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  1. ok perfect.. and last question what about NIGHTHAWK APP its compatible? do i need it ?
  2. So how i update the router??? Or i don't need to worry about?
  3. Netgear router and DumaOS have different software updates, or its just the DumaOS on the forum? I mean is there any update from netgear side?
  4. Good morning Guys I just bought a USED NetGear XR500 (i used the Netduma R1 since launch) so i have some questions that i have to share them with you 1. What is my firs steps to do after i receive the XR500 as its used ?? 2. Do i need to update Netgear software and DumaOS ?? if yes how i can do this ?? 3. how can i factory reset XR500 ?? 4. Until now i had connected me R1 as bridge through my modem .. the XR500 will be just plug and play or i need to change something else ?? 5. Do you beleive that i will see huge difference from R1 to XR500 (i mean on wifi range, speed and DumaOS) ?? what else i need to know ???
  5. since S3 launch am facing geofilter problems / errors am usually get a leaf error or i get kick from lobby
  6. Yes i do... What router do you have And what problems do you face?
  7. My main worry is, if the DumaOS can perfectly woek with netgear??
  8. Hello guys After multiple problems with my Duma R1 router am thinking to change my old early adopter R1 router.. Which router does fully work with DumaOS without any problems and why? Do you believe it worth to change for a netgear router??
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