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  1. The isp router, only has lan conection to the duma, no wifi nothing, just the duma via lan, the duma is controlling everithing in my house. I will wait for the duma os beta
  2. Yes, i have wifi enable, and devices conected, they use all only 10%. Do you recomend no wifi? I want a estimate date of the beta! if you say, "between this month and the other" is enough for me LOL.
  3. I think its a bug, cause i pay por a ip to mi isp, mi first router is on dmz to a ip asigned to the duma. I happens to me two different forms, moving things constantlu in geo filter, and removing mi console from the geofilter, those are the way it happens. Yes, i know y live far away, and im aware that the servers that are near me, are not as good as then ones in other regions. What is the best way to reset my router to defaul, i think some arp become less efficent in time. And so you have a estimate date for dumaos 3 r1 beta release? my friends have the nighthawk 500 and none of them has the beta that is already out. why? I thing you should implement, some kind of profile downloading page, and the users cand download it, and load to de router, its better for me than flush dns, or choose a profile that normale are outdated, with this way , i think you will have less problems, cause you can update de profiles on demand, including the server, and someone can download the game they want manualy, and be updated, and if a new ip is out, you and upload a profile to your server, and someone can download it, what do you think? Mi router works better with the ABBsin 50% always on , but i get less good hit registration, but if i disable it, i test, and BB is big. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Frazer, 3,1? i dont even have de beta 3.0 lol, but i have found some interesting things. No ABB excelente git registration, but in some servers (COD) normaly peers, considerably packet loss. i think its a problem of cod itself. I turned ABB on, and good hit registration, not as good, but I unchecked share excees, and worked better. In destiny, cause its a p2p conection base game, evertything is worse, its random, sometimes it works well , sometimes not, i havent reacha a consitent configuration for that game. Antoher thing is than when i have ABB and Geo filter enable, the ticker rate of some servers, in the first conection of the game (cod) when you login , decrease to 1 kb, ALWAYS, i tried with no ABB and no GEo, and it didnt happen. I found some bugs with the geofilter also, when i change to many times search range, in both games, my nat conection, change from open to moderate, and some artifacts in game happen. I need to restart the router and the console, in order to fix it. And one time, I needed to remove mi console from the geo, restart, and put it back there, cause, it didnt change. I think your product, de r1 works best with near connections, if someona has a server too far away, the magic goes away. I live in Peru, and i thing its not the best spot, to have this router, unlucky me, i bought 02 😑😊😊😊😊. Will this happen with another more powerful router, i mean, the netgear ones?, Should i wait for test the 3.0 update? I wan some advice. Thanks
  5. Hi, hit registration went very good, in my location servers and sendind to another locations. Sometimes some lagg issues, that i think is beacuse i was host of 4 people squad, and they dont have very good connection, or it doesnt matter?, i have one question, are you going to improve the abb algorithm on the dumo 3.0? will be de r1 capable of improvement? thanxs, i need to test more, alone, better to see if there is some improvemente, thanxs
  6. Ok I will, qos enable? antibuff enable? always or when high prio detected? share excess enable? i wil try to locate the mark in the US that are the best servers,
  7. Hi Fraser, yes, there are 3 maximun things, i tried no devices conected also, and same , issue. nothing else on traffic prio. I read a post in reddit, saying that those orange lines, is packet loss, i tested mi line, A+
  8. I get same delay with or without, i tryed, 50 - 50 , 45 45, 70 70, change cables, i did anything, it happend most when server is lower tan 100 hz, and some randomly orange stuff came in cod in my window , like a buffer something.
  9. always 70% up/down not to many conexions in my house, and share excess disabled. 100/100 mbs fiber optic
  10. Hi Frazer, i have been testing, and soma times it works good sometimes not, i think its because the algorithm, when the antibuffer is on, sometimes y get more delay, maybe in the new update, it will be fixed. any other solution? when is the r1 beta rolling out? thanxs
  11. Estas son las reglas que voy a poner. Asimismo, es necesario ponga el router en modo de fabrica y hacer todo denuevo? Si es asi, cual es la forma correcta de hacer el reseteo? Voy a poner las reglas, voy a quitar share excess, y voy a apagar el router, y resetear el cache, para hacer las pruebas. Fraser consulta, cuando uso el geolocalizador, es mejor ponerlo como por rango, o ponerlo stricto con un pin determinado, en la zona donde estoy solo tengo 2 servidores para cod, que se encuentras a 3000 kilometros uno y 31000 kilometros el otro. He deshabilitado el antibufferbloat, tambien, porque tengo 100/100 mbs fibra optica. Ya no se que mas hacer para poder tener algo estable, espero me puedas ayudar, y de paso, apenas salga la beta del r1, me consideres. Gracias
  12. Fraser, aún no me mandan la beta, asimismo probé poniendo en priorizacion de tráfico source 0-65535 y en 0-65535 UDP/TCP , si lo pongo así técnicamente cualquier puerto del Ps4 será priorizado a todos los puertos, correcto? No logro encontré la forma correcta, poderlas recomendarme una paso a paso de lo correcto, ya viste las fotos de mi conexión arriba. Pd: cuando uso flush cloud, el router bota error en ambos routers.
  13. Hola Frazer, ya lo hice, espero me puedan dar el acceso, encantado de ayudarlos, soy streamer y con respecto al gaming, juego bastante como para poder darles mi feedaback. mi correo lo tienes en mi cuenta, para que puedas revisarlo, si quieres y me puedan enviar la beta, sino te lo mando por dm.
  14. Hola Frazer, Probe en los 02 routers la misma configuracion, y no funciona nada bien, delay ahora en cod y en destiny, inconsitencia, y poco registro de balas, mi conexion es de 90 e ping, pero no deberia ser asi, asimimo hay freeze de vez en cuando, y esta descartado mi proveedor de servicios, es un tema del router , su algoritmo, y como funciona, obviamente, si yo tengo un ping de 25 va a ser mejor, pero la funcion del router como minimo deberia ser, no dar delay, y lo hace, ando bastante molesto porque nunca puedo tener una experiencia correcta con netduma, me da penda porque compre 02 routers, y he tratado todas las formas posibles, con respecto a las demás cosas aparte quel gaming, que fue para que lo compre, no he tenido problemas, espero tu ayuda, gracias!
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