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  1. dsl reports is horrible for XR. And I feel it in game. And traffic prio doesn’t work great on xr. the thing is, I’m a person who noticed finer details. I know the XR is more powerful but power doesn’t necessarily mean efficient. I can tell you that the xr1000 is not efficient when it comes to QoS options. I’m not saying they don’t work ; I’m saying the R2 does it way better. (open wrt firmware) not layered. I just hope you guys can figure out a workaround for the 2 firmware on top of one another. Or maybe you guys produce an R3 w WiFi 6, Quad core 😂😂😂 just straight kill the game
  2. NG is layered over top your firmware (Duma). Xr series feels off on console right now. I bought a R2 (pre order) and I’m going to have that be the main controller and put the xr1000 in APmode. Kind of sad ab it though
  3. But they’ve added stuff along the way no? I’m just asking which firmware was the least touched by them
  4. Fraser, what XR1000 firmware is the least netgear integration? Like Kirneil was saying, the R2 felt better to play on Bc it was an Open WRt variant and consoles get along with those miles better. I’m trying to recreate the same thing by choosing the firmware that has the least amount of xr1000 firmware. 44_33 44_47 _50 _52 _57 ?
  5. This makes so much sense tbh. It’s prob better to have R2 in front for Fios then and XR1000 for WiFi? how come most pros use the xr series? no way they prio WiFi vs the best (R2) also do you recommend any port ranges for ps5 Cold War? Games console feels so weird/off
  6. When you say be careful resetting ont and stuff for VZ??? I got the xr1000 and I have Fios. The only thing I’ve noticed is my games got worse.. I had the R2 previously and it was amazing. But the xr seems super off. I get way more latency Via dsl reports. Could it be Bc of that? why should I buy a static ip??? Dynamic is better isn’t it?
  7. 44 stock is better I think in general for consistency. I tried .52 and started great then went to shit fast
  8. Fraser. Buffer bloat works better on the newest FW. But traffic prio doesn’t! It’s flipped lol
  9. Newfie has said that’s WiFi WMM and has nothing to do w it...
  10. .33 -Games console = .52 Games console Normal(default)
  11. Last night I reverted back to firmware 44_33 aka the first firmware that came with the xr. Although the interface is slow, the QoS is SIGNIFICANTLY better. Packets are being caught and more ratio is shown between download / upload. If Fraser and co need me to do some testing I can! I will show game play as well to display bullet reg! And I don’t die super fast. im wondering if there is udp packet loss since involving the apply to wan / normal default feature on the latest .52 FW. All users struggling, pls revert back, fac reset, give your console games console service and I guarantee it will feel significantly better than the .52 firmware
  12. Yes I know but it prevents me figuring out which buffer settings are the best Bc every test I run will be inaccurate.
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