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Netduma Crossy

New features for 1.03.5 have been announced.

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Wow very interesting, so are you using a MikroTik CCR then? Also where you based is it US ?

Currently just using a normal Asus RT-AC68U for the household internet and running the other port with a different 1Gbps internet and static IP onto my Netduma R1.

I'm on ViewQwest here in Singapore where most of our residential homes are wired up with Fibre internet cables.

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Oh sorry I forgot you're from Singapore. How have you found the Geo-Filter out there? 

I found just the sweet spot for PS3 Black Ops 2 in this region.

Though I'll have to tweak the settings when I play PS4 Advanced Warfare.

Perhaps you can allow me to switch between profiles on the fly in a future update?


My different Game Profile tweaks will include changing the

Host Filtering settings (ie games/services, distance, ping assist),

Congestion Control (ie Anti flood algorithm, download & upload cap, share access box)

Device Manager (ie  Internet Connection Download & Upload bandwidth limits)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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