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Netduma Fraser

Welcome to the moderation team - ColonicBoom!

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Despite being here just under a year ColonicBoom has proved to be very helpful to new and old customers which no doubt you'll know if you've ever had an issue as he's always there to help.


Please all join me in welcoming him to the mod team! He'll be taking the role of co-bodyguard with fuzzyclam ;)



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Sorry I'm late to the party CB,I'm kinda broken at the moment again but congrats on your new gig.


You and I just have to be nice and polite to the small number of angry folks that think our job is to be yelled at (if that's possible thru a post) run down and insulted.


If you need further guidance just refer to the "Fuzzy's fun facts about being a moderator" in the HQ section... ;)


Again congrats CB

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