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  1. Before i tell you that i have to ask if your router is connected to a modem or is connected to a modem/router combo? Settings will not matter unless router is connected to a modem or is bridged/pppoe/ip passthrough on a modem/router. If it is a modem/router combo ask your ISP how to set it up properly.
  2. Bo4 works really well for me with the xr500, i think how you set up the xr500 with your isp and settings is the issue.
  3. Has the firmware helped with MW's connection or is it still the same? Do you see an improvement if any?
  4. Try going to settings and WAN and set NAT to open first. If that does not work and you have upnp enabled already you might want to tell us how you set up your router is it connected to another router or a modem? Perhaps a modem/router combo?
  5. If your nat was open before and it sometimes changes to moderate, may i ask if there are other consoles or pc in your building playing the same game or using the same ports? If you use upnp and have secured nat under WAN and 2 consoles need the same ports what happens from my experience is that 1 of the consoles will end up with a moderate nat. I was able to solve this by setting NAT to open.
  6. Did you just plug in the xr500 to the modem/router without bridge mode and that's it? You will get performance issues and double NAT if a router is not bridged. If it was only a modem then there is no need to use bridge but a modem/router needs to be bridged so that it acts as a modem.
  7. Cool let us know when so i can stop checking my inbox to see i got in the beta or not.
  8. Games only need 3 download and 1 upload lol just check the ping and stability difference between the 2 isp's.
  9. Is it a modem/router? Or just a modem?
  10. Im hoping next update fixes all the pppoe xr500 issues. Im also very curious about the new features on 3.0 though will they be in the beta or just geo fencing, application qos and connection benchmark?
  11. Will the QOS issues with pppoe on router be fixed on the upcoming firmware?
  12. There is an issue with bell and xr500 with the current firmware and it is that upnp does not work, i suggest using portforward until next xr500 firmware.
  13. Lan 1 follow bell settings underneath
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