconnects completely right after, and then proceeds to do an automatic restart in attempt to reestablish a connection in a constant loop. The internet and Wi-Fi lights on the Netduma router flash for a bit, the internet light goes out, followed by the Wi-Fi lights over and over. Additionally, since my Netduma router loses internet so quickly, I'm unable to access the dashboard in time to change any setting that may be somehow causing this problem. To troubleshoot, I first did a standard restart on my Netduma router which did nothing. Next, I did both a standard and factory restart on my modem too but my Netduma router still disconnects from the internet. I then did a factory restart for my Netduma router which did allow me to access the initial setup process and does say the router is detecting an internet connection but once it finishes and brings me to the dashboard, it again disconnects from the internet in a constant loop. I also noticed the firmware version it's running on is v.3.0.205 instead of the newest v.3.2.453 but I can't upgrade the firmware since the internet disconnects and I lose access of the dashboard. Not sure if the outdated firmware is the cause but it's the only potential solution I haven't been able to try yet. Is there a way to update the firmware while offline? To add further context of my setup, I have a modem supplied by my ISP which goes to a network switch. From my network switch, it splits off in two separate connections. One going to my office with my Netduma Router and the other going to my brother's setup with his own Netgear router. I don't believe having two routers on the same network is the problem since it hasn't been a problem prior but I figured it was worth bringing up just in case. The Netgear router in my brother's setup has been working perfectly fine during all this and connects to the internet no problem. I also tried completely turning off the Netgear router from the network while restarting everything else but that didn't change anything. I've even connected my PC directly to the modem which has up to date firmware and it connects to the internet just fine. I'm positive the problem is my Netduma router since everything else has been operational like usual. I know this is a lot of information but I figured it was necessary in order to layout everything going on for context. I've tried everything I could possibly think of to resolve this, yet nothing has worked. Hopefully this can be resolved because I've been very pleased with the Netduma R2 router and all the great features it provides. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks
  2. Just wanted check in on an issue , has anyone been recently experiencing internet connectivity issues ? I been on the phone with my ISP. They suggested I connect my CPU directly to my modem, and i get internet just fine. So the problem seems to be with the router. I just wanted to see if anything is going on with the netduma network that may be causing this issue.
  3. I cant seem to fix my internet I tried to factory rest Netduma R2 but that didnt work I used to get 12 ping but now its 50 ping. I had 30 mb then when I factory rest it. It went back up to 150 mb but my ping is still high. I havent change anything at all I turned off IPV6 and STP protocal but that didnt help ether. And now when I try the speed test it redirects me to a server in Michigan even thought im in ohio and far away from it.
  4. So I was having an issue with my r apps so I changed the setting to retry 5 times. Well it didn’t work but I noticed after I did that my internet stopped working completely. I had to factory reset it but this is how it happend. 1. Have a MAC address changed under router MAC address. 2. Change the settings to retry 5 times on the r apps. And bam internet doesn’t work anymore. Only fix I found was a factory reset. Even after this happened I plugged it into another router to see if it would get an internet connection, but nope. Even though on my other router it says that it’s plugged in it doesn’t even show under the devices tab and the internet light is still orange. I hope this gets looked into! Also changing the thing back to 3 retrys didn’t fix it either.
  5. I spent a good amount of money on this gaming router for it not to work when I want to game. I've had this router for maybe about a year now and I am still experiencing the same problem. I have my PC and my PS5 connected to my Netduma internet. My PC internet is fine, but when ever I use the Netduma internet on my PS5 it will give me voice errors in party chat. Along with that when me and my friends try and load into a game, they will load in and I will get kicked out of it. This happens every time and it is only when I'm connected to the Netduma internet. I got this router for gaming so I shouldn't have to change back to my normal spectrum internet to play games. If there is a way to fix it please let me know ASAP!
  6. I could use some help. R2 arrived today I’ve spent the last several hours trying to get it to connect. My Netgear CM1000v2 (modem) holds my internet signal just fine but the R2 won’t maintain it. When I try to log into the router/ip address to register the router the website keeps giving me this error message: “could not detect an internet connection.” I’ve hard wired my computer to both the modem and router to get internet access but the R2 won’t give me a signal. Also, the internet & 2.4GHz light continually blink (as you can probably guess). I’ve never had such a hard time making a router work and I’m two seconds away from returning it for a refund. Any help you can give me is much appreciated, thanks -Izze
  7. I had this problem before but I recently got a PS5 so i thought it would be fixed and it is not. Whenever I am connected to my Netduma WiFi from my PS5 nothing will load correctly. If I join a party with my friends it will say network error for a minute before it lets me join the party. Also when I load into online games with my friends and we are in a game party they will load in and I will always be kicked from the lobby. Is there anyway anyone can help with this issue?
