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  1. No Matter what i do im getting this error: RPC error 'ERROR_NOENT': Rule not found in chain OK
  2. Oh okay, but i have question about that. Let say i have the computer just running idle, will the traffic still be on?
  3. I thought it would be in the DUMA Classified games. Should i be porting the ports for the traffic?
  4. Im playing call of duty from my computer, but the traffic Prioritization doesn't turn on.
  5. I signed up for the beta, like on the day it was available and i still havent received the update?
  6. So i have added the ports through, it seems better.
  7. I have it on both, But i mainly play on PC. Should i add the ports to the QoS traffic. Becuase my computer is on 24/7.
  8. I have a question about the QoS Traffic, is Call of duty warzone and MW part of the DUMA classified games?
  9. So i have cable internet for 1gbps download and 30mbps for upload. But have set my download speed at 500 and 30 on the router at 70%for the QoS percentage.
  10. So I can not disable ipv6 on the modem I have. But ill disable it on the router. Hopefully that makes it better.
  11. Hi, I will disable ipv6 (i thought that would make it better for connection). QoS was set to alway. Only the laptop was connected wired to the router.
  12. Sorry its backwards. Top is with XR500 And bottom is no router.
  13. You are feeling spike, I have the packetloss warning on my screen all the time when I multiplayer. And i feel im skipping in most games.
  14. Here is my Ping potter: First one is with the modem and second is with the xr500
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