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  1. Hello, well I then, looked through the Duma forum posts, and found a similar issue, which was to disable the Geo filter, which I did, then re run test no packet loss? I'm still lost as to why. Thanks for reply .
  2. Hello, just wondering when I do a detailed stastic(whatever it's called) test on the Xbox I'm getting 100%packet loss, ping speed and upload ok...when the duma is connected. If I run straight from the BT hub no packet loss? Just asking what this could be, odd thing is ping plotter shows nothing and it's a bit strange.( Also shows ok on the Duma interent test). Thanks.
  3. Hi,I followed this post to read about the Jeep stuff, quite interesting actually.Xjs are getting rare here, hard to find a good one.
  4. Hey Fraser, had to open Upnp advance settings, and all good strange stuff hey.
  5. Hello all change of setup again, I've had to go to Bt hub3 and net duma, all good geo off strict off etc, but keep getting kicked when I've finished a game ( Ww2), or randomly kicked in Destiny . Just wondering if I've missed something. Regards.
  6. Im seeing this, finish a game get disconnected black screen, have to reboot console, and my Geo is off .
  7. Scrambled eggs with avocado Boom...your missing the avocado. Anyway my elite,works fine on Ww2 and destiny, but I prefer trigger stops off on Ww2 .
  8. I mean fancy nerfing primed, but not nerfing overall flinch, until next patch, I mean that's just stupid.
  9. Working fine for me in the UK south coast area, don't get kicked no errors.
  10. Rigtho, but that aside it sounds a ok router tho, was thinking of ordering that one, thanks for the advice, along with all comments, as I'm absolutely clueless.
  11. Well how about billion7800dxl that's also the one billion themselves mentioned to me.
  12. Hello, thanks for the reply no it's just Adsl here, no fibre, so just need a good router, to work with the Duma, but yeah it's mainly a modem isn't, as Duma is doing most of the work .b
  13. Have the technicolour tg588vv2 and it's awful, any suggestions for a good router thanks
  14. Ok so broadband is up and running, thanks for help, always appreciated, finally I can wipe Virgin out of my head, although it works, it's always va struggle, can't recommend Virgin at all.
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