  8. I have had the Netduma R2 for a few months now and I am having a lot of issues. It can be working fine but suddenly it cannot connect to the internet. My setup is as follows: Wall - EE smart hub - Netduma r2 - TP-link power line adapters - devices. I have tried with IPV6 on and off with the same issue. I have tried running the Netduma r2 as the DMZ on the EE smart hub, restarting it seems to be the only solution. I have noticed that when the Netduma is not working, it is not appearing as a device in the EE smart hub router settings despite the lights on the Netduma being on and connected to the same port. I would really appreciate an answer as I am on the most current firmware. Also the DumaOS is extremely slow and often comes up with the error code: This operation is taking longer than expected, please briefly wait before using this Rapp. I am happy to try anything, I am somewhat knowledgable but this has me stumped.
  9. Not sure what’s happening , I have the latest 205 update. I’ve rebooted several times, rebooted modem with Service provider on phone. Modem and service are fine. Getting a “I caught failed to get rap store product information error.” Under systems I’ve changed installed rapps to 5 . I’ve done factory reset as well. Nothing is working. under system information the WAN IP is showing disconnected i also have an error saying cloud data has not been downloaded - make sure you have internet connection and click force update - I click force update and it says the servers are down. i factory reset again now I’m able to get online on my pc that’s hard wired - however nothing can connect to the router
  10. Just got my r2, installed the software & changed the password but still no internet. My devices say connected but wont load.
  11. Hi! My problem is that R2 router has a different Internet download speed than the Internet modem provider. Interestingly that uploading is the same but the download speed is not! I use Vodafone modem in Bridge mode to the router. QoS is turned off on the router. What can cause the problem? The pictures show the difference well.
  12. Hi, Received my R2 router the just under a fortnight ago (Monday). Setup Virgin Media Cable modem as Modem only and connected to Router. I have a separate mesh network so the wireless is turned off and the main mesh device is plugged into an RJ45 port. After a few days after the internet started to drop out and return irratically, within short periods of time. I rebooted Cable modem, router, and Netgear GS108PE switch attached, after a few minutes the system was back with no issues. I initially put it down to my playing with settings etc and thought it wouldn't reoccur. Today the internet started doing the same thing again and I rebooted all again to recover. I think it did it the other day too, can't recall which day but I think I waited to reboot later in the evening. I believe it may be the router firmware, but as I was using the cable modem as the router before this has also changed use (although I have used a router before in this way and don't recall having the same issue). Is there anything I can do when the issue occurs to verify if the issue is with the router or elsewhere? Best Regards Marc p.s. running latest firmware since received.
  13. Ever since I got my R2 it's had issues pulling a WAN IP from my ISP/Modem. Sometimes after several reboots of both devices it will finally get it. Most of the time the dashboard says WAN disconnected or oddly sometimes it pulls a WAN IP of an internal network, 192.168.100.x. I have no clue where it would pull such an IP from. The modem is just a modem, not a router. Plugging my computer into the modem pulls the external ISP IP without issue with a simple ipconfig /renew. Why is the R2 having so many problems in this area? I'm at a point now where I want to throw this POS away because I've spent over an hour now trying to get back online to no avail.
  14. Hello I recently contacted support on here since my wifi kept turning off for no reason untill I turned off IPV6 which solved a lot of the problems. But it also made a new one. I'm get very high ping spikes in game no matter what game. It's not at a certain time ether I could go 30 min and no ping spikes then there would be one every 30 sec for a few hours. I don't know how to fix this problem any help?
  15. I just got my Netduma R2 today, I plugged everything in and all the correct lights are lighting up. BUT as soon as I put in the password on my phone for WiFi is connects to the R2 device but then my phone immediately says that there is no internet connection available with "NETDUMAR2". I got check my PCs and they both have no connection and they are hardwired into the Netduma. Am I missing something? Someone please help.
  16. Hey DumaFam! My name is Kirneill from SenseQuality and I optimize Professional Players/Streamers/Influencers. (Some of you You might know me from my old name SweatPapi) I just wanted to show my appreciation to the DUMA family and answer some questions you guys might have 😊 To give you a summary, we Optimize almost everything. PCs, Networks, Streams, even Residential Construction. I got lucky as Call of Duty switched to online + Before we started, A lot of people (outside of us nerds🤓) didn't believe in Optimization. The secret to Optimizations? I'll tell you: I don't know everything & I never assume someone's situation is the same. (It never is) This approach leads to better decisions, research, and results. That's pretty much it😊 Why do we recommend DumaOS? Because even though we work with almost all advanced routers (OpenWRT, PFSense,Etc.) , we recommend DumaOS as it's user friendly and people can use it after we finish optimizing them! (Ex: Geofilter) Duma focuses on delivering a user friendly environment and it saves us a lot of explaining while providing the same value than other routers. (AT A LOWER COST, WUT?)🤣 To me, It's about delivering the best most consistent experience! Here is examples of Optimizations: JOEWOE.mp4 So Ask Me Anything and i'll do my best to answer! I appreciate all of you!
