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  1. If one device has claimed ports through port forwarding then the other may not be able to get the ports it needs. If those are removed and UPnP used and it detects that two devices need the same port then it will make one use a different port. Your girlfriends device, is it using the Geo-Filter at all?
  2. That 30% is provides you with the ability to have all devices using the internet at once without affecting each other. Could you set up a new topic about this please and let us know what your physical setup is?
  3. We've already got plans for parental control in the future and how we'll implement this but thank you for the suggestion, if it's applicable we'll look into that.
  4. Good advice above! If you haven't already, I would suggest going through our optimal settings guides. They will also help you understand how the router works so it will be easier to make changes in future.
  5. Disabling QoS disables everything on the QoS page including Traffic Prioritization. Regarding NAT are you referring to the console NAT Type or the NAT Type shown by the game? If it's open on the console but moderate on the game then it's just the Geo-Filter causing a misreading - you're not actually getting a moderate NAT, it's open. Also like a recent PS4 update we needed to make a change to the cloud which we have done and we are also testing the Xbox again after a recent update so that also may be related but as with the PS4 if we idenify a cause we'll get a cloud update out equally as fast. Sorry to hear that you're thinking of returning the router, I'm sure the problems you're having can be resolved via settings or updates if you're willing to wait for those. What are the issues you're experiencing with QoS exactly?
  6. That's a good idea, I have suggested it to the team! I would always recommend doing a reset after an update to ensure no legacy issues are present from the previous firmware so do that first and then if you continue to experience issues increase the lease time.
  7. There's nothing wrong with doing a reboot but it just won't really achieve anything. It would still be good to do a factory reset and set up from scratch.
  8. No parameters on that, if it's after a few months then this seems more like their IP has changed - or is their ID and name the same on the Ping Panel?
  9. Just an idea but could you forward ALL ports to the PC you're speed testing with please and see if that helps. Also re-enable QoS but put Anti-Bufferbloat to never and then reset Bandwidth Allocation and try again - sometimes this helps. If that doesn't work then disable Traffic Prioritization and make a rule to prioritize ALL ports to that same PC and try again please.
  10. Great to hear that, let us know if you have any more issues.
  11. Hey, welcome to the forum! Could you PM me with your full name or email that you used to purchase please? I haven't found anything on the system using the email you signed up to the forum with.
  12. You can resize the panels if you pin the ones you want to the Geo-Filter, it may also help you to click the 3 line icon to the left of the Netduma logo. That will collapse the main menu so you have more space to work with. Hopefully those two combined can give you the desired affect.
  13. Could you disable QoS completely from Anti-Bufferbloat options please and see if that helps?
  14. With share excess on and Anti-Bufferbloat eliminating local congestion I don't think you'll run into any issues
  15. Yes that's right, just select Destiny and it'll apply our settings for the game on the Geo-Filter.
  16. The default is or you can access using routerlogin.net
  17. Have you got strict mode disabled and have you added them to your allow list?
  18. If you're having issues with party chat, logging into the game etc then look at the Geo-Filter when this issue happens. If there is something being blocked then allow it and that should resolve the issue. The PingPlotter guide is to help you fine tune Anti-Bufferbloat to find the percentage that works for you - 70% is a starting point but usually works for most people. If you don't have access to a PC to do this then I would suggest decreasing your Anti-Bufferbloat by 10% and playing and seeing how it is. If it's not great then decrease it more. Then you could do increments of 5% once you get closer to what works. Then use 'When High Priority Traffic Detected' so you don't throttle yourself a lot when not gaming.
  19. It's definitely not capable of gigabit but I would have thought it would get higher results than this. It could simply be the age of the router, how long have you had it for?
  20. If you were to do a speed test after setting to 70%, you would see the results as 70% of your overall speeds yes. I think Alex meant that the hardware of the R1 doesn't have the same capacity for speed as the XR500.
  21. If you're just in a party on your own then it may not use a server for chatting until someone else joins, could you check again please when you've invited someone else to the chat?
  22. The ID converted shows it is located in the US but it may not be accurate as the domain name can't be determined. Let us know if it happens again and include the ID & domain name please so we can check it. Assuming it is in the US, was your QoS enabled at the time?
  23. We're a small team so it's hard for us to do remote assistance unless all avenues have been exhausted or it's a particularly complex issue. Is there something regarding the PingPlotter guide you're not understanding that we can clarify for you?
  24. The standard profile for Destiny should work just the same, if it doesn't then we may need to test the game further.
  25. That may be the servers then if nothing else in your setup has changed. What kind of pings are you getting shown by the Geo-Filter?
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