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  1. Okay interesting so it's not acting like a router at all at the moment. Could you unplug the router completely from power please for 24 hours as it can sometimes resolve issues like this.
  2. I don't think it will be happening this year unfortunately as they're focused on 3.0 at the moment.
  3. Great to hear that. You've actually added it already so the VPN should be applied to the entire device now. Would recommend you enable Block traffic if VPN disconnects so it cuts off the internet to the device if the VPN disconnects so your IP is safe.
  4. No that's port forwarding. On the Congestion Control page for Hyper Traffic you should be able to select ports you would like to prioritize.
  5. I'd suggest you first have a look at this guide and then see how you get on using those settings: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000077073-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-qos
  6. On the form select "They need to be white-listed as I cannot connect to the game without allowing them" and then you can be those servers in to be whitelisted.
  7. Can you try accessing the interface using then please?
  8. No this looks okay. You can ignore the hops at the top for the most part, if you get any red bars on the bottom graph then that would be packet loss that you need to be concerned about but looks good.
  9. You're right, it shouldn't happen. It could be that it's taking a little time to sync with your connection, speeds can be reduced etc during this time so I'd give it a chance and see if it settles.
  10. I don't suppose you have a very long ethernet cable to connect to it that would make it easier? Maybe instead take the R7800 out of AP mode and allow it to handle the devices individually. May need to go without Geo/QoS but would be good to see if the disconnections still happen in that setup.
  11. Hey, welcome to the forum! You don't need to open any ports as long as you have an Open NAT. If you prioritize the ports however that may give you a better experience, there are quite a few topics of discussion on this at the moment around the forum.
  12. We are aware of the issue and that's what the previous hotfix should have resolved but we'll keep narrowing it down until we get that. Hopefully the next firmware will provide a better experience.
  13. Not every single game will be amazing, there are variables outside your control. I would keep the settings you have and you should see that you still get good games.
  14. Did you do the reset by holding down the reset button for 25-30 seconds? Could you open command prompt on the PC and type ipconfig and then press enter please - when you're connected to the router and post the results here?
  15. Great thank you, what platform did you download those configs for?
  16. Well we're always working on improving the cloud to improve compatibility so that of course does help but regardless, what seems to happen is a CoD game comes out and people complain about the connection for months. I've speculated on why this could be and I assume it is down to how many people are playing the game at once - remember it comes out like early Nov then it's thanksgiving, black friday then Christmas - a lot of downtime that people have and a lot of spending going on. So I think the servers get hammered, they allocate a certain amount of servers for the game and rarely expand on that so server lag comes into it. Then as the new year begins people are working more again, they have less time and people are player less so the servers aren't as full so the connection is better. Then they start dropping hints not long after that about a new CoD so people jump on the old one and you can that boost again and connection gets worse. Rince, repeat every year, that's my theory anyway.
  17. Do you have Ping Assist enabled in the Geo-Filter Map options? Also have you got the zoom completely zoomed out when you look at it? If not thats probably why you can't see anything. Does Auto Ping still show up?
  18. Thanks for that information, would you be able to connect the PC directly to the R1 at all and see if the issue still occurs?
  19. There likely won't be a beta firmware but we'll let people know when an update is out. Keep in mind it might not be the next firmware that becomes available.
  20. Pb has already answered your question so would be great if you could provide those IDs to the form. Regarding the game some people are having a better experience by entering the game ports into Traffic Prioritization manually so that might be something worth trying. Would also suggest forcing servers slightly further away as well.
  21. Hi Cathy, just to confirm have you signed up through https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ ? If so make sure you double check your spam folders in email. If you've done all that I'll nudge the team to get it sent over for you.
  22. As others have suggested try accessing using the LAN IP - are you connecting via HTTP? (You would be if you specifically didn't type out HTTPS)
  23. I'm not sure what you mean by that exactly. How have you tried to update the firmware? You can check the version by going to the System Information page and checking the System Info panel or by clicking the 'i' symbol on the top right of the interface.
  24. The red line on the graph does indicate packet loss. Hard to tell exactly where it's occurring as can't see the whole program but appears to be either within the home or just like one hop from you. Do you get it when there is nothing saturating it as that would be more concerning.
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