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  1. Hi, i already Hooked up my xr1000 and the problem is gone but FW on here sucks. R2 was literally the only thing that was good until that glitch kept happening. Idk what to do ; no matter what I try it will fire randomly after an hour or so.
  2. Ok well duma os is still doing that thing? Like wtf
  3. But the R2 subnet is is that how the AP mode works?
  4. I have 20-25 devices man……. Also is it normal that my xr1000 in AP mode has the subnet of
  5. I’m on .205 , did a fac reset and still have the issue. It will happen randomly
  6. Continue turning on ; this is a problem I had awhile ago when I owned the R2 previously (.123) firmwsre
  7. Hi my R2 keep turning on duma os while I plan even though it’s off. ive tried nearly every thing to get it to stop … games console is the only one I want on
  8. DPI doesn’t do the glitch w the DMZ I found… it’s not using packet inspection for console?
  9. It was QoS disabled but packet traffic still running in the background
  10. Anyone have thoughts on this “bug”? Is this intended? are my packets actually still being priod while bandwidth allocation and buffer and disbaled? IMG_9164.MOV
  11. So then by prioing ICMP ping — you’re essentially emulating the gaming device on the network ; this way u can actual run a “live test” to see how those packets react?
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