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  1. If you were to do a speed test after setting to 70%, you would see the results as 70% of your overall speeds yes. I think Alex meant that the hardware of the R1 doesn't have the same capacity for speed as the XR500.
  2. If you're just in a party on your own then it may not use a server for chatting until someone else joins, could you check again please when you've invited someone else to the chat?
  3. The ID converted shows it is located in the US but it may not be accurate as the domain name can't be determined. Let us know if it happens again and include the ID & domain name please so we can check it. Assuming it is in the US, was your QoS enabled at the time?
  4. We're a small team so it's hard for us to do remote assistance unless all avenues have been exhausted or it's a particularly complex issue. Is there something regarding the PingPlotter guide you're not understanding that we can clarify for you?
  5. The standard profile for Destiny should work just the same, if it doesn't then we may need to test the game further.
  6. That may be the servers then if nothing else in your setup has changed. What kind of pings are you getting shown by the Geo-Filter?
  7. Let us know if disabling QoS helps. It could just be that it happens around peak times for your ISP every so often due to heavy load.
  8. Hey, welcome to the forum! Have you noticed anything being blocked on the Geo-Filter when this happens?
  9. Okay well that is promising at least. Remove the additional routers you have as they will likely just blame them from the get go. Do keep us posted, fingers crossed.
  10. Have you asked your ISP about that error? Let us know how it goes at the neighbours. Do you mean share excess on/off helps? What do you have it set to normally?
  11. You did the same test direct to the TP Link is that right and it produced similar results? If that's the case it would indicate and issue either between the modem/router or the line. The topic is quite long now so forgive me but do you get this same issue if you go direct to the hub? They should have some form of QoS as well you could enable.
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! I think the amount of people who play the game is quite a lot more than those that play and have the router so I wouldn't think this is likely. If that was the case then you'd all have a great ping to the server and therefore it would be much fairer than say playing against someone with a much higher ping. Realistically though you're unlikely to encounter many people with the router while playing. Also because they have multiple servers in the same location which makes it even less likely.
  13. I actually meant to do the DMZ on the device that is actually doing the downloading/streaming, in this case your phone. It is very unlikely yes but these things can happen. Try the DMZ test again with the device doing the downloading/streaming in the DMZ and see what happens.
  14. Yes that's right, so I assume that hasn't been changed? Could you try a test please, DMZ/port forward all ports to one device for testing and re-do PingPlotter w/QoS & saturation - I want to see if there may be some miscommunication on the router on what ports are required for downloads/streams.
  15. Really strange one, have you disabled WMM in Advanced WiFi Settings by any chance?
  16. Great, thank you. We'll test the game and see what we can do.
  17. No I mean, could you translate the message from the picture please?
  18. Okay no worries, worth a try! Do you know if the modem/hub or the TP Link you were using has QoS enabled? That could be interfering with the R1/XR500 QoS.
  19. Would it be possible for you to take one of the routers to a friends/neighbours house and see if it works correctly then?
  20. We will have to test the game before we could comment. Also could you translate that to English for us if possible?
  21. There are some issues which are definitely present for some users and they have those same issues but you'll get that for every manufacturer, it's only being a part of the community that you see issues all the time so it seems like something huge but then again theres so many people that don't post who don't have issues. I do understand what you're saying though and we do want to make it as stable as possible
  22. I feel like the type of traffic could be a factor, is it any different if you download instead of playing a video for the tests?
  23. The only thing I could suggest at this point would be to see whether a different torrent client results in the same issues. Yes you could do that, no need to forward any ports. UPnP will sort it.
  24. Many people don't have issues, it's an over generalistion to say it's broken. Any issues are being investigated but not everyone has issues and some people's issues occur due to faulty hardware.
  25. Thanks for the information, we'll be testing the game shortly.
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