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  1. Ok thanks for the reply, just making sure i didnt do anything wrong my end.
  2. on ping plotter where it shows the average minimum and current response time for host( the minimum, average and current are 0.70 and up on the xr500 but on my other router they are all 0.20, do i have the wrong settings for the xr500 or does the response time not matter?
  3. Will there be improvements in the future for Anti bufferbloat? Like making it automatic for those that dont know how to set it up perfectly with their isp?
  4. definitely not because it showed the reboot screen please wait, i always see this screen because once in awhile my high priority traffic glitches out and stays on when no console/pc games are on and since i have anti bufferbloat set to when high priority detected it slows down the internet when im not gaming sometimes. When this happens I reset the router, but now that there is a chance it might reset my settings i might not want to use reboot at all.
  5. nope i went to settings>administration>reboot, next thing i know i had to go through setup wizard again.
  6. Same thing happened to me except when i rebooted for some reason it factory reset the router, i lost my setup and had to go through setup wizard again.
  7. Can you tell me how you set up your router? Are you connected to a modem or a modem router?
  8. Dont use wifi for gaming, i believe the anti bufferbloat when active is suppose to cut your speeds when you set download and upload to 70%.
  9. Just making sure they know it is still an issue, I have been using port forward but i can only get it to work with 1 device. How do i port forward the same ports for 2 devices?
  10. Will the next xr500 firmware fix the issue with upnp not working with pppoe?
  11. Another thing to add that would help is for guest network to auto delete devices from device manager after use, too many people visit my home to use the wifi and it messes with how i setup my qos.
  12. Filtering mode if you are the host and spectating mode if someone else in your fireteam is going to host.
  13. you have to be the one searching for a match or else geo filter will not work.
  14. check out this gameplay i got in destiny 2 using the Netduma Nighthawk XR500, ill post my router settings down below if you want to know what they are. My setup Monitor: RL2460ht BenQ Console: Ps4 Pro Sound: Astro A40 control: SCUF with custom metal body/buttons/paddle(in case i throw at wall) Bell modem router Settings: (skip to netduma settings if your not with this ISP) ISP: Bell Canada. Bell homehub 3000 settings: 1. Factory reset homehub 3000 to wipe existing pppoe credentials off HH3000 2.type in on a web browser to login to bell 3. disable wifi on HH3000 4. plug your own router's WAN to any of the HH3000's Lan 5. Configure PPPOE on the Netduma xr500, go to settings and internet setup. change to PPPOE and input Bell User and pass (user starts with b1) and save. NETDUMA settings: Geo Filter device: Add console, and use destiny 2 profile(keep lowering the distance if you find games laggy) Anti buffer bloat: Set correct internet speed, set to when high priority is detected so that internet speeds are normal when not gaming, set download to 70% and upload to 70% Bandwidth allocation: Share excess enabled on both download and upload and give your console 30% download and 30% upload or 75% both(best). Traffic prioritization: Keep dumaOS classified games checked(you do not have to manually prioritize your console) OR you can disable DUMAOS classified games, then click on device(ps4) and set as games console. Wan setup: Disable port scan checked, respond to ping checked, disable igmp proxying unchecked, Mtu Leave it alone, Nat filtering Open, Disable SIP ALG checked. Advanced settings UPNP: enabled(If you are using than 2 consoles and you find that both do not have open Nat, set Nat filtering to open)If UPNP is not working disable it and use portforward or default dmz server. Lan setup: put consoles IP under address reservation. Settings USB storage: uncheck enable media server. Ps4Pro Settings: Resolution: Automatic RGB: Automatic HDR: off Deep color: off Display area: smallest System settings: boost mode on and leave everything else to default Ps4 network settings: press easy setup then go to view network settings and take a picture with your phone. then click on custom under easy and press manual, input info taken with picture hit next and leave MTU and Proxy server(set to DO NOT USE) to default. Monitor Settings: look for game mode on your tv/screen and if you have an option for response time set it to fastest. Destiny 2 geo filter setup step 1: log into duma go to geo filter and select destiny profle and click on flush cloud. step 2: make sure auto ping host is unchecked step 3: log into destiny 2 and go to the tower, look at geo filter and click on ALL the symbols that does not look like a head and click on it, click allow and name it something you would remember( it will say dedicated if u clicked on the right one). step 4: play a crucible and follow step 3 step 5: play a strike and follow step 3 step 6: Free roam planets and follow step 3
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