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  1. Can i ask something I have XR500 The R2 will be better of XR500 about firmware?? Does it worth to get the R2?
  2. so ???? were is the beta version ??? am still waitting for my test email !!!
  3. just signed just a question ! this update will fix XR500 problems ? like internet drop low speeds cant synchronise after restart etc ??
  4. But at the same party me abd my friend.. I had this problem and my friend didnt had any problems I didn't check the geofilter because i tried to disable it by click spectate mode and unclick strict mode.. But nothing happened
  5. I face a strange problem with Apex after the release of season 5.. I face very high spikes and lag problems Its like every 10 steps I make the game throws me back 4. I can't even walk and the game its not playable.. Also my friends that they dont have XR500 they have smooth games.. Why this? What is the solution?
  6. Estimate date for DumaOS 3.0 and phone app??
  7. I tried again now Through laptop everything is perfect But on android still freezing... What android browser do you propose for geofilter.. The hole site is working only at the tap of geofilter is freezing.. And i need to fix this because am always working through mobile for my settings
  8. 1. About first Yes the entire app crash in this page.. (i tried opera and chrome) it freeze and after shows me a message that page can't be reached 2. How can i add my friends to allow list? When i click on them i get a msg cannot ping server when auto ping is enable or something like that 3. The devices losing Internet for few seconds
  9. Hello guys Last few hours (since morning) am facing a strange problem First of all when i try to access geofilter (through android phone) page.. The whole Internet app crashed and i cant work.. I tried opera and chrome and still the same.. The geofilter page seems laggy.. (through laptop its ok) Secondly i face constantly Internet drops, for 5-10 seconds the last day and i dont know why.. Third this is a problem that i face a long time now.. When i have geofilter active i cant hear the other party members on ps4.. Only when i disabled geofilter i can join and hear the others of ps4 chat party.. Last is there any cloud update for warzone. My connections are all the time very bad
  10. So if i use WiFi extenders that could help??
  11. Hello guys Is there any possibility to boost xr500 WiFi signal and range.. I need more range in order to cover all my house areas
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