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  1. What i can see is that a lot of people has this problem with reboot.. And now one can give an answer... Why you dont give as a fix update for this??
  2. Ok i will do that.. But as i can see its not only me.. Lot of users are facing the same problem.. After reboot they cant get internet access.. So that suppose to be a software error not a hardware
  3. Do they work on an update? Basically when do we expect the update or a hot fix?
  4. I tried everything And so i did the factory reset.. But this is not a solution.. Every time I reboot to make a factory reset... We need a solution or a fix
  5. Guys I need your help.. Always after a reboot i cant manage me XR500 to get internet.. And this time is the worst ever.. For 1 hour now am trying to make it work but this is impossible... I tried Multiple reboots Unplug cables Unplug power core Reboot of modem The only thing i didnt try its factory reset because i don't want to loose my settings and saved devices... Any idea please?
  6. I Have the same problem i reboot the rooter every 4-5 days i have to reboot rooter because of the low speeds .. after that XR500 its not getting any internet so i have to reboot multiple times
  7. Until now i had it as Ping assist 0 Range 4000 This can be work?? Or its better to set my home location near central europe and use bing assist?
  8. Alex as about your last comment i am from Cyprus.. as you can see at the dedi servers there is none near ... what geofilter settings do you recommend in order to get the best possible server and ping ????
  9. Zippy that exact is my issue.. Couldn't describe it better
  10. Hello again guys... I don't know if its my luck or it's just me... So new problems am facing now... 1. After i manage to get full speeds with QoS enable.. Now i face this strange issue.. Am able to get full speeds for 5-10 mins and after my Internet speed drops again and i need to unplug and plug again my ethernet cable in order to get again the correct speeds .. For example : if i speed test now from my providers modem i will get from 125-130 mbps download From my XR500 i will get the same 125-130 download AFTER 10-15 mins if i speed test again i will get from my XR500 80-90 mbps download... Why??? 2. Secondly and most annoying, trying to fix the above problem i reboot the XR500, and suddenly no Internet... I tried reboot the xr500 4-5 times more but still nothing i only got an Amber light at Internet port and no Internet.. In order to get internet again i had to reset both routers... And this is really annoying.. So that time i face that 2 serious problems.. Any solutions about that??
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