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  1. Likely because it bypassed a route that was being blocked by the Geo-Filter, still somewhat odd though. Alex will investigate and see what the issue is. It's a completely different platform so they may use different servers for authentication or have added/removed some servers normally used.
  2. Okay so not much of a correlation there unfortunately. Couple of things, aimed at both of you. Could you try setting up a guest network and connect devices that normally have this issue to that and see if it works please. If you do a factory reset do not restore any settings, that defeats the purpose of starting from scratch so if you try a factory reset again don't use the backup file just setup again manually.
  3. The feature can support up to version 2.3.4 so perhaps ask NordVPN for that version of configuration files and see if that works any better (if you're not already on that version).
  4. Unfortunately BD is right, though that's really promising that AWS is available in that region now. Hopefully they'll make it available permanently.
  5. It's available on Amazon UK, that may be an option. Otherwise click buy now on this page: https://www.netgear.co.uk/gaming/xr500/ and some of those retailers may be able to ship to Portugal.
  6. Please access using the LAN IP of the router and see if it solves that. Has ReadyShare ever worked with the harddrive you have at the moment? Check this guide for compatible drives that should work, if yours isn't included then that may be why. Select XR500 & R9000 as there doesn't seem to be an option for XR700 at the moment: https://kb.netgear.com/18985/Will-my-USB-drive-work-with-ReadySHARE
  7. The first is correct yes, you cannot block an authentication server that we have whitelisted ourselves otherwise you wouldn't be able to get a game and that would cause all sorts of user issues. Haywire in what sense? The ping rises and stays there or it spikes frequently? Does it occur for the rest of the match or is it for a minute or so once joined?
  8. Is it the exact same one that you get connected to? - Is the ID the same and does it have the same name or is it just in the same location?
  9. How did you perform the factory reset? Make sure to hold the reset button down for 30 seconds then release and see if that works.
  10. Certainly very odd, it could be that some of the devices you've mentioned are quite unique/niche - I've never heard of a vacuum that has WiFi 😂 Do you have any unique devices or devices that are very old/new?
  11. Wow, that's mental! No it would only support 1gbps WAN so if you really want to utilise those speeds you may need to consider another router that can support this.
  12. Thanks, looks like most entries are happening within 5 seconds which looks fine. Do you notice that the issue occurs when you're in a specific room? It could be there might be a bit of a deadspot.
  13. Okay thanks, please continue to monitor it and we'll take a look also. Did anything appear blocked when that happened?
  14. That's strange, that would indicate it's to do with DHCP so static IP should work. On the device, when you connect to the router reset the DHCP lease on the phone WiFi settings immediately, does that speed up the connection?
  15. Just so we can get a better idea for when we test, when do the server messages appear and does anything appear blocked on the map when this happens?
  16. Thanks for the link, based on that yes please do try disabling DHT.
  17. It's an option that is required for some users in order to gain a connection with the router. If you used the option without needing it you probably wouldn't have a connection. Most settings like these will not improve the connection.
  18. Good point! For one of the devices that this happens on could you give it a static IP on the router interface please and then see if when you connect it again it gets a connection immediately.
  19. Just so I'm clear, do you require these options? If so you're unlikely to need to put it on the home hub unless you're using a modem as well?
  20. Once you have signed up using the link above we will email you the download link. If you haven't received an email with the link within a few days please make a post here:
  21. They haven't been but this is a good shout, I've let the team know about this. Are you using the standard Destiny profile for this?
  22. It's possible it was misclassified as a peer but was actually a server. Take a look at the domain name, if it's got something like vultr in it then it's a server just misclassified at a peer. If you come across any of those we'd be grateful if you could post them in the form here so we could correct them:
  23. You need to purchase a VPN subcription from those providers websites first before you're able to use the feature.
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