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  1. That would be entirely up to Netgear, not something we handle as we are software.
  2. Not on the XR500 but that's a good idea, I'll add it to the list - may not be possible. In WAN Settings make sure Disable IGMP Proxying is unticked and SIP ALG is ticked, it may not help but that would be my first thought. Could also try disabling QoS fully from the Anti-Bufferbloat menu.
  3. As above, leave the source ports on their default range. Some people experiment with this but the source ports can change a lot so I recommend to leave that as is and yes do so for all ports mentioned. To make it easier these are the rules I would suggest making so you don't have loads- source ports all default. TCP/UDP: 3074, 27000 - 27050 UDP: 3478,4379-4380 So just 4 rules to make there.
  4. Having a look at your past posts it was the announcement topic for 3.0, it wasn't an official sign up, more of a gauge for who was interested in it. Please do sign up because we need more information than can be posted publicly.
  5. Oh sorry, you posted in the original firmware section. In that case you can find the WAN IP in the System Information page. Great name by the way 😉
  6. NAT Type 2 is open, just means you're behind a router so all good there!
  7. This is actually an issue we've seen recently due to COVID and I have brought it to the attention of the developers. Best advice I could give at this point would be to connect to the BT Hub when you need to access it, sign up for the R1 3.0 beta here https://forum.netduma.com/topic/31440-announcement-dumaos-30-is-here/ and If/when selected test it again and then provide us feedback so we can fix it if necessary.
  8. Yes, I would recommend you either put that router in modem/bridge mode or use the R1 WAN IP (found in Device Manager) in the DMZ of that router, you then won't have an issue with double NAT.
  9. No they won't, we're giving everyone a chance to sign up.
  10. Could you go to Settings > Monitoring > Connection Status and let us know what it says for DHCP lease obtained/expires please?
  11. Were any settings changed prior to this error occurring?
  12. I don't think that will work, the R1 will be assigned an IP address and so any devices connected to the R1 will need an IP address from the R1.
  13. Testers haven't yet been selected, if you've signed up and haven't a reply don't worry.
  14. Hey, welcome to the forum! This will probably need a reset to resolve, hold the reset button in the back of the router down for 30 seconds then release and wait 1-2 minutes for it to boot before attempting to access and see if it's fixed then.
  15. All the information you need can be found here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/31440-announcement-dumaos-30-is-here
  16. I can guarantee that is not the case, what is the use of promoting a beta that not everyone has access to right away? We don't know all streamers/youtubers names and details so that doesn't help anyway.
  17. It was never meant to be a signup post but people were registering their interest there, much easier for everyone to use the form when not everyone uses the forum.
  18. We've opened the sign ups to everyone, if we were to pick streamers we wouldn't have them fill out a publicly available link. We have to roll out the beta gradually, could you imagine if there was some dormant bug that wiped out everyones router? It would be a nightmare, we're not going to rush it out. The point is that it is finally here and within sight.
  19. As above, you're good. You signed up early so well done. Just keep an eye on emails to see if you're selected. They'll be open for a little while before anyone is selected.
  20. The announcement will be in 25mins or so, you'll find out more information then.
  21. You would be contacted via email if you were selected - testers have not yet been selected.
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