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  1. Was this after changing a particular setting or was it just like that when you next went to access it? Are you on the .56 firmware? A reboot should resolve it, let us know if it doesn't.
  2. 3.0 will be available on the R2 immediately when it ships on 6th August as it is optimized for the router. We don't have an official release date for the firmware, we have the R1 & XR500 betas underway now and working really hard to get the other routers tested and available to users. The betas will also likely roll into an open beta before an official release. It all depends on how stable the betas prove to be. If you signed up for the XR betas we can't easily check as Netgear are handling it. You won't have received a confirmation email from them but if you submitted the form with your information then you're on the list.
  3. Hey, welcome to the forum! Are you using the Geo-Filter for your PC? If so I'd see if disabling/deleting this changes your NAT type as it can sometimes cause a misreading. If so no need to port forward and you can just re-enable the Geo-Filter and ignore the reading. Otherwise go to Port Forwarding, click 'Add Custom Service', click the device from the table, type the port you need and the protocol. Give it a name and then apply.
  4. Awesome to hear, that's the first time I've suggested this so fingers crossed it works and it'll help more people too. Let us know!
  5. Could you post the results you're seeing please so we can take a look?
  6. I'd recommend you go through our optimal settings guides so you can get a good idea of how the features work and will provide some recommendations as well: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
  7. Yes in Settings > Internet Setup change the DNS to the VPN server IP address and see if that works please.
  8. It ensures you get an open NAT on any devices connected to the XR. It will send packets straight through to the router and let the router decide where they should go.
  9. For the DumaOS .29 version that this topic was created for you now no longer need to sign up and you can download it directly here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000085793-upgrading-your-netduma-r1-to-dumaos-from-the-original-r1-firmware
  10. The WiFi could be throwing that test whereas if you tried using ethernet that test might be nominal and indicate there might be an issue elsewhere that is causing your CoD troubles.
  11. That has been suggested before so it is likely you'll see something like this in the future.
  12. Thanks for trying, keep us posted on the other suggestions results.
  13. I will double check with the team regarding the vulnerability status and get back to you.
  14. It might change prior to release but as I'm currently aware It will have most preinstalled and then if you wish you can then uninstall/(re)install what you like.
  15. Interesting thank you. Could you just try a few things, first disable 2.4GHz completely in Advanced WiFi Settings and see if that has a knock on affect that improves 5GHz. Also enable the guest network and see if it's improved using that instead.
  16. This would be more for Netgear but I'll suggest it to the team and see if there is even a way to do so before passing it on.
  17. Sorry, I should have been clearer. IPv6: It does work with QoS etc and we're continuing to ensure they work harmoniously. USB: Not currently no but may utilize this more in the future. I will double check with the team regarding the vulnerability status and get back to you.
  18. Yes with the selection you have made there it would apply to the entire device. How are you testing the IP on the device? If you put the VPN server IP in the DNS section in Internet Setup and retest the IP does it change?
  19. That's a fair point, we'll try and get you on the beta and see if your issues are resolved. Definitely test though with ethernet because it could definitely be due to WiFi.
  20. It's not using HTTPS but it isn't required as you're on a local network and there is no sensitive data that you're entering into the interface.
  21. Use ethernet because wireless contention could be causing that. I'll try and get you boosted up for the R1 beta. Why do you think it will be a bad decision?
  22. Change the advertisement period to 1 and then fully turn off the PS4, if you're leaving it in a standby mode then that might be why it's not releasing the port.
  23. Some results for you: QoS On: Download 860Mbits/sec Upload 821Mbits/sec QoS Off: Download 890Mbits/sec Upload 833Mbits/sec It does work with QoS etc and we're continuing to ensure they work harmoniously. Not currently no but may utilize this more in the future. The XR routers do have more powerful hardware, so if that is what you're after then would recommend those but if you want a router that is optimized for DumaOS and will receive updates quicker then the R2 would be a good choice.
  24. Not sure why that would have made a difference but you should be fine on that firmware. We're aiming to get the beta out as soon as possible so hopefully it will perform the same on that as well.
  25. How are you doing the test exactly? Are you testing when wirelessly connected to the routers or via and ethernet cable? If ethernet cable have you switched that cable as well? If wireless please use ethernet instead.
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