  17. Hello, two days ago I updated my xr500 from 2.66 to .108 as I want to use the polygon mode, but now every device that is connected through wifi like the phones in my house have a very slow connection to almost nothing. If I try to watch a video on youtube the video keeps buffering and does not load, meanwhile on my gaming pc through ethernet everything is fine. I have 1000/1000mb, I tried to factory reset from the interface and physicaly from the router but nothing. When I was on 2.66 everything worked perfect but I really want to use the polygon mode and thats why I don't want to downgrade. What can I do?
  18. Hello, I’m trying to setup my netduma r2 router. I have Spectrum internet and my internet works perfectly fine. When setting up my router and hooking it up to my modem and then computer it says I’m connected but have no internet access. Why is this? I’ve tried resetting both my spectrum modem and my r2 router but it does nothing. If I unplug the r2 router and stick to the modem provided by Spectrum my internet works fine again. Thanks for the read.
  19. How do I properly setup traffic prioritization on the XR1000 for CW PC? I dont want to use the " games console " service.
  20. Hello friends! I am currently on a gigabit speed plan (1000mbps up/40mbps down) with my internet provider (Cox Communication) and I am using the Netgear XR500 Nighthawk router with an Arris Surfboard sb8200 modem, capable of up to 2gig down. From the router, hard lined with a cat 6 ethernet cable I am of course pulling the advertised speed of around 980mbps down. However on my PC, via Wi-Fi about 60 feet away from the router I am pulling around 550-600mbps. I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk Extender (EX-8000) which I am hard lined into my PC with the same cat 6 ethernet cable, again about 60 feet away from router, and the speeds are the same as without the extender via Wi-Fi. Around 550-600mbps down. I have turned off QoS and the issues persist. I live in an 1800sqft 2 bedroom apartment. My internet provider sent their tech who came and laid all new coax cable and splitter in the line and we both confirmed the advertised speed is being pulled on their end in the apartment. There is no obstructions with the exception of 1 plaster wall and the extender next to the door which is open. And yes all the router antenna are facing upward. Can someone run through settings and channels to make sure I have everything set up correctly?
  21. It was working fine until I could no longer access my DumaOS so I tried resetting it. I did so reading and tried a factory reset and resetting my modem multiple times. DumaOS said “couldn’t detect internet connection” and directed my to manually type in DHCP and other identifiers....
  22. Hi, I'm having major issues using my duma to access the internet. It seems to be spotty with when it lets me in. Sometimes I can access the duma interface using wifi and not ethernet. I am rarely able to get an internet connection on wifi or ethernet using the duma when it is connected to my isp hub. I have added the duma's ip to the dmz as I thought that might be the issue, no dice. I have also factory reset the duma several times, tried to upgrade and downgrade the firmware and still I face issues. I tried switching my ISP hub to modem mode but that didn't fix it. I have spoken with my ISP and they said the device (the duma) isn't being blocked on their end. My ISP hub is a talktalk wifi hub, and my duma is a Mikrotik routerboard (r1).
  23. All devices were working fine. After a struggle to initially set up my NetDuma R2 router earlier this week I was able to fix it Through my ISP. After getting it to work I didn’t touch it out of fear it would not work again. The power went out briefly during a thunderstorm and came back on minutes later. And now none of my devices connect. Lights on the router and modem were the same as they were prior to the power outage. The WiFi network is visible when you search on any device but when you connect to it, you cannot access the internet. I have tried rebooting both the modem and the router. My ISP is spectrum and my max Speed is 400 MB/s. I can still somehow access DumaOS but when I test the connection speeds it tries to load then it stops and does not provide a rating or result. What should be my next course of action.
  24. Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir s'il est possible de créer un réseau local équiper d'un ou plusieurs Netduma pour une structure réseau de 12 postes gaming, ayant tous accès à internet avec qu'une ligne...? Svp
  25. Hi, First time posting. I got an XR450 as a gift and it is a big improvement over my old Linksys but I have this weird issue. I have Opendns for the family and when I switch DNS in the DumaOS dashboard I loose internet connection to random devices, NOT wifi. I can switch back to my ISP DNS and then it all comes back. Any ideas? Thanks
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