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  1. Hello there, I thought the XR500 DumaOS 3.0 beta was already an open one? http://www.netgearinnovation.com/dumaos-beta/ Apologies if I misunderstood something. I downloaded the beta file from the Netgear forums and so far so good, haven't encountered any issues.
  2. Kris


    Would be decent if it wasn't for the "shoot first, die first" BS. Also only 9 maps is pathetic
  3. Anyone else was doing WAY BETTER when the dedicated servers were down? The hit reg for me was nearly perfect. And no bullshit deaths. I played like 10 games without going negative. How does one explain this shit?
  4. Let's see... The servers suck, hit detection sucks, few maps compared to older CoDs and most of these maps suck, customization is ridiculously terrible, shotguns are ass, there's no reason to use the Bren (garbage weapon), the basic training BS is extremely restrictive (bring back perks!!!), friendly grenades stun you for some reason, diamond camo sucks... 4/10 EDIT they just released an update https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Latest-Update-for-Call-of-Duty-WWII-on-PlayStation-4-and-Xbox-One
  5. that's both interesting and hilarious, gonna give it a try.
  6. The NetDuma does work, but not with WW2 for some reason. At least that's how it is for me. I honestly don't know what the problem is, I've tried dozens of different settings and I'm still getting melted by everyone. Great example here, I was behind some guy so I started shooting him, heard 4-5 hitmarkers, he turned around and killed me lmao. This game is trash, the hit reg is trash, the servers are trash, SHG is trash. I'll never buy another SHG CoD game again, I learned my lesson. Treyarch and IW make good CoD games. The NetDuma did help me a lot with Infinite Warfare. I was browsing YouTube and I came acoss a youtuber named simjc74, I watched all his videos on the Netduma and I ordered the product. After a bit of tinkering, I wasn't getting any bullshit deaths anymore. No more putting a clip into a guy who turns around and melts me with his fucking SMG. My K/D quickly went from 0.9 something to 1.5. So yeah I'm not a god at shooters but I know for a fact the NetDuma helped me. With WW2 I just wanna pull my hair out it's so frustrating. I hope it's just a server problem and they eventually pull their heads out of their asses and fix their shit. Also, it can't be my connection because apparently everything is perfect. I don't think it's the Netduma either, I mean why would it be? It's the goddamn game that's the problem.
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