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  1. DPI doesn’t do the glitch w the DMZ I found… it’s not using packet inspection for console?
  2. It was QoS disabled but packet traffic still running in the background
  3. Anyone have thoughts on this “bug”? Is this intended? are my packets actually still being priod while bandwidth allocation and buffer and disbaled? IMG_9164.MOV
  4. So then by prioing ICMP ping — you’re essentially emulating the gaming device on the network ; this way u can actual run a “live test” to see how those packets react?
  5. NAT Acceleration causes some issues - some older routers used to have the option to turn it off
  6. Does disabling QoS disable NAT acceleration? How did I do it
  7. After all the testing I have done. I have concluded Duma OS classified is the BEST option. Duma OS classified uses DPI to detect UDP traffic. I believe this is the lowest latency detection wise for that gaming traffic. Delete any other rules you may have, and use the Duma OS classified. TRUST ME. The reason I say this is because the port based services and even manually entry add more latency IMO. I have the xr1000 and I promise you, this is the best option. I will test the R2 later this weekend and report back.
  8. DPI>Ports u guys should look into this one!!
  9. Games console service uses Ports to detect packets Duma OS uses DPI to detect udp Gaming traffic even for console Can you guys give us the option to choose DPI or not? Or would that not work
  10. What is the difference between duma os classified vs games console? i know games console uses ports is duma os classified DPI? Does it use DPI across the network to scan for udp packets? Even for console? It felt amazing; it was my first time trying.
  11. YES!!!! This is the exact issue I have w the xr1000
  12. Yea I have no clue ; I noticed the exact same thing. I either melt or get melted. These settings may not be the wave but it’s better than the bs being spread across the forums
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