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  1. Thanks for that, nothing in the logs to indicate an issue, it's just reporting the disconnects. Could you replace the cable connecting the router to your modem please and see if that fixes it?
  2. Passez en mode Spectation sur le géofiltre, apparaît-il alors ouvert? Si c'est le cas, vous pouvez l'ignorer et revenir en mode de filtrage. C'est juste le Geo-Filter bloquant le serveur qui teste votre NAT mais votre NAT est ouvert. - Switch to Spectating Mode on the Geo-Filter, does it appear open then? If so then you can ignore it and switch back to Filtering Mode. It's just the Geo-Filter blocking the server that tests your NAT but your NAT is open.
  3. Your base connection is stable so that won't be it. If you just had the one device online then it shouldn't be local congestion either, did you double check the network monitor at the time? It really points to the game/server you're playing as BO4 was fine for you. Maybe try forcing servers even further than you would normally and see if that makes any difference whatsoever.
  4. Parts of the team are/have been at CES this week so not much progress im afraid. I don't think you'll see a VLAN update as soon as you're wanting it unfortunately.
  5. Hey, welcome to the forum! The in game ping can be higher than what the actual ping is, what ping do you get shown by the Geo-Filter? What is your exact physical setup? Do you use PPPoE at all?
  6. Judging from your PingPlotter your base ping is 30ms which means you should expect your game ping to be at least 40-50ms so your ping is actually optimal for your connection. I did see the icon between 35-40 seconds but didn't see it after that and I didn't see any stutters. I can't recall but do you play via ethernet cable? Have you tried using the Geo-Filter without ping assist?
  7. Yes it better to have your ISP router handle PPPoE as PPPoE on the R1 doesn't work well with QoS which has led to some of the issues you have seen. Also DSLReports is not an accurate way of testing your bufferbloat as it doesn't saturate your connection and that is when bufferbloat happens. I would recommend you follow this guide while saturating your connection doing downloads/streams etc and try different Anti-Bufferbloat percentages to see what keeps the ping as low and stable as possible (after R1 no longer uses PPPoE) http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping Ping assist can get games above the limit if it first pinged the server and it was under your limit. If you unzoomed the map you would probably see the server. You've already found servers you have good experiences on so just force them all the time.
  8. A few things since I've re-read the topic: When you see this issue on a console what ping are you getting shown by the Geo-Filter? Can't believe I didn't mention this before but are you using QoS at all? How many devices are online at once when the issue occurs? Have you tried to connect directly to the ONT to see if the issue is still present? Actually I wouldn't expect the ONT to be doing that, does the ONT have an interface that you can connect to?
  9. I mean PingPlotter tests when directly connected to the modem and nothing else using the internet would be best. What is the ping to those servers? Are you saying these two videos show the issue you're having? If so then I am now very confused about what your issue is as it all looked absolutely fine to me, if not pretty good.
  10. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having this issue, is this present on ALL devices or just wired/wireless devices? Could you look in System Information at the log file for any entries that are there when the issue occurs and provide a screenshot please?
  11. Yes it does but if you're going to do a factory reset I would recommend you do so from the interface. I would recommend UPnP over port forwarding unless you're having NAT issues. They can be used together but it could cause conflicts.
  12. Yes that could absolutely give you those issues, regarding the weird routing I highly doubt it but changing your IP might help with that.
  13. As great that it is that the router fixed it for that person I think they were just experiencing normal local congestion as there have been people in that topic saying they've used QoS on their routers and it's still an issue.
  14. That seems likely as everything we've done should have worked and I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't. I imagine this is an issue BT haven't confirmed as well.
  15. The above is a good shout, thanks for letting us know @He4DHuNt3r_XIM Have you got a FireTV or a smart TV that streams at all? Is that when the issues start as we've seen that before where it somehow doesn't seem to pay attention to QoS.
  16. Yes just keep the PS4 settings as automatic and that's fine. Yes there should be no reason they can't do that if they've given you a static IP.
  17. The gateway IP is essentially the IP of the device above the device you're looking at. So the PS4's gateway is the XR500 LAN IP The XR500 gateway is the IP that your modem gives it which is your public IP address, that is normal. Okay so you may have a fixed IP, I would request your ISP to change your IP and see if you encounter the same issues.
  18. If that's the case then it isn't a congestion issue, have you done tests directly through the modem using PingPlotter? After that BO4 game go back to MW do you have the issue? If so then its the servers you're connecting to that are definitely the cause.
  19. Is your goal to not achieve an open NAT? If that was the case then a factory reset would forget that but I'm pretty sure it will show entries whether its enabled or not but it should be disabled if you've set it that way.
  20. Hey, welcome to the forum! If you're using Bandwidth Allocation then share excess will allow these devices to get the full speeds/throttled speeds. If you disable share excess in the Bandwidth Allocation settings then it will adhere to the allocations you have given them.
  21. I've just realised the HG has QoS as well, could you disable that as well please as it could be interfering even though it shouldn't with the DMZ.
  22. Ah I see that is fine. The way you have it at the moment it is disabled. When the little circle is on the right and it's red then it is enabled. The list will show entries even if it is disabled that's something we'll be fixing but it will be disabled if you've done so.
  23. Yes that is actually pretty decent, just by the nature of your type of connection it will fluctuate and there is not much you can do about that but generally it's not too bad on the speed test ping.
  24. Is it at all better than the 20% plot you posted above? You haven't got bandwidth allocation share excess disabled while doing this have you?
  25. That's great! Didn't realise you were with Wisp, that's a wireless ISP right? If so then that would explain the fluctuations as wireless can be very up and down, if you're using a normal ISP then that is not normal. You're saying it fluctuates from 8ms to 60ms correct?
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